Michael Phelps Hits The Jackpot In Vegas … Again


Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps seems to have an affinity for hanging out in Las Vegas, NV … and why not? He tends to get very lucky whenever he pays a visit to Sin City. You may recall that Phelpsie spent some time in Las Vegas last month ahead of making an appearance at the 2008 MTV VMAs here in LA and managed to make nice with some of the ladies there. This past Monday night, Phelps was back in Vegas, getting his party on at Privé nightclub, and was spied gettin’ lucky with the female persuasion once again:

Michael Phelps ended his weekend of high stakes gambling with a kiss from his beauty pageant girlfriend while partying VIP style at Prive nightclub in Vegas. Dude, you win.

The way I understand it, Phelpsie and some buddies had a very nice night at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino nightclub making sure to set up shop at Privé‘s exclusive Table 69 before heading out to the DJ booth. As you can see from this photo, there was also a bit of spit-swappin’ to be had as well. Hee hee … I may give the boy some grief but, really, he is just having the time of his life — as he should! They don’t call Las Vegas Sin City for nothing … sin away, Phelpsie, just make sure you practice safe sinning. Wrap it up, my man ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Chase

    yuck, he’s so gross.

    : (

  • Kathleen

    You said it, Chase!

  • Diana

    Didn’t he have some sort of girlfriend? If I remember correcty, Trent posted a few weeks ago about Phelpsie and a gf – I guess that didn’t last too long!

  • JarEdina Monsoon

    If he wasn’t a world famous swimmer, no one would care about him on a looks level. He’s got a weird body in my opinion and yes, he’s super toned and trim..but still, not conventionally attractive at all with bad features. All that unhealthy eating will catch up with him too and he’ll age just like the rest of us.

  • cowgirl

    Excuse me while I go throw up a little……

  • LOVECarrie

    lol, yeah, not feelin’ the love either…

  • Kendra

    Diana, that IS his girlfriend..She’s a former Miss California or something like that..

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  • WOW….

    I love how that is not Diana….
    That girl is as caramel or chocolate as they come.
    But, I used to like Phelps…I was just blinded by his gold medals…

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  • Sarah

    Are you sure they’re swapping spit? It could be just a breath check by an eager assistant.

  • elysse

    the reports here is aus is that he is with Stephanie Rice (one of our olympic swimmers)… very suss!

  • marissa

    awwww is it me or do they actually look kinda sweet!!!

  • Lady J

    awww, he deserves every bit of fun and love! :) he worked hard for the money…so hard for it hunny!

  • las

    People give the guy a break – I’m sure all of you are supermodels in the looks department.

    Party on Michael!

  • FK

    I love the “If he wasn’t a famous swimmer, no one would care about him on the looks level.” Duh! Sometimes people’s achievements matter more than what they look like. He’s kinda cute AND he won 8 Gold Olympic medals! I mean… that’s attractive. Aren’t you curious about the personality of someone who was able to achieve that? Some of it is just lucky talent, but there’s obviously a lot more involved. I agree, party on.

  • Caren

    Is that Mya from Heroes??

  • Star


  • deedee

    he’s such a drunken slut now. SAD.

  • David Repka

    My name is David Repka, and like every other viewer of the 29th Olympiad I sat in amazement at the extraordinary accomplishments of Michael Phelps. As the dramatic and intrigue of Michael’s Quest for Gold unfolded I began to write a song entitled “Michael’s Quest for Gold,” which can be found on cdbaby.com.
    Thank you for the memories Michael.