MTV: The Next Generation


In recent weeks, I’ve noticed a few comments here on the blog talking about state of music videos these days and how some folks find the need for videos unnecessary since networks don’t seem to air them on TV anymore. When Music Television launched in August of 1981, it revolutionized the way the world enjoyed music. Radio took a back seat to mini-music movies that were created for each new single released by musicians. MTV got people used to watching and enjoying music visually in a way that had never been done before. Then, in the ’90’s, MTV decided to focus more on original programing on their network letting music videos fall by the wayside (allowing other networks like Fuse to pick up their slack … but even those networks devote a lot of airtime to non-music video related programing). Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find one full-legnth 3 minute music video to watch on MTV at all. As a result, MTV is trying to take back control of the music video market by launching a new website at where their catalog of music videos can be watched online at any time:

The cable music channel, which debuted in 1981 with round-the-clock music videos but now primarily focuses on reality programming, has archived its video collection on a new Web site, “For all of you haters out there griping about how MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore, here’s something to calm the waters,” according to a Tuesday blog post from MTV. “ offers up a more in-depth library, including over 16,000 videos, “Unplugged” performances and exclusive MTV concert footage.” MTV promised to add more videos daily. It currently filters videos by most viewed, top rated and vintage videos (David Bowie, New Order, Duran Duran …). Users can also search by artist or song name. As of Wednesday afternoon, the “most viewed” videos on the site were Britney Spears’ “Womanizer,” Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing,” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Insert Rickrolling joke here.

While I would argue that NOTHING will ever be able to replace the amazingness of watching music videos on a TV network 24 hours a day, I think that this is prolly the next best thing. Once upon a time Polaroid cameras were all the rage … and now, digital photography has basically killed the instant film medium. It’s not better, necessarily, it’s just newer and more technologically advanced. The same thing happened to MTV … the public’s need (mind included) for shows like The Hills have forced the network to air that sort of programing instead of the music videos that made the network thrive. I’d argue that you can’t even call MTV “music television” anymore. But, again, this new site is prolly the best way to handle the problem. You Tube, as amazing as it is, is notoriously unreliable because unauthorized videos get taken down all the time. This new MTV site should offer all the videos we’d want to watch without the worry that they will be taken down. This is all very new so who knows if people will even care. I know that I, for one, like the idea of an online library of all the music videos in existence. Is this new site that? We’ll see. But, in the meantime, I’m gonna try and see if I can find any music videos on my actual TV to watch before they are all gone for good.

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  • Alissa

    Thanks for the article. It’s interesting to see that MTV is launching an online library for music videos. However, I have gone to the and all the videos I have tried to view are restricted to US internet users only. Which means I won’t bother coming to this website at all again…

  • natalia

    I agree completely. Its sad MTV is now nutin but reality TV. even VH1 shows just stupid reality shows rather than music videos. Gettin on to internet to watch videos is not new but it would be better to have them on TV

  • Nik

    I, for one, think this will be amazing if it’s done well. I know there are sites like etc but when I was young, I spent HOURS watching MTV…….. and now it def. is NOT Music Television. Yeah I loved The Real World and Road Rules but I miss the days of the original MTV. Thanks for the heads up………….. going to the site now.

  • LOVECarrie

    Right on…the only channel that actually airs music videos for a majority of their programming block is actually GAC. (Granted, it’s country, but hey, it’s videos…)

  • Katie

    Pitchfork has been doing this for a while. It just shows how behind the curve MTV is. People that really appreciate music have moved on.

  • I love it I love it I love it!!! My workday is officially gone…

  • Irma

    Thanks Trent!!

  • PITNBer

    I checked out the site’s “most viewed” and already all of them listed are much better than what’s flooding the airwaves these days.Put talent over image back in the spotlight. Good job MTV! Wow.

  • Duckie

    They really need to put the M back in MTV… and not for US residents only :/

  • Finally someone in the industry is doing something progressive and logical! I can only hope they make this available outside the US soon.

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  • ab

    it’s a great idea but I’d still rather watch music videos on tv! I spend all day at work sitting in front of the computer – in a shared office environment so I can’t exactly turn up my volume and rock out at my desk. I try to get away from it on the weekends; it would be nice to have a real music video channel on tv again.

  • DA

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Now I’m NEVER gonna get my work done! LOL! Seriously -Thanks TRENT!!!!!

  • Tammy

    Thank you Trent for sharing the news!

    MTV…… you’re kinda late…. We already have this & it’s called

    This website doesn’t do justice for the videos & the music! Thin sound quality & low resolution video? Come on MTV!

  • Tammy

    LOL…. at least they have Y Kant Tori Read’s “The Big Picture”

  • WHICH is an awesome video, BTW :)