Track The Election Day Results


CNN and MSNBC have made available widgets that will be updated in real time as soon as polls close and information on results becomes available. If you cannot be near a TV this evening/night, these widgets will provide the pertinent results information as they become available. I will be Twittering thruout the day, evening, night … which will hopefully be a good one for my candidate ;)

Additionally, I will be uploading all of the I Voted photos that folks have been sending in to me thruout the day — like this adorable photo of little Daniel wearing his mother’s sticker on his cheek:

You can click HERE to see the I Voted photo album of my friends and beloved Pink readers (click HERE to see a slideshow of this album, click HERE for the album’s RSS feed). Send in your pics to to have your photo added to the album!

UPDATE: I just uploaded the 100th photo sent in by friends and Pink readers proudly showing off their I Voted stickers after they voted today! Woot! Keep ‘em coming … West Coasters, I know y’all still have a lot of time to vote!!!

  • Panti Christ

    What a fun photo album!

  • Anna

    Hopefully these people didnt show up in thier “Barack” or “McCain” Shirts at the polls. Its against the law! and people are sent home to change if they walk in that way.

  • Anna is correct, but shirts under jackets are fine. I just love all the enthusiasm … it’s a great day for America!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LOL!! I wasn’t wearing either. People are way to crazy and can’t except other people’s views! My picture is up! WOOO I AM HAVING FUN TODAY!!! Everyone is in such a great mood!!

  • Panti Christ

    I didn’t wear my shirt either. Was afraid of the crazies in my ‘hood! I did wear a blue dress shirt, though. The unofficial D color, yes?

  • Elkay

    I voted a few weeks ago, so I didn’t get a neat-o sticker but WOOT for everyone voting! :)

  • Katie
  • tOnnY

    Awww that baby’s soooooo cute
    I hope Barack wins…

  • Kenleigh

    Yay my pic is up! I am sooo excited for this election! Our country has so much potential and hopefully the right candidate will make it in office. GO OBAMA!

  • Elle

    no WONDER i didn’t get a sticker! that one girl had about 10!

  • Sabrina

    What a great photo album! I love the picture of the mom breastfeeding her baby! I was in line for three hours today with my 3 month old and nursed her twice! People were so nice:) Someone even gave me chair so I’d be more comfortable. By the way,I hope the lines and or the weather didn’t dissuade (sp?) any voters.

  • Kelly

    I LOVE IT! This is so EXCITING!!


  • mimi

    just letting you know – CNN is updating VERY SLOWLY!!!!!
    BBC updates a lot quicker!!!
    im in the “aussies for obama” camp! :)

    GO OBAMA!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • CNN is being very conservative with their projections, which I think is wise. It really feels like it’s a done deal so they just want to be sure about stuff before they overspeak.

  • JulieS

    Thanks, Trent for posting those widgets, it’s making it easier to compare who is calling what! This is just amazing to witness!

  • mimi

    fair enough, trent. thats a good point.
    fingers crossed, looks like it will be a close result.

  • Joane

    Obama all the way!!!!

  • Dagny

    Thrilled my photo got in – my partner snapped it as we came back from a 911 call. We only had a few minutes to vote, being on shift, and pulled up to the front door with the ambulance. A lovely group of ladies insisted we go ahead of them in line, and it turned out to be a good thing… we had barely put our ballots in when our next call came over the radio! Maine fire and rescue voted, how about you?

  • Josh

    After a hurricane blew away about half of LA, they voted for another Republican? The current one has done nothing for them. Celebrities and other Americans helped them recover.
    What the f@#k?