Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia Still Goin’ Strong


It has been quite some time since we last saw couple Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia out and about in public which led some folks to believe they might have called it quits. A couple of weeks ago, Hayden surfaced with a box full of cupcakes and I wondered aloud if she might’ve been picking up the goodies to share with her man (he was nowhere in sight). It was actually back in early August that the pair were last seen together here on the blog when they were snapped filming scenes for the new season of their hit NBC show Heroes here in SoCal. But finally, HaLo has surfaced once again … and altho there ain’t all that much amorousness goin’ on in these new pics of the couple snapped in Hollywood, CA this weekend, the fact that they are out together looks pretty good to me:

I am happy to see that HaLo are still happily attached … I, too, was starting to get worried that there may have been something amiss in their romance. You may recall that the couple were spotted all over town together back when they were keeping their relationship a secret … then the sightings tapered off and stopped completely after they came clean about the romanticness of their involvement earlier this year. In any event, I’m glad to see these two out and about in public again. With all the break-ups going on in Hollywood these days, I’m not sure my frail heart could take another case of dunzoness.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is crazy hot!!!

  • tessa

    aahhh milo, how i love thee!!! seriously, that boy is HOT!

  • LOVECarrie

    OK, so, how come no one’s batting an eye that he’s dating a teenager? ‘Cause she’s 18? Still is weird…imo.

  • sek

    As much as I love seeing them together, I’m glad that Milo and Hayden are trying to keep their relationship as private as possible and not have every little detail available for public consumption via blogs or tabs. It’s much healthier and better in the long run for their relationship. I’m a big fan of both and just want them to be happy =)

  • kittycatastrophe

    @LOVECarrie :

    I’ll bat an eye at their relationship just to be fair. I feel that Miley’s man is more opportunistic than anything, whereas Milo has come off as creepy but cute for years. There seems to be a dirty old man lurking underneath all that hotness IMO.

  • Nikki

    im honestly surprised these 2 are still together….with the age gap and everything i figured they would have ended along time ago.

  • oh i love them together…they are just adorable:x:x
    wish this love lasts 4ever

  • April

    I think Milo and Alexis Bledel were a MUCH CUTER COUPLE :(

  • kayci

    i agree, alexis bledel and milo were PERFECT.. i would jump for joy if they ever get back together :]

    i still love hayden though :]

  • Davey

    Eh. I like Milo with Hayden better. Hayden can actually act and seems like she has a personality.

  • I like Milo and Hayden together personally! To bad it wasn’t me he was dating = ]

  • adam

    @ LOVECarrie and KittyCatastrophe

    I’m SO confused by the people who think *19*/31 is weird. Yeah, it isn’t super-normal, but… I honestly don’t know any girls of 18-21 who wouldn’t consider dating a guy 10(ish) years older, and I don’t know any guys of about 30 who wouldn’t consider dating a girl 10 years younger. Does it always happen? No. But these two genuinely seem to like one another, make one another happy, and anyone who says this was more Milo’s idea than Hayden’s is just… bizarre. They oth knew what they were getting into a hell of a lot more than any of us could understand… we’re not them!

    I am very happy for them. I like them together because they seem happy together. They smile a lot when around one another.

  • Chrissy

    their relationship is their business not ours ,and they look super good, I’m happy these two are still together .

    He is so Hot and Hayden is such a beautiful lady , a good match .

  • Samantha

    I definitely agree that Milo and Alexis were such a cute couple. I am secretly hoping they get back together :]

  • casalolo

    she is one lucky bitch.

  • Katie

    omg I just LOVE them together. so so so cute. I agree that it’s a good thing their relationship isn’t crazy public. They both look like their happy with what they have! I would be too!