Miley Cyrus Talks Publicly About Justin Gaston


Miley Cyrus was an on-air guest this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on KIIS FM here in SoCal and, for the first time, went on the record about her relationship with hottie underwear model Justin Gaston. Altho, the 15-year old poplet tried to play it coy about any romantic relationship she might be enjoying with the 20-year old model, she did offer some telling comments about what the man means to her:

“Maybe, maybe not,” she said Thursday on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show when asked if they are dating. “Right now, everything is, like, really good. I haven’t really been answering the question much just because we’re just really happy with everything and the way everything has worked out.” She added, “He’s been a really great friend, more than anything.” Cyrus – who turns 16 on Nov. 23 – said she was miffed that “everyone started judging us as soon as we started hanging out.” “After my last two years, there’s been a lot of things that happened, so I’ve learned just not to judge anyone and go into our friendship with an open mind and not really worry about the age or anything,” she continued. “Our families are like, ‘Whatever happens, happens,'” she said. “If he’s nothing but a really good friend, that’s awesome. More than anything, he’s really helped me move on from a lot of things,” she told Seacrest. “He’s a really great Christian guy. He’s gone through stuff, and I’ve gone through stuff, and everyone goes through that. I think it’s really awesome that we have that in common — that we can talk about it and that we can understand [each other] … he gets it.” She then added: “I’m totally gushing right now!” She said her parents like him too, adding that the former Nashville Star contestant “works with my dad, so my dad thinks he’s cool.” Seacrest told Cyrus that Gaston is just too good looking. “That’s what would be hard about dating him!” she replied. “It’s like, if anything ever happened [a break-up], who you are gonna go to after that?”

While there may have been some “judging” going on as soon as Miley started “hanging out” with Justin, I think it was more of a matter of people being surprised that her parents would let a 15-year old girl “hang out” with a 20-year old man — in any capacity. In light of the big stink the Cyrus parents caused after the Vanity Fair debacle earlier this year, I, for one, was really surprised to see them be so nonchalant about the age disparity between their daughter and this older man. I’m not sure that the “whatever happens, happens” mentality is a very good one for families to implement when it comes to underage girls “hanging out” with adult men. But, that’s just my opinion … clearly these people must know what they are doing. I do give Miss Miley credit for being honest and talking somewhat openly about the situation. If y’all are interested, you can click HERE to hear Miley’s interview with Ryan Seacrest in full online. BTW, I’m not sure what is going on with Miley’s voice in this interview but doesn’t she sound like she smoked about 4 packs of cigs right before she called in? Husky!

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  • Yivchan

    errr I’m NOt relii a fan of miley…just wanted to say hi to trent!!! Hi trent!! i love your blog..its like the only one i read! best of luck to you! and..ummm are u watching Heroes anymore? I loved!! your recaps on the episodes. Just curious! thanks for providing me with good distractions hehe

  • Mike


  • Amy

    My parents freaked out when I was 14 and I had a 16 year old boyfriend who was ONE grade ahead of me. I can’t imagine any parent allowing their 15 year old daughter to date a 20 year old. I was seriously in the 10th grade when I was 15 and was a SENIOR in college when I was 20. That is a HUGE difference when you are that young! It’s not like she’s 30 and he’s 35. Ick.

  • Nicola

    I feel like making a crack about her already masculine voice breaking, but eh. Oh look I sorta did. *snore*

  • M3

    I freaked out when my 15y.o. daughter wanted to date a 17yo so no way in hell would I be cool with her “hanging out” with a 20y.o. guy. I agree with Trent. After the Vanity Fair debacle, you’d think they’d be a little more concerned with her image and how she’s perceived. Whatever brings in the paycheck, I guess.

  • christine


  • Kendra

    Dude..I was thinking the SAME thing about her smoker’s voice! I would think we would have gotten word if she was a puffer, so I think it was probably just groggy morning voice..Personally, I can’t stand the girl..I listened to part of the interview and she came off kind of bitchy to Ryan Seacrest..I guess since she’s hanging out with older guys she feels like she can talk down to others..She should have been a bit more respectful..Ahh well..She’s just a product of her environment..You can’t blame her too much, eh?

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  • J Leigh

    i admit, i do really like miley. i dont think shes a bad person or anything BUT.. im 20 myself and have a 15 year old sister and i think id be pretty damn upset if i knew she was dating someone my age. i think mileys a smart girl but i dont really like where this relationship is going..

  • tOnnY

    I Love Miley…Not really lol
    But i do think she’s cute, i mean she’s just 15, let her be, i was just like her (minus the million$$$) when i was her age, i’m still the same though i’m 17 now, i probably have changed somewhat… but anyway i think she’s just trying to have fun, 20 yo isn’t THAT old, i mean he’s alright, i’ve dated wayyyyyy older people, so who cares…let her be, as long as she doesn’t get pregnant who cares about what she does….

