Britney Spears’s Official ‘Circus’ Album Artwork


Earlier today I posted a rumored tracklist for Britney Spears’s new album Circus which, it turns out, is mostly wrong. has just been updated with the full official tracklist and the official album artwork:

Britney SpearsCircus

01. Womanizer
02. Circus
03. Out From Under
04. Kill The Lights
05. Shattered Glass
06. If U Seek Amy
07. Unusual You
08. Blur
09. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby

Bonus Track:

13. Radar

Compared to the tracklist posted earlier today, only 4 of the songs match up (Womanizer, Circus, Kill the Lights and Mannequin). There are no writing/production credits listed with this official tracklist so we’re gonna have to wait on that info. I’m not sure how I feel about the album artwork. It deffo has that “circus” feel to it (ie. the old posters from the heyday of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily) and she does look pretty but … there’s no pizzazz for me. In all honesty, I’ve never been impressed with Britney’s album artwork. I think my fave cover is the Britney cover (but only because I got the Japanese import that had glitter all over the cover). What do y’all think … is this a dope album cover or not?

UPDATE: has just announced that Britney’s second single off her new album will be the title track Circus:

OMG!!! There’s been a lot of buzz on the Internets about what Britney’s next single will be and we can reveal it will be…… CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!! We’re told the song is an up-tempo track and was produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. Britney’s up tempo tracks are my fave!

Which makes total sense, judging by the look of the costumes worn by her dancers on the set of her next music video, Circus looks like it’s gonna be a fun track and music video. Woot! I love all this new Britney news that is comin’ out today … don’t you?


  • Lauri

    I really don’t think the picture’s all that flattering…

  • Tiffany

    ITA. It looks like she’s aching for a potty break. Either that or it’s a bad impression of Jessica Simpsons Trout Pout. lol

  • Faye211

    The curtain in the background needs to be more vibrant or something…it all blends in too much

  • Katie


  • Just_JT

    MY GAWD….it looks like she is wearing a Dolly Parton Wig!

  • Brenda

    Her outfit is weird. It’d be better if she was wearing some hot circus ringleader outfit

  • The cover is neat looking but agree that her team needs to step it up with the covers. I’ve seen fan art that looks better than most of what I’ve seen.

    Also, anyone else wondering why Radar is the bonus track?

  • Amy

    I agree. She looks like Jessica Simpson.

  • Lou

    Love it. I think she looks grown up and pretty. A far cry from the “Blackout” cover. Britney looks clean and glammed up here, and I think this is the next step in her management’s plan to put the pink-wigged days far behind her. (This part of the) Mission accomplished.

  • Amar

    I like the theme of the cover, the pic? not so much. She looks photoshopped and her hair looks like someone pasted it on in photoshop as well.

    the track titles? very laughable. “Mmm Papi”… are you serious??? it sounds like its gonna be worse than Hot as Ice!

    I’m really interested in hearing “If U See Amy”… who’s amy?

  • debho


  • Me

    Alright, so maybe this is just a rumor, but I heard she used to call the Adnan dude, Papi, and the song named Mmm Papi kinda freaks me out. I really hope she isnt still hooked on him……………..

  • Brooke


  • Lou

    I just read that if you read the song title “If You Seek Amy” out loud, it spells out “F – U – C – K – Me.” As Trent would say: “Brills!!!”.

  • CG

    I think that it looks way over photoshopped. I would have loved to see Brit in a ring leader type outfit instead.

    The song list looks good, I can’t wait for this damned album!! AHHHHHHHH December 2nd is so far away!!!

  • wabbit

    radar doesn’t make much sense–it’s on blackout! great song tho.

  • Jade

    I love Brit Brit and she looks beautiful, but the artwork is kinda boring…especially when you compare it to Pink’s Funhouse album (also a circus theme), which has a way cooler album cover. By the way, Pink’s album is amazing, Jared. You should check it out.

    But other than that, I’m really excited about the upcoming Brit album. December can’t come fast enough for me!

  • It’s starting to grow on my…it really does have that old circus feeling to it, almost dolly partonish…

    Cosmo Guy

  • lizzynet08

    the circus theme is definitely lacking. even the song titles… where’s the circus element? the artwork and the sound for womanizer is very futuristic and robotic, then they put out an old-school-eqsue circus album cover? what’s the point of creating a theme if you’re not goin to stick to it? brit looks great though. nice job photoshoppers.

