Lindsay Lohan Gets AXED From ‘Ugly Betty’


E! News is reporting a breaking story concerning Lindsay Lohan this AM. According to E!, Linds has been somewhat unceremoniously fired from the ABC series Ugly Betty. You may recall that Linds signed on to appear on the show in a cameo role last season and has since re-signed with the show to develop her guest starring role into a more featured character this season. It is now being reported that Lindsay is unwilling to actually develop her Kimmie character into one palatable for the series and, as a result, has been axed from the show. She’s dunzo, y’all:

It’s true. Sources close to ABC’s Ugly Betty confirm to me that Lindsay Lohan has been cut from the show. “They don’t plan to have her back for more episodes,” says a high-level insider. “And they are cutting her out of the episodes they have already shot.” According to my sources, the main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

LOL. I love that the criticism of Lindsay’s performance on the show is that she is reportedly “more interested in just playing herself”. To be totally honest, I can absolutely believe this contention. I can also see how a parting of the ways might be better on both ends. I thought it was awesome that Lindsay was doing her guest role on the show last season but I was a bit surprised to learn that she would not only be reprising her role this season but would be appearing in a more featured capacity on the series. I just never pegged Linds as a TV person at this point in her career … not yet, anyways. It kinda sounds like it was fun for a while and then the job got in the way of more funner stuff. And really, the total elimination of her character from the show won’t adversely impact a thing. While it was cute to see L. Lo on the show, her Kimmie character had yet to really add to the series. Ah well … c’est la vie. I doubt either Lindsay or ABC will lose much sleep over this axing.

UPDATE: Pink reader Brooke gave me the head’s up that Page Six is reporting that Lindsay’s firing from the show had more to do with unruly behavior rather than E!‘s report of disinterest in developing the character:

IT got so ugly on the set of “Ugly Betty” between Lindsay Lohan and the popular ABC show’s star, America Ferrera, that Lohan was cut from an agreed-upon six episodes to four. One production source said, “It was a mess. Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people. She smoked 24/7, and after she left, they had to repaint her dressing room it was such a mess.” In addition, Lohan “would obsessively cut pictures of herself out of the tabloids like she was creating some sort of scrapbook and refused to go on set until America was there – it was a power play.” One episode, titled “Granny Pants,” was about how Lohan, playing Betty’s high school nemesis, would “de-pants” Ferrera. But Ferrera exacts her revenge and pulls down Lohan’s pants instead. “Lindsay wasn’t wearing any underwear,” the source said … The pal blames Ferrera for any issues, saying, “America was mean to Lindsay. Producers give her too much power. Lindsay didn’t do the last two episodes because America didn’t like her and got her kicked off.” Ferrera’s rep would only say, “America is grateful to have had her on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are.” Lohan’s rep said, “Lindsay was scheduled for six episodes and is appearing in four but had a lovely time.”

Honestly, I call bullshizz on the Page Six report. While the more salacious of the two reports, I think the Page Six report is just trying to garner attention in much the same childish manner that was highlighted in their report. The bottom line is that Lindsay is Ugly no more.

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  • Brooke

    There is a story on that paints a very different picture. Claiming a feud between America and Lindsay.

  • Claire

    Wow, I can’t believe this. That’s actually really sad. I mean, she wasn’t willing to create a character?? Uh, she’s an ACTRESS. That’s what she’s PAID to do. This makes me mad because I’ve been really enjoying her blog posts and it’s so awesome to see her so happy with Sam. I’m of the opinion that getting fired is never a good thing… is there any possibility that it’s not true?

  • Kendra has the Lindsey/America angle, too..

  • Nicola

    Honestly, all I saw was Lindsay Lohan/Cady Heron from Mean Girls when I saw the episodes she’s in. Therefore, I can believe either story.

  • Jadded

    This is not gonna look good 4 her isn’t shit like this the reason she’s not getting big roles anymore

  • Bleeding Ears

    Lindsay who?

  • Claire

    Ok, one other thing – on Lindsay’s blogs, she couldn’t stop gushing about what an awesome time she had shooting Ugly Betty – right up until the end. This is from her blog: “2 days left of my shoot on Ugly Betty-I am quite sad to have to leave the wonderful cast and crew behind. it’s always sad to leave people that you get close’s been such a delight to be a part of this show!!-My sister, Aliana is visiting me on set today and i loooove having her around… she makes me smile, just like another certain someone :)
    love you baby xoxo”………..does that sound like someone who was unhappy on set? It’s all really confusing.

  • Jadded

    Claire everyone been saying sam’s been writing her blogs not her

  • Kiki

    Her name on the show was actually Kimmie not hannah

  • Yivchan

    that’s what i thot too…..I kept thinking…who’s hannah? hahahah it doesn’t really surprise me…LL can do whatever she likes…power to the show! It doesn’t need her marc and amanda will do hehhhe

  • Hopefully she’ll never get another job again. I can’t wait for the day when no one talks about her.

  • Ali

    Lindsay will always be “ugly” even if she’s not on the show…

  • I’ve worked with America and i highly doubt she has ever been mean to a single person in her life.

  • is she even relevant anymore??? talk about sabotaging your own career. how patheticcc

  • scot

    “More funner” ?

  • kim

    Trent, if you read the whole E! article here:
    you’ll see that the same things said in the Page 6 report were said there.

  • Posh

    I love America, and I don’t believe that she would ever stoop to that level. I could believe that Lindsay would be a bit unruly, but I don’t really care enough about her to wonder if it’s all true. I used to think she had a really bright future, but her past behavior really turned me off.

  • Soleil

    Lindsay Lohan is the new Tara Reid.

  • Joanne

    I don’t believe ‘the tone’ of this story one bit. Why would they think Lindsay would want to develop a longer term character for the show? I was just a guest spot. I think some people are trying to create DRAMA! I wait for Lindsay Lohan’s version of events, before I believe this!

  • Joanne


  • javajunko

    wow this girl is a looooser, she can’t even keep a tv acting job?