Robert Pattinson Does ‘Entertainment Weekly’


Robert Pattinson, as Edward Cullen, is featured on the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Twilighters, take note, R. Pattz’s cover is one of three collector’s covers that is being published this week. No word on who or what is on the other two covers but I suspect that Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan will prolly have her own cover as well. Here is Rob’s cover and a portion of the mag’s coverstory:

The last thing the filmmakers behind Twilight want to hear is that their movie is the next Harry Potter. Sure, it occupies the release date once held by the boy wizard. But while the seven-book Potter series has sold 400 million copies and generated $4.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts, Twilight is working off a global fan base that has purchased only 17 million books. ”We’re not even 5 percent of Potter sales. We’re not even a toenail on that body,” says director Catherine Hardwicke. ”Ours is a character film, a little more sophisticated teenage Romeo and Juliet.” But Twilight is likely to be anything but a tragedy for Summit Entertainment, the fledgling studio behind the film … Twilight — a possible four-film franchise — could transform Summit into a real player. To hit it big, though, the vampire romance needs to lure moviegoers beyond the series’ core fans. Teenage boys are an obvious target, and Hardwicke has peppered her film with gravity-defying fight scenes. ”There are action sequences in the book, and as a director, you want to make everything more cinematic,” she says. Early tracking of the movie suggests that tween boys like the Cullen vampires almost as much as girls do. That should help Twilight reach at least a $20 million opening weekend — the number the studio probably needs to please in-house accountants. What it requires to greenlight the sequel, New Moon, is another story. Summit won’t comment, but Hardwicke guesstimates Twilight must gross $150 million for the studio to approve a follow-up, which will require extensive special effects and location shooting. ”This has to be a crazy hit,” she says. ”Nobody can say that it can do that well right now.”

I am pretty confident Twilight will make more than $20 million bucks in its opening weekend. I think it’s wise to downplay how the movie may do before it actually opens (so as not to look foolish down the line) but I predict that the movie will be a big hit. Twilighters strike me as the kind of fans that would go back to see the movie over and over and over again. I’m not worried about the movie’s success at all … unless the filmmakers totally botch the story. Angering said Twilighers would kill the movie faster than a stake thru the heart. Author Stephanie Meyer says she loves the movie so … what more endorsement do they need? Big hit, I’m sure of it. In fact, my guess is that it will be a *dazzling* weekend at the box office come November 21. So my question to all y’all is … Edward gets one of the collectible EW covers and I think it’s a safe assumption to think Bella will get her own cover … but who get’s the third? Is it worth getting all three?


  • shea

    Hellooo, what about Jacob?

  • Megan

    I think Jacob will get the third cover. There are so many Twilighters out there who are on Team Jacob (not me…Go Team Edward all the way!)

  • g

    btw I plan to see the movie as many times as humanly possible

  • Hayley

    I really cant wait for the film to come out, it sucks that the UK has to wait an extra month. But i too will be watching it as many times as i can. I probably will be buying all three covers too, im gettting REALLY obsessed with Twilight!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob isn’t that big in the first book though…I would guess James

  • B

    The other cover is with Rob and Kristen

  • chase

    I’m with you, G! I, too, will be seeing it as much as humanely possible! I am so excited. I’m going to the midnight showing. : ) and probably waiting in line as early as 6 or 7… Trent should do one of those things were he asks to send pictures and what not.

    I’m so excited!!!

  • Nikki

    the other cover is Rob and Kirsten. has scans of all the covers

  • chase

    Oh, and I am pretty sure the movie will gross 40-60 million in opening weekend! There’s going to be A LOT of midnight showings.

  • Jan

    The third one is a joint Kristen and Rob cover. Stuff Jacob. Its a brilliant interview with Rob.

  • Mareena


    Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is not getting his own EW cover maybe for New Moon when it’ll be out later next year…but the three covers are as follows:

    1. Robert Pattinson<3 and Kristen Stewart (together on cover)
    2. Robert Pattinson <3 (solo)
    3. Kristen Stewart (solo)

  • the man needs to have my babies right now! goodness <3

  • Stephanie

    third cover is them together, I’ve already seen it here:

  • kyle

    the 3rd cover is of kristen and rob together,
    its on

  • joe

    Dude! Loves it!!!

  • Angel

    Trent, to be honest I never even considered giving Twilight a try before I saw that it was on your reads. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for turning me onto such an amazing author and an amazing set of books!!!! I CANNOT wait for the movie, I’m not fond of Kristen, but don’t knock it til you’ve seen it I suppose! Maybe she’ll be great as Bella.
    But on the flip side, thanks to Edward, no man will ever be good enough for me!

  • Debbie

    Referring to Twilight as a “teenage Romeo and Juliet” is absurdly redundant and to describe the story as “sophisticated”, whether the comparison is to Shakespeare or Harry Potter, is laughable. The writing is barely above what I would expect from a literate 14-year-old–sophisticated is the LAST word I would use to describe it unless they’ve departed from the book significantly.

