Sarah Michelle Gellar Attends Juicy NYC Flagship Store Opening


Sarah Michelle Gellar was on hand with a few other “it” celebs of the day at the Juicy Couture Flagship Store opening event in NYC earlier this week. Sporting some pretty major bangs and a fur coat that looks liked it was made out of a litter of puppies, SMG was snapped on the pink carpet lookin’ ready for biz:

I dunno how I feel about SMG’s new bangs. I think they look kinda cute on her but they seem a bit too long? I’m usually of the mind that SMG can do no wrong stylistically so I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on the locks. The fur coat, on the other hand, gets a big poop sandwich from me. Irregardless of what one things about wearing fur on the animal rights tip, I think the look is really old … as in, grandma-looking. The coat she is wearing looks much better in THIS incarnation than it does on SMG. Let’s hope that the coat is actually fur and is merely tacky and not animal cruel ;) Do y’all like the bangs and/or the fur coat?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • lyndyloo

    WTF happened to this girl’s career?
    It’s such a shame, I had great hopes for her.
    I’ll never understand why most of the buffy cast fanished without trace, it’s fucking depressing.
    wtf happened to Nick Brandon?

  • HA. i literally just got this haircut. i like it, personally.

  • lyndyloo

    not fanished duh

  • Trevor

    it is actually faux fur. she mentioned in an interview with a reporter. of course our Buffy would not support fur and animal cruelty!

    she looks fab!

  • Val

    I agree with the “I hate fur coats because they look like something my grandma owned”, but I don’t get the “fur is murder but I love my leather coat, wallet, shoes, belt, purse..” thing. Animal is animal is animal, no?

  • kai1987

    Love SMG. And yes, her career does suck at the moment, but I think she needs to understand that she will never be anything but BUFFY! She needs to go back to Joss, and in 5 years, FILM a god damn BUFFY MOVIE.

    As for the rest of the cast, they’re doing pretty well, but I think Nick is just out of the acting scene for now. Can’t wait till Anthony Stewart Head’s Musical show.

  • lyndyloo

    kai, Tony head is on a tv show here in the UK called Merlin,
    love him :)

  • tink

    Desperately in need of a nose job!

  • debho

    Love the hair and the coat.

  • I kind of think her hair is cute!

    Btw, Val…I don’t know much about it but I think the argument is that leather is from cows, and so we eat the meat and they’d be killed for that anyway. Minks, chinchillas, etc., however, are being killed for purely aesthetic purposes. Obviously, vegetarians still have a problem with leather. Or at least should.

  • robin

    i think her hair looks great, hate the coat.

  • cocogurl

    The coat is Juicy, and is not real fur.

  • Shannon Taylor

    I think she looks a bit pregnant. Her face looks fuller & her coat kind of juts out a bit. Hmmmmmmmmmm, me thinks it’s true!

  • dANIEL


  • Jenny Beans

    i agree with the bangs! when looking at them, i feel as if i want to brush the hair back from my own face!! its annoying actually!!
    and as for the coat…its alright…not my cup of tea…but whatever…as long as its not real fur she seems to be able to pull it off ok. :)

  • Katie

    I think she’s either pregnant or she’s had some work done. Her face looks completely unrecognizable and definitely fuller.

  • k-rok

    dead ringer for suzanne sommers in better days! perhaps a remake of three’s company?! chintap…

  • hello

    Trent, “irregardless” is not a word!!!

  • Keimo

    I think she looks awesome. I luv the 1st pic. She looks fresh and well rested. Not like some of the other celebrities who are ALWAYS in the spotlight. And you can totally tell that the coat is faux. I luv this girl!

  • J

    I actually think the coat is Express, and I love it!

  • Me thinks it’s a stretch to refer to her as an “it” celeb, but maybe that’s why it’s in quotes in which case nevermind ;-]
    Something looks different about her, but I don’t think it’s the bangs (which I hate) or the jacket (which requires longer sleeves to even be considered for discussion). Has she had some kinda work done? I totally agree with the Suzanne Somers comparison (with perhaps just a dash of Olivia Newton-John thrown in)

  • Jenny

    thems bangs amayyyyzing!!

  • christine


  • Joanne

    Can someone please explain why America calls the ‘fringe’ – ‘bangs’ – this question has kept me up at night … anyone?

  • Andie

    I like the bangs in the pictures on the left, don’t like them on the right, lol…
    I think the coat’s okay, as long as it isn’t real fur, but she could have done better, as she usually does. =P