  • Jo

    I agree that it’s a pretty concerning agre disparity. However, it seems that celebrities – especially young ones – live by different rules than we all did growing up. I mean, my mom also would not have let me give up a normal life and school to star in a television show at age 13. So there are a lot of decisions I do not personally disagree with. But it seems like young celebs move at a lightening speed pace…we almost seem unfazed by the fact that all of these female celebs are married and/or have babies from ages 20-26!

  • D.

    she is just SOOO well spoken. *rolls eyes*. Team Selena here.

  • TIFF

    team miley!!! selena sucks butt

  • carol

    miley haters can suck ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • kizzy

    team miley

  • rashida

    miley all the way

  • lizzy

    when i was her age i dated someone 6 years older than me. i lied to my parents about the age difference. i definitely regret it, but that could be because the guy was an awful person. therefore, i can’t judge little miley about this. BUT i do think it’s strange that her parents and disney are allowing this after they freaked out about the vanity fair scandal.

  • Alyssa

    Hey Trent,

    My cousin works back door security for a concert venue in Texas (shall remain unnamed, natch), and he said he saw Miley standing outside smoking before the concert started. NOT surprised. My cousin was asking Miley’s security guys questions about her and they couldn’t answer/were being vague, but he definitely saw her smoking.

    Btw, her comment “Our families are like, ‘Whatever happens, happens,’” she said.

    yeah, THAT’S HOW KIDS GET PREGNANT. Way to be a parent, Billy Ray. Your achy breaky heart will break when she’s Bristol Palin’s baby shower buddy.

  • Kate

    Ok, so maybe I don’t understand because in my country it’s not shocking that age different (I mean…I have a friend who’s 16, and has a 21 year old boyfriend and we dont find it weird…) but I think you’re kinda making it such a big deal! Ok, the guy isn’t exactly the boy I’d like to a daughter, but you’ve been saying “he’s 20, she’s 15, OMG so horrible it makes me puke!” and I really dont get it…

  • Joanne

    Kate – that’s the problem! … when you in that age group, you don’t see it as a problem. A horrible thing happens when you get older … you realise your parent’s were RIGHT!

  • Joanne


  • Joanne

    Miley’s parent on the other hand – are wrong. How many times have we heard teen stars described as “wise beyond their years” – by their parents, the media, agents … only to have their lives turn into train wrecks? Having millions in the bank and your own mansion at 15, does not give you the emotional intelligence of someone older. A 15 year old brain is a 15 year old brain! No matter how rich or famous it is …

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  • Diana

    I was 14 and my BF 21, There isn’t really much wrong about that, I am a Christian, and so was my BF, I am practically 20 now,and we are still friends we dated for like 3 years, I didn’t get pregnant , It is easier to date older boys because girls mature faster than boys, in a way, but they are also much more original,and kids your age, are really inmature and stupid.examples Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas, youmay think they are mature,but not really they are just arrogant jerks

  • erin

    agreed. seems odd that her parents are publicly embracing something that may manifest into statutory rape.

  • Nancy

    when i was 15 i had a 21 y/o boyfriend and he was great. My parents weren’t ok with it at first but soon they liked him. We never had sex but he was the sweetest guy ever, he’d pick me we’d go to the park, movies, skating… We ended up breaking up b/c i didnt want a serious b/f and he wanted a serious g/f, i regret it now b/c he is/was everything that i am now at 23 looking for. If you really think about it, these days 15,16,17, 18 y.o boys are the same if not worse then guys 20, 21, 22 …. in HS most boys only have SEX on the brain and the last thing they want are serious GF’s… so hey if she likes him and he likes her and her parents approve then go Miley and Justin… when shes 17 and hes 22 it wont seem so weird… but why should they have to wait to be together…

  • claymonkey

    I think Miley is a loathesome role model and her parents are white trash with $. My little six year old emulates that stupid character. It scares me that she will watch this girl, who, let’s face it, skipped right over her puberty into what she percieves to be “womanhood.” And about the smoking, I started when I was eighteen, smoked for eight years, then pulled my head out of my ass and will always feel foolish for it. Worst drug ever, it trashed my lungs for years and youy don’t even get high…but I digress. Hollywood is ultimately to blame, Disney too. Don’t you dare think for yourself! They’ve got it all worked out for you.

  • Christina

    “Whatever happens, happens…?” Yeah, like teen pregnancy…

  • virginia

    if i was miley i would date him because he is rich but the problem is that he is a underware model but miley can do what she wants to its her choose to date guys or not

  • virginia

    i hope she does not end up pregnet