‘Twilight’ Previews In Rome


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were both on hand at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Italy this weekend for a world premiere preview tease of their new movie Twilight at the 3rd Annual Rome International Film Festival. Altho this was just a preview showing of the Twilight movie at such a prestigious event, neither Robby nor Kristen looked at all interested in even being there:

Actually, Kristen was the one who looked more bored of the two … R. Pattz looked more his usual, disheveled, disinterested self. Altho this preview screening was the first one to take place officially, only these two and their director Catherine Hardwicke decided to come out for the event. I would assume that more castmembers will manage to free up their bizzy schedules to come out and promote their movie in the future. Here’s hoping those folks will look a wee bit more excited/bathed for those premiere events.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Nicola

    How does he manage to carry off the Hobo look?

  • Tina | Tk

    Oh wowww. I can’t wait until it comes out here ! :)

  • Chase

    he needs to do something with that hair! Kristen looks…

  • Natalie

    seriously, who does their styling? I would be more than happy to do it for them! This is not acceptable to appear at a premiere like you would at the airport after a redeye. They’re gorgeous people, but their doing themselves a disservice

  • that fringe skirt! with that pleather jacket! my eyes!!!

  • Annie

    I think you miss a great deal here about both of these actors. Kristen and Rob are artists who choose to act in films rather than pose as celebrities making movies.
    Both of them reflect their youthful style and unique personas.
    I very well may be awe at how drastically their careers have changed with these overwhelming receptions. I know here in my area the three film festival held in Texas are equally casual for performers and attendees.
    Personally they do not need to change anything as they are extremely focused on what is ahead. In the most difficult times our country as seen in awhile the Edward and Bella distraction has everyone falling in love with them.

  • Chris

    Did they lose their luggage? They look thrown together.

  • athena

    i couldn’t agree more with annie- way to take the words right out of my mouth!

    i mean, honestly, what does it matter? so long as they make edward and bella come to life properly, they can show up on the red carpet in a trash bag for all i care.

    i can’t wait to see this movie… i love them both… and the book of course!! :)

  • athena

    also… i’ve seen other pics from the premier in which kristin isn’t wearing the jacket, and they are smiling and looking wonderful…

    you just chose to pick the worst ones possible.

  • emily

    This wasn’t the world premiere. It doesn’t come out anywhere before Nov. 21st. This was a sneak peek with a Q & A with Cathrine, Rob and Kristen.

  • Annie

    I have to admit the rob and kristen looked happiest when they are together at appearances. They compliment each other.
    As far as the other cast mates lack of attendance you might want to consider costs as these are not million dollar per pictures stars …YET!.

  • Sara 6000

    I don’t think Kristen is ‘bored.’ Tired, maybe, because they have been running around promoting the hell out of the movie. XD She could also be nervous -shrug- Whatever, if she really was bored I guess it is just a result of introducing Twilight or going to something Twilight related for the hundreth time.

  • Sara 6000

    Excuse the typos…Wow. xD -Just woke up-

  • TW

    I DON’T THINK KRISTEN’S BORED ! People have been saying on set she was a total diva but I DON’T SEE IT !!! AND I KNOW SHE HAS total bitch face and doesn’t smile but I THINK SHE’S SHY !!!


  • Kim

    I watched the actual footage from Rome … & they both looked great (Kristen took the jacket off for most of the red carpet, but it was clearly COLD & WET). I think they are both a bit overwhelmed … & not sure about all the attention. So, be nice guys …

  • andrea

    I lwatched the footage and they did not look bored, kristen has said before that she is shy and that she doesn’t get used to be the center of attention, and it looks like robert is shy too

  • Laura

    ya you pretty much just picked the worst pictures.

  • Ok, you picked the worst pictures. I’ve seen other pictures and they are both looking so happy and smiley and even goofing around with each other. It looks like Kristen is tired but that’s probably because she’s been doing so much lately. Personally, I think Kristen is very beautiful and her quiet, shy personality just makes her even more perfect as Bella. In case you haven’t noticed Rob is always kind of shy and laid back, so no I don’t think they’re bored and they’re both very beautiful, make the perfect Bella and Edward and look great together.

