Shenae Grimes Does ‘Saturday Night’ Magazine


90210 star Shenae Grimes is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Saturday Night magazine. Heralded as the “new Brenda“, Shenae stands alone on a magazine cover of her very own … behold:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.” A famous quote that serves not only as the pilot episode title of the
new series 90210 but also echoes the show’s overarching theme of the Wilson family’s move from Wichita to Beverly Hills and the coming-of-age life lessons experienced by the kids of West Beverly High School. She may not be from the Midwest but Canadian actress Shenae Grimes can certainly relate to the sentiment. After being cast as 90210’s central character Annie Wilson, Grimes has been strapped into the Hollywood rollercoaster of fickle fans, critics, parties, red carpets, press and paparazzi, a ride that would put a strain on any fresh-faced 18-year-old. On a day off from her grueling shooting schedule, Grimes joined us at the beautiful Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive (yes, it’s in 90210) to give us an insight into what it’s like to be on one of the most-talked about shows on television.

And so begins the career of a Hollywood “It” Girl. Much like Shannen Doherty before her, Shenae seems to have been plucked from obscurity (even tho both actresses were working on other shows before they hit it big on 90210) and the media seems keen on bestowing the tiara and sash of Brenda Walshness upon young Miss Grimes. After the jump, check out a few photos from her Saturday Night magazine photospread …

Generally, I like the pics but a couple of them are a bit overdone, I think. She’s a cutie and she deffo has the look to have a career in Hollywood … depending on how big 90210 gets, she might be in for the long haul. Or, you know, the show may end prematurely and she made fade into nothingness. It sounds like she is really enjoying the ride while she can … which is very smart. Click HERE to read Shenae’s Saturday Night interview in full. Will she really become the new Brenda? It may take a few seasons to find out … hopefully the show will live long enough to let us find out.


  • Sassy K

    Yeah, in a few of those she looks like she’s 40. A little too much.

  • courtney

    holy, photo shopped much?
    I used to like her on Degrassi, but she bugs the hell out of me on 90210

  • Max

    I love her! She’s awesome

  • Jen

    I loved her on Degrassi, and i still love her on 90210! She is gorgeous, and it freaks me out how much her and her tv mom (lori laughlin) look alike!!! :)

  • Kim

    aaah i love annie!

  • Andy

    Darcy all the way!, so much better that Andy!!! She was still on Degrassi until last weeks episode!

    Degrassi Forever!

  • I loveeee Degrassi

  • Mike

    baaah. i hate the new season of degrassi so far. i miss all the older cast members :'(

  • Laynie

    degrassi’s actually a huge show in canada

  • WhosDat

    she will never be the new brenda!

    and she definitely won’t get the old luke:–90210-has-no-luck-with-luke

  • camille

    I didn’t even recognize her!
    but she does look gorgeous.

  • WOW….


  • Samantha

    In a couple of the pictures she looks like a young Connie Britton, from Friday Night Lights.

  • justyne

    she’s cute, not gorgeous, which fits the role of annie well, i think. girl is so THIN tho! anyone else think she needs to gain a few pounds/curves? silver as well. new skeletwins?

    and naomi looks like a bulldog, ew. she also looks nowhere near 15 going on not so sweet sixteen. more like 10 years older.

    and what is up with the name dixon wilson? ridiculous!

  • Karina

    I finally started to like her character on Degrassi… kinda sucks.

  • Meg

    I prefer the original Degrassi – 80’s style.
    But, as a fellow Canuck, I’m mighty happy for her.

  • nY

    im sorry but she just rubs me the wrong way. i dont think that she can act at all.