First Look: MTV’s ‘The City’


MTV debuted the first footage in a new trailer of sorts for their new Hills spin-off reality TV series The City. Set to debut early next year, The City moves the Hills-like drama from SoCal to the fabulous streets of NYC. Here are a few screencaps from the new footage:

We have been watching some of the filming of The City happen right before our eyes in still photos but it’s another thing to see it all packaged together with that slick Laguna Beach: The Real OC and The Hills manner. These sceencaps DO NOT do the trailer justice. After the jump, watch the first video footage from The City

OMG … do you love it? Will it work? Is it set to become the new Hills or do y’all think it’ll fall flat? Do tell!


  • I think it will be a hit and even in the preview you know that the backstabbing girl is gonna be Olivia. I think it will be just as successful as The Hills

  • pdazzle

    that first pic doesnt look like whitney. it that olivia?

  • Kristen

    I love that we’re finally getting the chance to see a real side of Whitney! I will definitely be tuning in for the premiere. But, just a side note…I think that the first picture in your collage is actually of Olivia, not Whitney. No?

  • Olivia

    i think it looks cool, but it’s a little weird, that whitney used to be in the background and now shes the one with all the drama.. (:

  • Yoka

    That top picture is definitely Olivia, you can tell by what she’s wearing

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Did anyone else see Whitney on Entourage this past Sunday? It was brief but she was on there!!

  • sarah

    top pic is def. olivia

  • WHOOPS! My total bad, I fixed the pic … and yes, Olivia looks EVIL :)

  • maddie

    Yes–I was just about to write that Whitney was on Entourage!! I thought it was so random but of course awesome.

  • Zasper

    Yay i’m excited!! Loves me some Whitney and all 500 faces she makes!!

  • Erin

    Was that Heidi’s sister Holly? With the burnette hair? Cause it looks like her.

  • kristina

    i personally think that whitney is retarded…if you ever hear her TRY to give advice or anything of that sort shes like “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” shes an idiot… good luck with all the new yorkers whitney..

  • Liz

    Anyone else think Olivia resembles Heidi with dark hair?

  • Angela

    what is the theme song of the City? I couldn’t tell from the trailer

  • FK

    As a New Yorker, this looks Ick. Although, I don’t watch The Hills either, so….

  • Courtney

    I will watch this. I would rather see New York then LA, and now NO LAUREN! YAY! I am so happy to see Whitney have a life outside of work finally! And I am going to LOVE her friend, the “invisible tattoo” one. I think she and I got drunk and got those tats together. LOL!

  • Robert

    OMG…FINALLY…a show that shows the best New York has to offer….spectacular views, first-class bitches, and the confusion that is new york dating!

  • Phil

    THIS LOOKS AMAZZING haha, im really looking foward to The City. . it feels fresh , but familiar.

  • Nicole

    I thought she was dating Ben Lyons? Oh well, I don’t really care.

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  • camille

    Olivia IS another version of Heidi–I sensed it from the beginning!

    i actually think the Hills is stupid….
    but Whitney was my fave

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  • mimi

    i love these trash-tastic shows!!

    anyway, it looks fab. i love whitney, girl has class. her brunette friend with the bands looks cute, olivia looks EVIL, yay that there’s another australian cute boy on there (they must do well over there in the states!). cant wait to watch it.

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  • GossipGirlFan

    I hate the Hills but I think I would watch this. Whitney has 10x the class Lauren does and the scenes of NYC are spectacular. Guys are super hot too.

  • Sarah

    “its like i have an invisible tattoo on my forehead that says ‘make out with me!’ and only guys who live on futons can read it”… ummmm, classic! right there.

  • valski

    Olivia’s voice reminds me of Heidi for a second as a watched the preview.
    Damn Whitney! Major making outage! That guys hottt. And the accent makes him even hottessttt.

  • tom

    i think this will work

    love whitney

    someone tell us what the theme song is.

    They should so bring Kristin from Laguna Beach on this show, will be a sure fire hit hit hit

    plus Talan, do some cameos:) please – we love him

  • Courtney is the new Blair

    ahh!! what is the song used in the trailer? It’s stuck in my head

  • Kate

    first of all the top pic is so NOT olivia it def whitney. and this show is sweet but its kinda gay because there so acting!! DUH

  • Kate

    uhmm.. whats the theme song?? its flippin sweet.. and if you play the video you can see that the top pic is whitny and NOT Olivia.. and i hate jay hes ugly but i like alex