  • Oh and it wasn’t the world premiere of the movie. It was just a sneak peek and a press conference with Kristen, Rob, and Catherine, so get your facts straight before you write your article.

  • lamb274


  • debussygirl

    He looks handsome, she looks kind of mean. I’m worried the movie is going to ruin the book….

  • Charo

    There are tons of pictures out there with them smiling. I don’t think it’s fair to judge them based on 2 pictures. But yeah, it seems that they’re into this whole “I’m independent” thing and for me, that’s okay, as long as they did well in the movie. Nov. 26 cant come soon enough! (Twilight will be released on Nov. 26 here in the Philippines)

  • Dannie

    OMG! They were TIRED! They’ve been traveling all around the world to promote the movie! Plus they are shy! Kristen said once she likes to act but she hates the interviews, paparazzis. And Rob is pretty shy too. The movie is not even out yet and people are already ABUSING them :/

  • Brrrah

    My goodness, these Twilight fans up here are a little pathetic, aren’t they?!

  • Sarah

    Ive noticed that young British actors like to look a little scruffy and underfed. I guess I just like my guys washed and healthy looking?

  • Bonnie

    Well, i believe that…..

    kristen needs a new stylish coz she has to stop wearing the jacket (must be her only one)

    and rob…… shave! for me, then you look hot (not that you arent, Twilight fans please dont bash me)

    i still love rob and like kristen and………

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • Kelly

    This was not the premiere of Twilight. Rob, Kristen and Catherine were there to premiere a 15 minute clip and behind the scenes footage. They also did a Q&A.

    I could care less how they are dressed. If you guys decided to use other pictures, you would see that they actually looked pretty pleased to be there. There were lots of pictures of them smiling and enjoying each others company.

    Also, they’re probably a little jetlagged, if you were wondering why they looked tired.

    Let them promote the movie how they want. Fans will know that they care.

  • Anne

    okay so you guys picked the worst possible pictures, there were so many from the event and they were happy and smiling and having fun . For Gods sake give them a break they were travelling all over Europe promoting the hell out of it and hmm its called JETLAG. Just because theyre not fake and trying to put on some act for people does not mean they are disheveled or bored. Theyre shy people who are both very grounded and since you dont see that in HollyWood ever anymore its a good thing that these two are ! SO LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • jen

    Before you start writing get your facts right. They flew over when only a clip was being shown. Its not the premiere of the film. Rome was lucky to get them flying all that way for 15 minutes of footage. They were jet lagged after only being there for a very short while. Finally why dress up for a few minutes of footage. Pattinson looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Dara

    How in the world do you assume based on these two pics that Kristen and Rob were not excited to be there??? I watched the 40 min -long video (in Italian I might add) of them walking the red carpet and they were both very into it, although they both seemed very nervous and overwhlmed by all the screaming! Rob in particular signed autographs all the way down the line and was smiling and joking the entire time…Rob and Kristen appear to be very similar in the fact that they don’t buy into the whole Hollywood machine with self promotion and self adoration…they act because they enjoy it not for the accolades that it will bring them…I love both of them and find them extremely refreshing in a time when all you see plastered anywhere are the “happy, plastic” smiles of the likes of the Heidis, Spencers, and Zacs!!!

  • Renee

    Of course the pictures shown here are 2 of the worst, out of the 1000000’s of pictures that were actually taken.

    Could it be that they are actually human, and *gasp!*, tired? Give them a break. Just look on the internet and you’ll see what kind of crazy schedules these 2 are currently keeping while they promote Twilight. Summit is working them to the bone, and quite frankly, it’s not like they can call in sick (hell, I would!).

    And I love that both of them don’t buy in to the Hollywood-Loveme!-adoration crap. Rob and Kristen are quite refreshing and all around awesome.

