Cam Gigandet Does ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine


Cam Giganet, who stars as hottie badvamp James in the new Twilight movie, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men’s Health magazine. Men’s Health, as some of you are well aware, tends to put only the hottest, most fit celebs on their covers (like David Beckham, thank you very much) and this month is no exception … behold:

Cam talks to the magazine about how he handles fear when it comes to working in showbiz saying, “You’re selling a product that happens to be yourself. That brings out so many insecurities. There’s so much fear of failure because it’s so rampant, it’s everywhere. It was paralyzing to the point where I couldn’t get work or enjoy anything. To get where I am, I had to learn to live with fear. It’s all fear. You have to let go of that and keep moving forward.” He also talks about his stint working on The O.C. and being happy & contented in the moment, “Well, you can always do what the O.C. kids did and hate your work. When I was on that show, they all just wanted to go on and do bigger things. I imagine that’s hard. You can be as frustrated as you want, but you still have to show up for work. People don’t want to hear about it if you’re frustrated with your big career break. You still have to have a sense of gratitude and professionalism no matter what you do. I’ve been mad at everyone and everything at times. Deal with it at home.” And, of course, he talks to the mag about how he stays in shape … which is less important to me … I’m just interested in gawking at how “in shape” he is ;) After the jump, check out one more (dreamy) photo of Cam from this month’s issue of Men’s Health magazine …

Those smoldering eyes, that perfect mouth — I think he is the definition of a dreamboat. It’s a shame that he keeps playing bad guy/a-holes (most recently in the movie Never Back Down which came out earlier this year) cuz I kinda want to root for him instead of hating him. Ah well … I guess, for now, he’ll just be the guy we LURVE to hate ;)


  • Angel

    Seriously, how hot is this guy? Have you seen his holiday Gap ad yet? It’s not to be missed!

  • Jaci

    I remember when he was on The Young and the Restless. He’s definitely grown up a lot since then ;). I officially became a fan of him on The O.C. though. He had an awesome hook-up scene with Marissa :D.

  • OMG! I totally forgot that he played the younger Daniel Romalotti on ‘Y&R’! He has grown up quite nicely, yes?

  • Nikki

    Absolutely DREAMY!!!!!

  • Silvia

    Yes! I adore Cam. He’s so hot! Can we please have more Cam pics?

  • lizzy

    He’ll always be Volchok to me.

  • Kristy

    All i can say is YUMMY!!!!

  • Bekkie

    disappointed his shirt is on!

  • Sara

    everytime i see him, my mind goes straight to the OC. he’ll always be the hot bad boy from the oc.

  • LeO


  • Mary

    ooh! SOO hot!! i loved him on The OC and Never Back Down … i don’t know, but i like that he always plays the “bad-boy” types =)

  • joe c

    So when are you going to cover all the gay porn actors that have appeared in Men’s Health over the years? I’ve seen at least three…

  • Jess

    Oh I am soo glad he is in Twilight. I fell in love with him in the OC and I’ve been waiting to see him again. he is absolutely gorgeous..

  • Roxster

    He is ridic hot…too bad this is the only twilight film he’ll be in

  • how come his name is soooo teeny tiny on the cover? you can barely see it. that’s not fair!

  • Stephanie

    VOLCHUK!!!!!!!!! i wish he wasnt so mean on the OC, because i loved him. he is so. HOT!!

  • He is one hot actor! I wish he was in more movies though – loved his last one!

  • christine

    and no, angel, i have not seen his gap ad yet!! but i can’t wait to!

  • kari

    i love him <33

  • Silke

    I don’t think it’s a shame he plays the bad guy all the time,
    in fact, I like it =)
    And yes YUMMY indeed !!!

  • onix

    he’s so yuuuuumy
    and it looks so goooood beeing the bad one

  • Sarah

    Drop Dead Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally hotttt!!!! Obsessive!!! Dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s my vampire!!!!!