Xtina Aguilera Defends Marriage Equality


Pop star Xtina Aguilera has gone on the record this week to express her dismay that marriage equality was defeated in the State of California this past Tuesday. Xtina sat down with MTV and talked at length in a new interview about her disapproval of the legalization of discrimination in California:

On Thursday, pop star Christina Aguilera joined Fall Out Boy and other celebrities who’ve spoken out against Proposition 8. “Last night, there was a whole rally that I saw for Prop. 8,” she told MTV News. “A lot of people came out with their signs, and I think [Prop. 8] is discrimination and I don’t understand how people can be so closed-minded and so judgmental. We chose an African-American president, and it means so much … [it’s] a time in history of great change and open-mindedness. Why is this any different? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why you would put so much money behind something [aimed at] stopping from people loving each other and bonding together? I just don’t understand it. It’s hard for me to grasp. But I would’ve been out there with my rally sign as well.” A few moments later, she added, “Mormons aren’t gonna buy my album but, you know, what are you gonna do?”

Her interview with MTV comes as another night of protesters took to the streets of California to oppose the attempt to strip away same-sex marriage rights. The MTV report continues:

Demonstrators took to the streets of Los Angeles for a second straight night Thursday to protest Tuesday’s passage of California’s Proposition 8, a ballot measure amending the state’s constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, which passed by a 52 percent margin. The measure supersedes a state Supreme Court ruling that briefly gave same-sex couples the right to wed. The Associated Press reported that more than 2,000 people convened outside the gates of a local Mormon temple to condemn the church’s role in getting the measure passed. Protestors contend leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spent millions in television ads and mailings in an effort to encourage its followers to vote in favor of the proposition. The protests continued in the face of questions about whether civil attempts to overturn the prohibition could succeed. The passage also puts the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed in California over the past four months in question. Some fear those marriages will be nullified, although supporters of the ban claim they won’t seek to invalidate marriages already performed. Demonstrators converged outside a temple in the city’s Westwood section Thursday night and made their way toward the western end of Los Angeles, chanting, “Separate church and state” and “What do we want? Equal rights,” according to the AP. Two people were reportedly arrested following a confrontation between the crowd and a man in a pickup truck, who was displaying a banner supporting the measure. One demonstrator ended up with a bloody nose in the fracas; seven people were detained during Wednesday’s protests. Three legal challenges were filed by gay-marriage proponents Wednesday, arguing that the measure was actually a dramatic revision of California’s constitution rather than a simple amendment; constitutional revisions must first pass the state’s legislature before going to the voters.

It’s clear that many people are still outraged by the passage of Proposition 8 here in California and are doing everything they can to work toward its repeal. I commend the people willing to actively participate in the struggle to achieve equality for all, not just in this State but across the country for all minorities who are discriminated against. Again, this fight for equality is far from over … the struggle will not end until marriage equality can be enjoyed by all citizens of the US, in all 50 States. After the jump, watch video of Xtina’s interview with MTV regarding the passage of Proposition 8

Rock on, Xtina! I’m sure this is an issue that will not go away until marriage equality comes to California … and then the struggle moves forward for the rest of the country. There is still so much work to be done.


  • Froggie2004

    My husband and I feel very strongly that everyone deserves the right to be with whomever they choose, so tonight we are attending the march in San Francisco…5:30 on Market street to march up to Dolores park….
    Straight allies for gay marriage!

  • this was sad… equality is a right, not a privilege.

  • tOnnY

    Wow!!!! i’m gonna stop judging xtina from now on, she’s made a real point, and i love it, still don’t like her new video LOL, but she clearly won me again…(as long as she’s not using the red lipstick)

    P.S. trent a new Brit track leaked, you don’t have to listen to it tho, i’m just telling you…oh and she’s performing at the french “star academy” on NOV 28th, there’s a vid about it on Utube…

  • dANIEL

    Thats why i love her :) and i do feel very sad about this whole thing… :( by the way x-tina new song dynamite is awesome!!! :) but i do hope that ppl stick together and we can all get through this hate….

  • sara

    this is why i respect christina. this isnt the first time she’s spoken up about this issue, and she probably always will until things change.

  • Jo

    What I don’t understand is the argument that they (the religious extremists) won’t be seeking to nullify those marriages that have already taken place. Surely if they are able to accept those marriages as legal then why can’t they accept ALL same-sex marriages?? The arguments behind Proposition 8 are so, so flawed. I really hope that this all gets turned around and sanity can prevail.

  • Robyn

    I’m not against gay marriage or anything… but come on. The people voted. Majority rules and the majority of people voted for the ban of gay marriage…. the same way the people voted for Obama to be president. Yeah it’s lame, but that’s the way democracy works and we have to accept that.

  • Robyn — Democracy works by voting on leaders NOT by stripping away rights. A majority that decides that minorities have no rights is the furthest thing from what Democracy stands for.

  • fan

    this and many other things is why i love christina!!! she has always been vocal about her opinions! im gald she came out and said something about this! love her! thanx for posting trent!! check out christina’s Dynamite its hot!! and her redone version of Genie and Beautiful is just as hot!!!

  • Heather

    I really want to get involved and help. I think separation of Church and State is a concept that has been ignored for too long now. As an American living abroad, is there anything I can do?

  • stephanie

    she is so right. how can people put SO MUCH MONEY and EFFORT into something that goes against LOVE.

    marriage is about love, PERIOD. why are churches/yes-on-8-org’s against love?

    people need to CHANGE their beliefs. yea, its in the bible that being gay is a sin, but the bible is HOW OLD? HOW ANCIENT? WHO EVEN WROTE IT?? the thing is: things change. people once thought black people are below white people and should be slaves, but obviously this belief has been CHANGED (by most). Just because this new subject of gay marriage is tied to the bible/religion doesnt mean it still cant be changed. Sometimes people need to learn for themselves what is wrong and right and then change their beliefs based on that. People shouldnt be brainwashed at birth from a religion that tells them what is MORAL or what is not. I think people can create a sense of Right and Wrong by naturally growing up and seeing on their own. I grew up not being told that gay was wrong — and as I grew, I saw for myself that gay people are PEOPLE just like straight people, thus there is nothing WRONG about it at all! Gay people are BORN that way (something a lot of Yes-On-8 people dont want to believe, or are ignorant of).

    No on 8!!!

    I hope that one day equality will exist… and that people stop brainwashing their kids with religious b.s. that is discriminatory!

    ok sorry for my long rant, but i just am fed up with the hatred that yes-on-8 people feel for gay people. its so mean! we should all LOVE eachother and have the SAME, EQUAL, RIGHTS because we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS- gay people are not less than straight people! Thats horrible that some people feel that way!

    peace and love,