  • apples

    Debbie, I have to say I agree whole-heartedly with you, and I’m a pretty literate 14 year old myself. (At least, I like to think so.) There are so many amazing writers out there, and deserve to be in the limelight Stephanie Meyer and her series has been put in.

    Oh well.

  • athena

    why ya gotta be such a hater debbie? i’m pretty sure people don’t read these books because they’re looking for the next jane austen novel. they’re fun! and even people who say they don’t like them admit to not being able to put them down, and seem to have read all 4- which is weird to me… like, why keep reading if you can’t stand it?… but, WHATEV!! i love all of them, and i can’t freaking wait to see this movie!!
    i already have plans to see it twice opening weekend, and if i like it, i’m sure i’ll go many more times!!
    ALSO– rob is SOOOOOO freaking adorable, i love watching him in his interviews… :D great pic!!

  • Melissa

    I’m so buying the Edward cover!!!! He’s so hot!
    I would guess James because yeah like many have already said Jacob isn’t in much of Twilight…if it were New Moon he would for sure be there.

    I plan to see the movie more than once for sure and I can almost guarantee that many other Twilighters will do the same :)

  • K

    I started reading this book in the summer, but stopped as school started up, and I ran out of spare time. Is it worth it to pick it up and continue?? I didn’t really get into it when I read the first few chapters. What do you think?


  • Laura

    No offense, T, but that is not Edward. That is Robert. Edward is unable to grow facial scruff, is much paler and has golden eyes. Also the Kristen Stewart cover does not feature Bella’s mousy hair or brown eye color. This is just the actor, not the character featured on the cover. oxox

  • athena

    eff yeah he dazzles me!!
    i mean…… look at him!! :)

  • Nicola

    Oh *SNORE* I’ve not read the books but I sure am bored of hearing about this movie already.
    Personally, that guy does absolutely nothing for me.

  • spuddevaughn

    OMG!!!! Rob looks so great….scary…gorgeous and brooding all at the same time. I love his eyes and the way he stares. I love the jawline as well.

  • Boogie

    All the comments (from all over the internet) from those that haven’t read the books is laughable. If you haven’t read it, just bare with us. It’s an amazing series to a lot of people. Yeah, it’s not a literary classic, but it’s an incredible love story and just fun to obsess about.

    Go Twilight!

  • Angel

    In my book, any book that is capable of getting people to read, in any way shape or form, is a winner! Maybe not a “literary classic” up there with Shakespeare and Voltaire, but good enough to have sold what, 17 million copies? I just love that people are READING and at that, something that really has sparked such a fire in its readers. I was insatiable when reading this series; I literally loved it so much I didn’t want to sleep/eat/be social or anything until I had finished. I started reading after Breaking Dawn came out and read the whole series in a weekend.

    Again, SUPER excited for the movie. I have a feeling it will not disappoint since Stephenie herself said it was good and is a self-proclaimed perfectionist.

  • Zainab* much hotter can a person get??????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love you robb!

  • Courtney

    Jacob is totally getting the cover of the third!

  • Corinne

    I think it will be Bella with all the Cullens.

  • James gets the cover. I’d bet money on it.

  • Jenn

    I just got my EW in the mail and both Edward and Bella are on the cover looking gorgeous and hawt!

  • Amber Lynn

    i know there was one clip where bella was in her underwear and people were yelling and crap lol

    but basically from the trailers you can tell they changed some things but still kept it kinda like the book.

  • the first cover will have rob 2nd will have kristen and the third will have both of them I saw them all already

  • abby

    it really bothers me that jacob is in all the magizines!!
    what about all the other cullen?Jacob isnt even a big part of the first!Stephenie was gonna have Mike be the bigger character!EDWARD WAS HERE FIRST!!! I love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia

    Mildly appropriate? I love you Trent, but comparing Stephenie Meyer’s rubbish to Evelyn Waugh is beyond insulting.

    I’ve tried time and time again to read them, but I’ve never made it past the halfway mark of the first book. It’s just…bad. Really bad. I know a lot of people insist they’re very addictive, but I don’t even see that. The writing is terrible, and Bella is one of the worst heroines I have ever read in English literature.

  • Mia

    Eek, sorry!! Wrong post – I’ll move it over to the right one :P

  • hey soo is it true that robert pattinson doesnt like kids and doesnt take showers?!!! i of course dont believe it because if he doesnt then how can he look super hot and……clean!!! duh tell me when yall know!!…… i love robert pattinson!

  • Hannah:)

    ok robert does too take showers an i’m sure he loves kids so you people need to stop making up rumors about him cuz they aren’t true and if you make up one about him your just pathetic and need to get a life.

  • tina

    omg he is fine:)
    i love him.