Madonna Takes A Shot At Singlehood


It’s been two days since we got official confirmation that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie have decided to divorce after almost 8 years of marriage. Since that announcement, Madonna has maintained her bizzy touring schedule, taking to the performance stage in Boston, MA on Wednesday (the same day that the divorce news broke) and again last night for the second Boston performance. Now, I’ve not been able to see the Sticky & Sweet World Tour for myself yet so I’m not sure if this is an everynight occurrence but at last night’s show, Madonna paused to take a shot of a drink, appearing to be toasting her impending singlehood:

I can’t believe that Madonna would be so callous as to make light of her impending divorce from Guy so it looked to me that she was just having harmless fun with her impending new status. It never seemed to me that she was grossly unhappy with Guy or that she was aching to get out of her marriage. Throwing back a shot or two on the concert stage seems more like fun thing rather than apathetic dismissal of her marriage. In any event, I think it’s safe to assume that whatever the outcome, whatever may happen … things will happen to Madonna’s satisfaction … and I’m sure she is always happy to drink a toast to that fact.

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  • Christina

    If their marriage has been over for as long as it seems according to “everyone” then i would be toasting the end of the charade as well, but it’s Madonna, she loves to do things to cause controversy.

    Anyway there is always one who wants it less (divorce) than the other party and I think she may be the the one who wanted it more.

  • gotta love M

    She does this at EVERY SHOW. It is a part of the gypsy theme. It has nothing to do with her divorce.

  • Jon

    She does that in every show, nothing to do with her divorce

  • I think Madonna is a very immature person in general. She needs to grow up. She is not as fabulous and amazing as everyone seems to think she is. Her act is tired… and her “whatever” attitude towards the fact that she is getting a divorce, something that is going to be painful on her children, believe me I know, is sick.

    If there is anyone who is “emotionally retarded” as she put it the other night… It would be her.

  • Aidan

    Who the hell are any of us to comment on what went on in Madonna’s marriage and how she wants to handle it? She does the drink thing at every show, so get over it.

  • Sion

    Yep…occurs at every show. Not directed at Guy.

  • javajunko

    Hey Jenn, it sounds like you’re a bit immature yourself. Stop being such a whiny hater about other people’s lives, you’re obviously not a fan of hers so you feel the need to express your hatred for her by whining to us how much you don’t like her anyways. Read what you wrote…. you sounded a little ‘retarded’ yourself…

  • wendell

    Not to repeat, but yes, Madonna does this at every show. Nothing to do with her divorce. I think it is very mature and professional that Madonna has carried on with her shows for her fans. For ANYONE (jenn) to say she is immature and that her “act is tired” there must be something severly wrong with that person. She is THE icon of our time and, whether you like her or not, that fact is pretty much undeniable. She IS fabulous and amazing and the comments expressed a few posts up are “retarded”.

  • Joce

    even if she does it after every show, dedicated a song to guy saying hes emotionally retarded…..DOESNT happen at every show and was a really disrespectful thing.

    Team Guy all the way, even if his movies suck

    Btw she isnt the icon of my time. the still belongs to Cher and Tina. Madonna is a business person. shes made her life what it is by fooling people into believing she has talent.

  • She does that everytime, but maybe she was celebrating the divorce long before it was confirmed ;-) Here is the shot she had that I shot in Paris:
    Can’t wait to go back home and see you!
    XOXO from Paris

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  • Pete

    @javajunko. She might be the the gay icon of our time but if she’s “THE icon of our time” then we, as a society, are screwed.

  • anniemal

    This is very shocking to me because Madonna doesn’t drink at all when she tours. She doesn’t even have a glass of wine for those months of rehearsals and performing – she spoke about this in her documentary “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret” while enjoying a glass after the last performance of the tour related to her “American Life” album. Unless this is a fake shot, I’m a bit concerned since it’s out of character for her.

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  • stillafan

    I have seen EVERY concert from Like A Virgin onward, and I loved them all. However, I was one of those people who did leave early. I was really disappointed in mixing other artists’ music (Annie Lennox) with her own. I can go to disco for that. If you like Annie’s muic than perform a cover. But what really did it for me was when the camera people cut away from her on the big screen because she began to lip synch too soon. I know it goes on, but that was just enough. Another thing, the sets, costumes, and choreography in previous concerts were always interesting. That’s why people like me would always pay far too much for a concert ticket to see her. She really fell below the mark. And much as I lover her, she is getting far too old to play the vamp on stage. It’s time for a reinvention on that front as well. I’ll probably go the next time, but will not play for a floor seat.

  • Shazzer

    I heard a lot of people saying she was directing her “I’m not f*cking sorry” (before “Human Nature”) remark to Guy too, but I saw her show before the whole divorce thing and she said it then too. I think that anything she does from now on during that tour is going to be read a certain way.