‘The Hills’: Don’t Hate The Player


After taking a week off last week because of Election Day, today we check in with the drama on last night’s episode of The Hills. For the most part, the drama was pretty contained but there were a bunch of fun moments. I found the ep especially interesting because since it was Whitney Port centered (Lauren LC Conrad really only played a supporting role) we have a feel for what her spin-off show The City may be like:

Whitney and LC got called back to NYC by their heinous boss Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution to do some runway show work for her … romance and drama ensued. Back home in LA, Heidi Montag was left to pick up the pieces after she got fired from SBE last week. It was a fun time on The Hills last night. After the jump, let’s discuss the drama from last night’s ep titled Back To New York

So basically last night’s ep was really all about Whitney. She got called back to NY to do some work (LC tagged along) and ended up running into an old flame who she was no longer interested in (I suspect his orangeness had a lot to do with her decision). So, in her best impersonation as a guy, Whitney proceeded to flirt with and chat up a new guy (where do all these Australians keep coming from?) right in front of her old flame … leaving him emasculated on national TV lookin’ 2 seconds away from crying. If this is what The City is gonna be like … sign my ass up! On the Speidi front, Heidi was left jobless and dejected after she got drunk on the job in last week’s ep and had to be fired from SBE. Her boyfriend Spencer Pratt thought it was a great occasion to celebrate. They ended up running into Heidi’s old boss Brent Bolthouse and Spencer, in his oh-so-charming way decided to go have words with him. Brent basically schooled homeboy Spencer to his face and banished him from all future SBE/Bolthouse events — which is almost every event in LA. Heidi crawled back to Brent, apologized her ass off and begged for her job back … Brent said he’d think about it. Not exactly the best drama for your buck but I was pretty entertained. I suspect that Heidi will get her job back on the condition that Brent never has to see Spencer again — we’ll have to see if she bites.

In the end, last night’s ep really felt like a lead-in to The City which will hit the air early next year. Thus far, I like having Whitney as the center of attention. I can’t wait to see her eyeballs pop out of her skull on a more weekly basis. What did y’all think … was last night’s ep enough to get you interested in watching The City? Do we feel bad for Heidi?


  • i thought brent’s conversation with spencer and heidi was the best part of the night! basically he told heidi what everyone has been saying about spencer and he told spencer how awkward he was, i absolutely looooved it!

  • Kim*

    does heidi really need her job back anyway, with the supposed money she earns from an episode of the hills. i agree with katelin, Brents conversation with them both was what we all needed to see. Is it wrong Trent that i cheered like i was at the wrestling or something when Brent spoke to them?! Haha, looking forward to the city too!

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  • Vanessa

    Brent and the finger pointing to Heidi…LOL! Priceless!

  • LeO

    yeah it felt like this episode was setting the groundwork for whitney’s show

  • z

    When will Heidi learn that Spencer is a scumbag and that all of the negativity in her life revolves around him?

    Not interested in watching the city.

  • Jo

    Yes! I’m signed up to watch The City too!
    Both Jay (the Aussie) and Alex (the modelboy) are featured in The City trailer. I kind of felt bad for Alex, though. But what the heck! We had seen photos of Whitney and Jay canoodling in NY. Whitney is a good person, so I respect her decisions. She is level-headed enough, IMO.

  • feel bad for heidi? are you kidding trent? she’s so ridiculous…i cant stomach her.
    yay for some more whitney though!!! :-) i’m so excited for the city!!!

  • Crystal

    I will never ever feel bad for Heidi. Ever. Every bad thing that is going on in her life she welcomes with open arms.

  • Heather

    I feel so bad for Alex! sorry but Whitney was being such a major bitch. If she wasn’t interested and he so obviously was, it’s just rude to sit there and blatantly hit on another guy. Just tell the guy what’s up, it’s the respectable thing to do and maybe they could have been friends, instead of him hating her and making their future work together awkward. Plus Alex is way cuter! Booooo :(

    On the other hand, I’m thoroughly enjoying Speidi’s rough go of things…can’t wait till next week!

  • Carrie

    Gotta agree Heather! I thought Whitney looked like a total bitch last night… Alex was nice enough to take her around the city the first time she was in town and make an effort to see her the 2nd time… Then she drops him immediately. She should have at least said good-bye to him!

    ps. IF this is all fake, why would Alex sign up to look like such a douche?

    I like that LC is Whitney’s little puppy in this ep.

  • Heather – ATL

    This was the double Bitch EP!
    Whit the Bitch!! But with that said I might actually watch her show.. she was so mayo.. now shes showing some fangs :P
    AND omg if we get to see more Male models im so there! And im sure Alex will be just fine.. dudes to hot to be sad for long.

    And HA HA Spencer got Bitch Slapped!

  • Phil

    I’m a little worried for The City, I wasnt digging last nights ep that much… BUT i would never betray my whit!

  • Michelle

    I don’t feel bad for Heidi. It seems to me that for some unknown reason that girl seems to think she is above pretty much everything. I’m glad she got fired for getting drunk while working. Any non “psuedo-celeb” in her position or in any working environment would be fired. Spencer getting his ass handed to him by Bolthouse was priceless!

  • Lexie

    I think its great that Whitney got her own show and the evil forces that are Speidi didn’t. They are two tools in a shed. I can’t wait to watch this episode tonight, i have to download now that i can’t stream it from the MTV website.

    Much love to the Ozzie boys!!!

  • LO

    I loved when Brent chewed out Spencer for being a total tool, and Spencer just had his tail between his legs the whole time! Hilarious. And can I just say, LC annoys me sooo much. Whitney was obviously drunk–LC should have been a good friend and been like, “Nooo, don’t hit on this guy while your date guy is right there!” Didn’t get her back at all.

  • hills sucks

    the hills sucks and the the city will suck..when are people going to get over this fucking bullshit shallow show? With all that has been going in the world how can you even watch this bullshit with a good concience? All of you people should be ashamed!

  • Houda

    palease! everyone needs to stop being a hater. we all know that the city will be the next “Hills”!!

    GO “CITY” !! :-D

  • Prissy

    Spencer is a DICK with ears. Heidi drank to much of the Spence Kool-Aid, someone needs to do a serious intervention. I wish someone would beat the wheels off this guy. Whitney is a hoot and will be great on her show. If LC can do it anyone can.

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  • wtf……why the hell does everyone hate heide, she didnt fucking do anything…LC is the bitch, she acts as if she was a little kid….get over yourself like foreal…..heide tried fixing it with LC but noooooo, get over it bitch……and i think that audrina is a bitch and shes luarens follower…heide didnt do shit to you so why like stop talking to her. Is she that afraid of LC. oh yea shes such a good friend…thats why she hooked up with your man….but i bet in nexts week episode you gonna beleve her right…LC didnt believe heide i would like her to feel the same way heide felt….oh and whitneys life is boring……the city is gonna be assssssss.