Haylie Duff & Nick Zano Move In Together


Haylie Duff, elder sister of the more famouser Hilary Duff, has decided to shack up with her boyfriend of the past year or so Nick Zano. Haylie and Nick got back together after he left her for Kristin Cavallari only to get back with her late last/early this year. In any event, things appear to be going well for HayNo as they have decided to take the next step and “live in sin” together, as they say:

Shoot … Nick Zano is a major hottie, I don’t blame Haylie for wanting to shack up with him. It looks like these two were really meant to be together since Nick ended up coming back to Haylie after being involved with Kristin Cavallari (who foolishly got a Z tattooed on her wrist when they were going out). I suppose congrats are in order for HayNo … may they live together happily ever after. But if not, may the paps be on hand to photograph the move-out day ;)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    And we care why? Hillary, Yes, Tell me all…Haylie…BLAH!!!

  • sara

    Zano is beautifulllllll <3

  • Kammie

    What exactly is Haylie famous for? Other than her sister I mean.

  • Megan

    i forgot they were together. hmm. they make a cute couple. He must of done some major graveling if she got back with him after he left her kristen.

  • Kim1206

    who the hell are these people?

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  • Aidan

    They’re both fug.

  • justyne

    omg how fugly is haylie? why any man would want to stand within ten feet of her, let alone move in with her, absolutely eludes me. and zano ain’t no prize either. . ugh!

  • Presley

    Didn’t he move in with Kristin too?? Swell guy huh…

  • christine

    presley i was thinking the same thing! does he move in with all his GF’s??

  • Panti Christ

    I thought she was great casted in Napoleon Dynamite.

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  • raiderjay

    We need to put Haylie’s tits on Hilary’s body!!!

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