Britney Spears To Appear On ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine


Britney Spears sneaked her way into the Quixote Studios here in SoCal earlier this week to do a new photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine. She’s gonna be on the cover, y’all! To be honest, I’ve already lost count as to how many times she’s been on the cover previously but one can never have too many Rolling Stone covers under their belt, I think :) Here is a purposely blurry pic of Britney on the set of the RS photoshoot this week courtesy of

[T]his is a shot from inside the [Rolling Stone] shoot! We can’t show you the sets and the outfits because they have been deemed TOP SECRET! It was a super fun shoot and Brit was dancing around the set having a great time. :) More details coming soon!

Love it! I understand that many magazines are scrambling to try and book Brit Brit for their covers as well. With a new album on the horizon and continuing interest to hear from Britney herself, I can understand how magazines might be fighting for the right to get interviews with our dear Britney. This is just great news … and right on par with pulling off an entirely successful comeback. Thank the gods for her manager Larry Rudolph. You can tell that he is, once again, making the right calls to ensure that her career gets and stays solidly on track.

Additionally, there appears to be new official artwork for Britney Spears’s new single Womanizer. After the jump, check it out …

As you may recall, we’ve already seen the artwork for the promo version of this single and this is said to be the artwork for the single release. I mean, it’s a nice photo … nothing too special, tho. I think a shot from the music video would’ve made a great coverphoto but … whatevs. I don’t mind this artwork one bit. I’m just really looking forward to that Rolling Stone photoshoot and interview that should be coming our way in the coming weeks. Woot!


  • ricardo

    I’m totally loving this new era of Britney!

  • Calliwells

    Never liked her before the crazy, don’t really care for the post-crazy either.

  • Natalie

    love it! she looks great.

  • Nikki

    the art work for her singles always seem to half assed,,

  • Daphne

    Awww man I’m sooo proud of Brit.. have never stopped loving her even during her dark times and I never will!!

  • What will they call Britney’s Concert Tour?

  • Kendra

    I can’t wait to see! You know it’s going to be ridiculously awesome!

  • nathalia

    Good job Brit, papa Spears, and Larry Rudolph!!

  • Jordan

    doesn’t she look similar to heather locklear in this picture?

  • Tammin

    I always love the rolling stones pics. Does it look like to anyone else that she’s wearing high top converse! how fab!