Jiley Get Back To Biz


Miley Cyrus, who just returned to SoCal after another quick promo trip to Europe over the weekend, reunited with her 20-year old manfriend and underwear model Justin Gaston for a little shopping trip in Burbank, CA this week. The couple made their way into Best Buy where JG had to pick up a few DVDs …

… how much you wanna bet that that Cyrus butt-kisser purchased a new copy of the Hannah Montana Movie cuz he wore out his previous copy? Something tells me that Justin Gaston is going to keep his trailer hitched to Miley’s rising star until he is able to break free on his own. Blah, it sounds like tough, sad work but I suspect he’s up to the challenge.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Lana

    I think they are cute together.

  • Panti Christ

    I wonder if he voted yesterday.

  • nickki


  • Aidan

    Why does she sing like a Chipmunk but talk like a drag queen? Justin is pleasantly adorable. I hope she uses him for stud (um, like, when she’s legal n’stuff – uh huh) and then sends him on his way.

  • Rylie

    Trent, I love you. The end.

    This post just made by day :)

  • Joanne

    I don’t care how cute they look together – she’s 15/16 and he’s a 20 year old – this is wrong.

  • halifaxhoney

    Isn’t this illegal in the US? Or does the law differ from each state?

    My fiance and I have a 9 year age difference and we’ve been together for 7 years now. I’m 24 and he is 33 now. That said, I wasn’t a millionaire pop star with parents. I was full time high school student with a full time job with my own apartment.

    You would think that her parents would be more conservative about who their let their daughter have in her life, if not to protect her personally, they could try to protect her financially.

  • treb

    I think it’s disturbing.
    Any 20 year old who dates a 15 year old has mental issues.

  • Lissa

    What respectable 20 year old wants to date 16 year old? It’s weird.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone else have problem with the fact that a 20 year old is seeing a 15 year old? Isn’t this illegal? My mother would never have let me date a guy that was 20 when I was 15. And no it isn’t a southern thing, I was born, raised and currently live in the south and people don’t think this kind of thing is ok.

    I guess when you’re famous then the laws don’t apply to you.

  • Liz

    I cannot believe her parents approve of this relationship. The age difference is just wrong. 15-20 is a huge difference at that age. Granted my husband is 13 years older than me but we are both middle-aged and have gone through the experiences that adults go through. If that was our teen daughter there is no way at her age she would be dating a 20 year old man.

  • Well I guees you guys find it weird since it’s illegal in the US. I live in Norway, where you turn legal at the age of 16, and most girls at he age of 16/17 here has got a boyfriend that is about 20/21

    Anyway, there isn’t any pictuers of theese to young lovebirds making out so why be so offended? Complain about hef and his young muffins instead that’s way worse.