Madonna Gets ‘Sticky & Sweet’ In LA


Last night I asked Jordan to be my guest at Madonna’s LA stop on her Sticky & Sweet World Tour at Dodger Stadium. Overall we had a really fun time, it was the first time that Jordan saw Madonna in concert, but I gotta tell you … last night was not without its travails. Because the traffic sitch was so horrible and because we did not want to miss a single second of the show, we had to park our car about a mile away from the venue in order to make our way into the stadium. Trust me, it was not the best way to start out the evening but … sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Once we arrived, tho, we had a blast. My very good friend and Semtex Girl Denise not only got us amazing floor seats but we also got passes for the Hospitality Tent backstage before the show. We ran into Fergie, Lisa Rinna, Lucy Liu, Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Cavallari all within 10 feet of one another … but because we were more interested in Madonna, we didn’t stick around to chat. Here are a few pics from the show last night:

The show was very cool but I have to admit that I preferred last year’s Confessions on a Dancefloor tour. Even still, there was quite a bit of show to enjoy last night. My least favorite song on the new album Hard Candy is She’s Not Me — I think it’s silly and a bit ridic — but the live performance of it in this show (with the Madonna wannabes) was pretty inspired. I may not like the song but I loved the performance. I was also very taken with the “rock” version of Borderline. There are a lot of fun surprises peppered thruout the show, I can see how diehard Madonna fans really love this show. Clearly the biggest and best surprises were the guest appearances by Britney Spears (which we talked about earlier today) and Justin Timberlake. JT came out to perform all of 4 Minutes with Maddy and did a pretty spectacular job with the choreography (it was the same routine he did with her in NYC earlier this year at her Hard Candy Promo Show at the Roseland Ballroom). The show overall was really very fun. Near the end of the show, Madonna addressed her sadness that Prop 8 was passed in California … she encouraged proponents of equal rights to continue the fight to end discrimination. Then she told the crowd to “come near the stage” and a sea of people overrun the security guards and pressed up against the barriers, filling the empty spaces left by the celebs who were not in their seats. Twas fun. I can’t wait to see the show again in Detroit in a couple of weeks ;)

I got to meet a few Pink readers last night … including Robbie from Australia and Katie who is pictured below. Here are some personal pics from last night’s fun:

Jordan and I met up with Darion and Cameron after the show to hang for a bit before we all made our way home. Jordan and I, of course, had the long mile trek back to our car but since we were walking downhill and were still on a Madonna high, it wasn’t that bad a trek at all. The show got a very late start and we got home later than I anticipated but it was a freakin’ awesome night. Much, much love goes out to Denise for taking such good care of Jordan and me. I love her to bits, thanks again!!

No plans for tonight … I think I’m gonna veg like a mofo. The weekend looks bizzy so I might want to rest up.

  • isabelle

    Hey Trent, just found out that Britney will be performing on French Tv, on Star Academy, on November 28th!

  • Sunny

    I completely agree with you on the *she’s not me* track! Lyrically, it is completely silly but the live performance was very entertaining. I should have expected that she would have a special guest or two at the LA show but I ended up at the San Diego show. The consolation was her having her stage fully intact. I love the pics.

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    Trent i was there too. On the floor. I wish I saw you to give you a big friendly hug

  • What?? Trent, I can’t BELIEVE you said basically nothing about Brits performance!!! What was the song, how did she do? Was there dancing or just singing? How did Madonna announce her?? GIVE ME MORE!!! ;)

  • Velvet — Britney’s performance got her own post at the start of the day:

  • Nourah

    Sigh. I can’t get over my crush on Darion!!! HE IS SO EFFIN GORGEOUS :( Don’t worry Darion I’m not a potential stalker (Not that I dont want to ;p but I live thousands of miles away :( )

  • anonymus

    I think Jordan is much better looking than darion…

  • muah

    That guy looks like David Schwimmer!! he should be in look-a-likes!