A New Crop Of Hollywood Pin-Up Girls


Photographer Timothy White has just released a new book of photos that feature various members of the Hollywood “It” Girl club posing as 1940’s style pin-up girls. The photos run the gamut from cheeky to mostly nekkid and feature ladies like Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl), Elisha Cuthbert (24) and the Olsen twins (Full House) among others … here are a few pics from the oversized coffeetable book titled Hollywood Pinups:

These pics are some of the tamest of the bunch. There are quite a few exposed body parts (well, mostly bums) in some of the other photos featuring Kate Hudson, Angie Harmon and others. Click HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK to see some of the other photos that are featured in this book by Timothy White (be warned, the link points to a NSFW site that appears to have virus problems — if you don’t want to risk it, don’t click the source link). They are interesting photos … the Olsens look good (the dark-haired one more than the blonde one, I’m not sure which is which) even.

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  • Louise

    Mary Kate is the dark haired one, Michelle Trachtenburg is so the best. She looks awesome as always!

  • Pam

    The Olsen twins are Fugly to say the least.. Trachtenburg looks great, she is really cute.

  • Nicola

    Those are some really gorgeous photographs! I’m kinda reminded of La Chapelle… in a sense. Obviously his work is waaaay more colourful and dramatic, but there is a certain quality to this shoot that reminds me of him.

  • Karly

    I had no idea the dark haired one was an olsen till I read what you said. huh

  • Bess

    That link has a virus.

  • Nicole

    im lovin the dark haired olsen. i didnt even know that was an olsen at first. really liking these pics

  • Paz

    i clicked on the link, and the pics are great. i’m glad that the photog used older women besides 20 somethings. my favorite is vanessa william’s.

  • Katie

    Mary-Kate appeared on Conan last night to promote her (and her twin’s) new book, Influence, and honestly she was SO dry! She wasn’t engaging in conversation and was just plain uninteresting. Photos look great though, but that’s all they can really offer.

  • Kendra

    Bess – I had a virus warning, too..Now my computer is running super slow..Bah!

  • Ratgirl6

    It started downloading something to my computer too, is there a better link??

  • that’s funny, i can’t tell which is which either lol

  • Korpsy

    I think those photos are really lacking. There are a few nicer ones, but overall it could have been done much better.

  • mimi

    mary-kate is the brunette – she looks amazing!

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  • Melinda

    Mary-Kate looks Asian………and some of these are definitely retouched within an inch of their lives……..you can see it!

  • Shazz

    Asian? far from.
    She looks like a doll..
    and by that i mean fake not beautiful
    it’s a nice pic tho, but she doesn’t look like a person.
    gorgeous pics tho..
    Michelle looks stunning

  • Anna

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle! She is my girl!

  • Anna

    ps: thanks for the virus! remove the link T!

  • ann marie smith

    This link has a virus.

  • kim

    I just got hit from the virius too. Trent, you’ve gotta take this down! I had to call my computer tech!

  • Yikes! Okay, don’t click the link … I warned that the site is NSFW, those sites tend to have virusy things attached to them.

  • francis kenrick

    michelle trachtenberg is so hot and provocative everyone should buy this book for her picture alone michelle trachtenberg is seductress that makes me harder then chinese arithmetic

  • suz

    booo… i clicked on the link AS i was read the word “virus.” Not very nice.

  • kim

    thanks for editing the post trent! ^_^

  • moi

    may kate is the dark one.

    And I’m loving that belt she’s wearing!! I want it . . .