Beyoncé Channels Her Inner Etta James


Beyoncé is featured on the cover of the new issue of In Style magazine and in her coverstory interview she talks about how much fun she had gaining the almost 15lbs. to play the role of soul singer Etta James in her upcoming film Cadillac Records:

Beyoncé reclaimed her bootylicious curves (and then some!) to play soul singer Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records. “I gained almost 15 pounds to play the role,” Beyoncé, 27, says in the November issue of In Style. “It was way easier – and tastier – than having to lose so much weight for Dreamgirls.” Her legendary role didn’t only affect her figure, but it also rubbed off on her music. “Lyrically, it’s deeper than what I’ve done before,” the singer, who recently debuted two singles, says of her album due Nov. 18. “I wasn’t mature enough or old enough, or in touch with myself enough, to do this type of album before. I didn’t have the guts.”

Well, she appears to have the guts now … of course, we’ve yet to hear any of her new Etta-like singing but by pure looks alone, she really nailed the part:

I gotta say that Beyoncé really does look amazing as Etta … stunning, actually. I really hope she is able to do the woman justice in her portrayal in Cadillac Records because I believe that Etta James is a music legend who should be honored for her contributions to soul and jazz music. I am really looking forward to seeing this film, I sincerely hope that Beyoncé does Ms. Etta right.


  • I’m disappointed.

    I haven’t seen ANY pictures of Etta James where she was THAT thin.

    Yes Beyonce does look “stunning” but she doesn’t quite look like Etta James.

  • Aud

    I’m not holding my breath on Beyonce doing Etta justice. Beyonce is a singer through and through…not an actress……

  • Chloe

    This is gonna suck ass…. If Beyonce was serious at all about an acting career, she’d find a role where she didn’t sing & dance. But I guess it’d be be a little easier to tell she’s a shit actress. Don’t quit the day job B

  • kittycatastrophe

    She’s too thin to pass for Etta James and she can’t act her way out of a ripped, wet paper bag. When I heard she was chosen I thought, “gimmick box office pick”.

    • Ice

      Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free online airclte.

  • Elle

    Ok 1) Etta James was NEVER that thin
    2) I do recall the exact moment when I started to dislike Beyonce. It was when she was doing an interview (I’ll find it!) when they were asking her about her feelings that Jennifer Hudson recieved an Oscar for Dreamgirls. Her remark was “quite frankly I couldn’t gain all the weight required to play that role”. and NOW she is changing her tune. oooooooo I can’t STAND her!

  • Elle

    Ok I found it! Here is the link to her backhanded comment where she said “I wish I could have gained the 15 pounds to play Effie”

    That was PRETTY stank Beyonce and now all of a sudden you have no qualms about eating an extra tasty cake to be Etta James?! A message to you my fellow “sista” you are ONE donut away from being Tina Knowles, mark my words!

  • Nikki

    the girl can but out some good songs but as an actress…she aint that great.
    and elle i couldnt believe it when i first read the comments about hudson. was she bitter much? i really dont like her as a person..her mind is just all over the place…and her attitude towards things is always changing

  • Nadine

    Beyonce can’t act. period.

  • reoh

    I agree. Even the L’Oreal commercials are painful and those are what- 2? 3 lines? poor thing.

  • Misa

    I’m sorry…
    There is and will only ever be one Miss Peaches – Etta James!
    Beyonce is out of her league.

  • Gumby

    I am looking forward to seeing Beyonce play Etta. I agree that she doesn’t have the same figure as Etta but she did try:,0,1942224.story