Mariah Carey Releases A New Music Video & Movie Trailer


Mariah Carey has been bizzy in the last few weeks and months, y’all. Most recently, Mimi made her way to Las Vegas, NV to shoot a new music video for her latest single I Stay In Love. First up, check out the cover artwork for Mimi’s new single:

The video for this track does not premiere until next week but here are a few teaser screencaps from the vid:

Woot! Mimi always tends to get really hawt guys to co-star in her music videos … she makes looking forward to her music videos a great pleasure … and how!

But music isn’t the only enterprise that has been keepin’ Mariah Carey bizzy these days. Having wrapped production on her new movie Tennessee, she has been doing some promo work for the film in recent weeks leading up to the release of the film’s preview trailer. After the jump, check it out …

OOOH … looks gritty and really indie. I dunno tho, I see shades of Glitter in this trailer. ‘Course, not the sparkly, happy, cheesy shades of Glitter but must Mimi always play a waitress struggling to succeed in the music biz? Can’t she be a maid sometimes … or a nurse or something? Still, I am reserving total judgment on her acting performance in Tennessee until I see it for myself — the movie hits theaters on December 19. Does this trailer inspire any of y’all to want to see this film?

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  • why does mariah always act the same? so lame. that waitress wouldve required a lot more energy and enthusiasm to pour into the lines. she sounds like a debbie downer.

  • Cherron

    oddly enough.. that actually looks like a decent movie.
    & i can’t stand mariah carey.

  • Nikki

    apprently the movies suppose to be pretty decent, i’ll probably check it out.
    heres a 30 second clip of “I Stay in Love”

  • Ryan

    Does anyone still listen to this bimbo?

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  • Jadded

    Did she learn nothing from glitter

  • troyS

    She should’ve released “I’m That Chick” as a single the week her album dropped, if ya ask me.

  • Lauren

    I LOVE her music, but the movie? Meh. I’ll wait for it on DVD, if that…

  • Pheefs

    I don’t like the Cover-Art for the single…

    What the eff is she going for there???
    Hot car & got dressed in the dark?

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  • gossip girl

    her new music video reminds me of jessica simpson’s video for take my breath away and the art work for the single is sooo daisy dukes

  • Paz

    just a thought — why cover work for a single?
    Do people buy singles anymore?

  • La Princesa

    Snooze…..i’ll wait to borrow it from someone who rented/bought it.
    Mariah needs to grow up!

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