Harlow Winter Goes Pumpkin Picking


Little darling Harlow Winter took her parents pumpkin picking yesterday so that she could being preparations for her first Halloween celebration. Because the pumpkins she was most interested in weighed more than she does, daddy Joel Madden had to tag along to do all the heavy lifting. Mama Nicole Richie was brought along as well to do the Harlow carrying:

Clearly, little Miss Harlow had no interest in following the Hollywood trend of celeb kids procuring their Halloween pumpkins from Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills, CA and decided to have her folks take her to a less trendy pumpkin picking location. You can already tell that she’s teeming with that indie spirit that her father has. I’m not sure if we’re going to be privy to Harlow’s first Halloween costume but whatever she may dress-up as, I’m sure it’ll be absolutely adorable.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Awww, Harlow and her parents are just too adorable! :D I personally would just LOVE to see Harlow dressed up as a pumpkin… :)

  • coco

    Is Nicole going bald? Look at her hair line? I agree, its an ADORABLE family, but eek! Hair! Help it!

  • Ibby

    Precious, precious baby girl!

  • christine

    she is adorable!!

  • cheryl

    Oh those chubby little cheeks! What a sweet baby.

  • It is great to see them all together. Wishing them nothing but the best

  • Katelyne

    aww that baby is just too cute! i think she should be a cute little strawberry, like the ones on her dress! she looks just like her dad

  • sara

    look at those cheeks!!! sooo cute

  • shell

    she’s the cutest!

  • Megan

    Looks like Nicole is going as Harry Potter this year!

  • JR

    I love this little family…Harlow is the cutest! Just precious.

  • Lizzy B

    Does it look like Nicole might be pregs again???

  • Laynie

    harlow is adorable
    but you can hardly call joel ‘indie’ lmfao.
    he also needs to ditch the beard situation

  • T

    there is absolutely nothing indie about Joel Madden ahahahahahahahahaha