Blake Fielder-Civil Tries To Clean Up His Act


Yesterday we learned that Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released a month early from his conviction for attempting to pervert justice in the UK. Blake was allowed early release from incarceration on the grounds that he immediately enter into a rehab program. Amy, who has been in and out of hospitals in the past few weeks, was not on hand for her husband’s release because she had her own tragedy to deal with. Here are pics of Blake waving to the media from his new rehab home and of Amy venturing out on the streets of London with her father Mitch Winehouse to chaperone:

While I am still skeptical that early release from jail in order to serve out the final month of a criminal sentence in rehab is really the right way to go about things, I am encouraged that Blake seems willing to get help. Of course, the decision to “get help” in a cushy rehab facility over renaming in a jail cell prolly made more to do about comfort rather than a genuine desire to “get help”, I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Now, if only Blake’s bride Amy would join him in this rehab facility so that they can “get help” together. Amy Winehouse is a poor shadow of the immense talent that she possesses and it is very sad to see her wither in front of our eyes. While it’s great to see that her father is involved in her life, I think she needs something stronger than parental supervision to get her act together.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News]

  • DJWhoop

    Jesus Christ, get that woman a shower and a Hardee’s double thick burger.

  • shazz

    people like amy and blake just disgust me..
    how can people say she’s an amazing artist.
    she can’t perform live, cos she’s always on drugs..
    really.. she’s the worst performer ever -___-

  • nickki

    your title S/B Blake Fielder-Civil NEEDS To Clean Up His WIFE”

  • OMG — seriously!!! Mebbe one day … mebbe.

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  • el

    Amy is incredibly talented. The drugs won’t take her talent away, but they have made her a shadow of what she used to be. Drugs are horrible and they have stolen her life. Everyday I wonder if I will read the headline: Amy Winehouse Found Dead. I hope to God I never do. She has one of the greatest voices of our generation, she deserves credit for that and she needs to beat her demons.