  • downtown julie brown

    does anyone think brit looks a little bit like aubrey oday in the artwork? they really messed it up.

  • J

    Hate the cover– I felt like she could do so much and I was expecting like a ring-leader thing or something of that sort.

  • Luke

    I hate the cover. ITs horrible.

  • Kendra

    I think the cover is a bit boring, but she looks really soft and pretty..I, too, was hoping for a ringleader type costume for the cover, but whatevs..The album will be sick, fer sherrr!!

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  • betch

    wow… that cover sucks balls, her graphic designer needs to be fired!
    The blackout cover was god awful and this one is worse… it looks like fan art… and not even good… I’m still looking very forward for the album but this is so bland.

  • JarEdina Monsoon

    Photoshop photoshop pho pho photoshop..

  • megan

    there’s SOOO many things she could’ve done for that cover…this was not it

  • Jennifer

    snoozers…..she looks like Jessica Simpson in this photo and she is way prettier than JS.

    I was thinking the Circus title was going to play on a Media Circus type theme which would have worked more with the Womanizer track and video. It’ll be interesting to hear and see what’s out next.

  • tOnnY

    Ok, i think The Pic is Amazing, if this was a “promotional pic” it’d be GREAT, but it’s not good enough to be the cover, especially the cover of her comeback album, neway….
    I LOOOOOOVE the Tracklist, of course they were right with those 4 songs, we ALL knew about Womanizer and Circus, Britney gave an interview talking about Kill the Lights, and Mannequin is the song she was dancing to in that video that was leaked 2 days before the VMAs.
    the rest of the songs WOW, aww “My baby”, OMG “mmm Papi” sounds like a hot ass song, “Lace and Leather” very circus, and IF YOU SEEK AMY oh emm Gee, Brillz, It’s a very clever title, loves it….
    and even though the cover is not so hot, i’m really looking forward to the release of the album
    December can’t come soon enough…..
    Happy halloween y’all

  • Missy

    Radar’s on there, just in case you’re too lazy to take the three seconds to switch CDs.

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  • Nicole

    to me…the blackout cd cover seems more fitting for the cd title then this one. they always seem to slack with the cover art. the cd is called circus… the things they could have done were endless. the pic isnt that flattering either…pretty promo pic but not for the cover. i figured they would have gone future cirus, not old classic circus. cant wait to hear some other songs. i have a feeling ‘shattered glass’ will be a good song. and whats with radar being a bouns? its good..but not that good to be one 2 cds.

  • Roxster

    whats up with the left side of her face? her eye is looking wonky…they messed it up with the photoshopping.

  • nicole

    HAHA! If You Seek Amy! love it..

    what’s the song that she was dancing to when we all thought she would perform at the VMAs??? think it’s mannequin? maybe?

    i really dont like the artwork for the album….

  • the Cover is not like i expected ..BUT i Still Britney’s bigest fan and i support her and go on britney …

  • Dee

    70s porn style. But I like it :o)

  • Lou

    I am confused as to why most people aren’t liking the cover. I thinks it’s great to see Britney looking softer and prettier again. If you think back to a year ago, this cover represents a complete 180.

  • Joanne

    She looks sweet and vulnerable – nothing like Jessica’s porn video cover – I LIKE IT!

  • Riza

    Yayy she’s putting Radar on the album

  • andres

    I hate the cover yesterday, but, today… I like it!

  • She works hard at looking like shit.

  • PixieBassline

    LOL @ the comment above this^^
    I bet Lenny Kravitz’s CIRCUS sounds better.

  • PixieBassline

    she looks like jesssica simpson

  • I love our dear Britters, but she looks like Heidi Montag in this one.

  • 80
  • Brandi

    I think she looks gorgeous, but it looks alot like Carrie underwoods cover, which is called carnival ride…lol. :) Either way, she looks fantastic and it’s a far cry from her three sheets to the wind days…

  • skittlesboui

    I think the cover is hot… she looks dame! good!.

    this cover is representing the real Britney just sweet and simple. She has a great PR Team, its all about the come back and sale’s

  • christine

    i like it. can’t wait for the album.

  • gossip girl