Ashlee Simpson Still Pregs, Has A Baby Shower


Ashlee Simpson, who has yet to give birth to the spawn of Pete Wentz, hosted a baby shower for her unborn child at the Bel Air Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday afternoon. Big sis Jessica Simpson and her BFF/hair stylist Ken Paves (who was bleeding from his face the night before after getting bashed with a paparazzo’s camera) were among the guests who attended yesterday’s shower. Here are a couple pics of Jess and Ken’s arrival and of centerpieces and gifts being delivered to the hotel:

Here is a report from Life & Style magazine that was published before yesterday’s shower: The race is on to get Ashlee Simpson set up with all the things the mom-to-be will need for the imminent arrival of her baby. In fact, “she’s having a last-minute baby shower tomorrow,” an insider tells Life & Style. “The location is top secret. They’ll send out an e-mail to all invited guests early Saturday morning. Ashlee was eyeing the Bel-Air hotel in LA — but no one will know exactly until tomorrow morning. “This could be the last chance for everyone to see Ashlee before she becomes a mom,” the insider says. As husband Pete Wentz told Ryan Seacrest recently: “I am on call permanently right now. She’s at the very end, and it could happen at any point.”

Indeed, it seems as if Ashlee has been pregs for ages now … but I guess it always seems that way at the end of a celebrity pregnancy. Gwen Stefani seemed to carry little Zuma Nesta Rock for a few years before she finally unloaded him in August. I was pretty confident that Ashlee and Pete would be welcoming their baby on All Hallow’s Eve as would be befitting such a child born of indie/goth/emo genes. I guess at this point we’ll have to hope for the child’s coming to occur by turkey day.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Jaycee

    Dear Lord, Jessica’s earrings are RIDICULOUSLY huge. And I totally agree on Ashlee seeming like she’s been preggo FOREVER (much like Gwen), however I don’t think it works that way for every celeb. Maybe it feels that way if they announce their pregnancy early on. Others may wait until their 2nd or even 3rd trimester to announce their pregnancy.

  • did Jess use some of Papa Joe’s gold from his big pimp chain to make those hoops? sheesh.

  • Aidan

    Please, lord, let the baby look like Pete. We can’t handle another Simpson ‘superstar’.

  • MM

    i totally forgot he was preggers. havent much about her lately. best of luck to her, hopefully she’ll pop soon

  • ginae

    those earrings are absurd!

  • joline

    Um, she hosted her OWN baby shower? Nobody cares enough to throw her a party? Pfft.

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