Jason Statham Knows How To ‘Transport’ The Hotness


Good news, y’all … action man Jason Statham is back again in the third installment of The Transporter franchise. After achieving marginal success with The Transporter and The Transporter 2, Jason is back in movie theaters next month in, you guessed it, The Transporter 3. It should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of the man and (some of) his movies (Death Race notwithstanding, yeesh!) largely because his flicks tend to offer amazing action scenes … oh and there’s the other matter of the man’s insane hotness. Here is a still from the upcoming movie Transporter 3 where Jason is doing what he does best … lookin’ good:

While it can be argued that Jason’s Transporter character Frank Martin is the hottest and best dressed dude who can kick your ass with both hands tied behind his back, I think there is something to be said for when Jason’s character isn’t dressed on screen at all. The Transporter films take great pains to make sure that Frank Martin is dressed to the nines, lookin’ sharp as hell (even after a sweaty fight) at pretty much all times … but they also take the time to insert some gratuitous half-nekkidness as well to give the audience a bit more excitement. Trust me, I’m a fan. I am really lookin’ forward to seeing this movie when it opens on November 26 not only for the less-dressed portions of the film but also because these movies are really very fun popcorn movies. The action, while ridiculous, is always fun to watch and even tho it’s TOTALLY unbelievable it’s always a good time.


  • Jason rocks and I can’t wait to see the new Transporter movie. Especially if there is some semi nekkid action going on.

  • Ingrid

    Jason needs to appear shirtless more. He is one of the few that could replace Matthew as the #1 shirtless hottie (in my book at least).

  • JarEdina Monsoon

    HOT HOT HOT..David B, move the F over. Jason is WAY hotter!

  • tracey

    He just needs to burn everything in his closet obviously.

  • Robyn

    Mr. Statham is what “I” would call my Perfect Man!!! You could say HIS Look, is the look, I look for. Love the bald head! Love the accent!
    If it wasn’t for the Transporter Movies I don’t know if I would have discovered this hottie! I will (and have) watch what ever he is in. Ohhh Laaaa Laaaaa!

  • Mandy

    Tracey :p
    I dunno about you, but that photo makes me wanna rake my fingers along those abs! ROCK HARD!

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  • Shootingstar

    His body is ill.

    He has the rare privilige of being the only bald, young sex symbol in Hollywood. Oops! Forgot Bruce Willis.

  • Jacinta

    I totally love him! I wished he did the hitman movie. He would have made it worth watching. Sigh!

  • Tina | Tk

    Oh. I can’t wait to watch the movie. :D

  • Theresa

    Ohhh lordy that is one HAWT man!!!
    I am gonna have sweet dreams tonight :-)

  • Lisa

    Daammnn! He is super HOT!

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • We found some more photos of hot Jason Statham in his undies from Transporter 3.


  • J Laine

    Seems like everyone’s ignoring the gay transporter in the room. Jason Statham said in interviews before Transporter 2 that his character is clearly gay. He said it was hinted at in the first film, & that he portrayed him as gay, as the director & script called for, in the second.

    Just as big as Jason’s hotness is the fact that there’s a gay action hero on the big screen these days — if only the audience catches on. Let’s see how explicit his gayness is in the new film.

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  • Monica

    he is not gay! i dont believe that…and dont want to. while its great for the guys, what about us girls?