  • Christina

    jeez they aren’t actually vampires… they are human, they get tired and they have bad days… not to mention both Kristen and Rob clearly do not like being the center of attention
    all that matters is that when the movie comes out that they have portrayed the roles and brought Edward and Bella to life
    so who cares what they look like on the red carpet… and i actually think Kristen always looks adorable and Rob can really pull off the hobo look =)

  • akaibara

    I’m pretty sure you’re simply approaching the pictures with the wrong information. Just to let you know, that night it was:

    1) 50 degrees

    2) Raining

    3) Robert and Kristen signed autographs and talked with fans the entire way down the red carpet, which was huge.

    4) Robert had within a few days prior to being in Italy gone from Mexico, back to LA, then to Rome. All doing promotional work for Twilight. Kristen had just been in Madrid doing the same.

    Also allow me to correct you, because this was not a premiere, it was the debut of a clip and a Q&A session.

    This video here shows them, and Catherine Hardwicke, from the time they got out of the cars to when they go in for the viewing. As you can see, they were very enthusiastic and engaged with the crowd.


  • pens

    LOL, where do you bloggers get your facts? It was not a premiere, rather a media/fan meet and greet with 15 minutes of sneak peek footage being shown.

    You wonder why they look miserable? Probably because they have to deal with ppl like yourself who continually distribute inaccurate information and ask ridiculous questions. Not everyone in Hollywood has to put on a fake smile and leave their brains at home.

  • Folks, calm down … it’s not that serious. Chillax, y’all. How’s about we laugh?

  • zaynab

    I totally agree with you on that ,Trent!
    however,Rpattz should really get a clean shave and a nice hair-do instead of this!;p
    i love kristen stewart! :)

  • Nicole

    Rob should’ve kept the stylist who helped him with the makeup and hair throughout the movie. He actually looked really good in the movie, nice hair, clean shaven, tamed eyebrows… he looks like he just rolled out of bed here. I think Kristen just always looks like that =/…

  • Orla


    and Robert is starting to bother me, he seems like fame is actually getting to him now.
    and all those model rumors? Ugh.

    Him and Kristen are meant to be!
    Lol. seriously, and not because of their roles!!

  • Gabby MCullen

    Hey, a brazilian opinion \o/

    you sure pick thw worst pictures…we all know how hot RPatz is, and how cute and sexy-when-she-wants Kris is. They’re just really really shy, and kristen is reaaly nervous. I watched this Comic Con event, and she was tremendously nervous, and teh host like, scared her. I men, he scared me o_o

    I must say: I love Robsten <3

    don’t care if she has a boyfriend!

  • Jessica

    wow everyone needs to relax with these comments like some on stop hating on trent

  • camille

    Their so clueless!

  • camille

    wtf is up w/ her outfit?????

  • Neptune

    I think everyones upset that their not “Dazzling” in these pictures.

    xD /Dazzle/. I still cant get over that.

  • Angel

    I personally think this is hilarious. I feel like every time I see these two they portray some “apathetic” look for the cameras and I think it’s ridiculous. They are about to be a part of something HUGE that is going to excite thousands, if not millions of people and they can’t even give a smile? I think it’s ridic and it’s funny to poke a little fun at them for doing so. PS. I also heard that Kristen was a DIVA on the set and is not a very nice person in life. In all of her interviews she comes off cold and aloof and I cannot stand her in the previews as Bella, I really hope the movie surprises me…

  • camille

    i agree with Angel. They’re taking this opportunity for granted.
    They need to perk up a bit, or else people will just walk away.

  • They strike me as the type of people who are more concerned about working at something they love to do then walking red carpets for camera. Both Rob and Kristine have commented that its the love for the books that drives the fan base and it doesn’t look like they are taking the adoration over themselves seriously because of it. After Rob got mobbed at the airport, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him scruff it up daring people to like him anyway. Reminds me of my 16 year old son, he doesn’t want girls noticing him so he refuses to shave or get a haircut. He wants to look sloppy so he doesn’t have to worry about girls.

  • Vic

    No I agree with you Trent. Kristen always seems unenthused. I think it’s her way of saying “I don’t really think this glitsy stuff is important.” She comes off as a little jaded…

  • alexa ;)

    well, whatever your opinions are, i see them as really good actors. it’s really nice that we’ve got two amazing people playing bella and edward regardless of their outfits right? ;)