James T. Kirk & Spock Do ‘Entertainment Weekly’


Chris Pine as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock are featured on the cover and in the pages of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. The magazine takes an inside look at the new JJ Abrams-directed Star Trek prequel and offers some new insight from the set as well as a whole slew of new photos from the film. Here is the coverphoto for this week’s issue of EW mag as well as a portion of the coverstory:

Aboard a monstrous and gloomy interstellar cruiser — part Death Star, part Mordor — the man who would be the next captain of the starship Enterprise finds himself under fire from bald, blue-tatted alien brawlers. At the moment, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), the hotheaded, horndog hero of Star Trek, is still a fresh-faced space cadet. At his side is his young half-human, half-Vulcan BFF, Spock (Zachary Quinto), looking quintessentially Spocky with his black bowl cut, slanting eyebrows, and blue smock. Here on the set of director J.J. Abrams’ $150 million bid to bring Gene Roddenberry’s beloved sci-fi world back to the big screen, the two geek pop icons have infiltrated a Romulan warcraft only to see their mission explode into a raging phaser fight. No longer are their signature Trek weapons boxy plastic toys, but sleek silver gizmos with spring-triggered barrels that revolve and glow in the transition from ”stun” to ”kill.” Problem is, every time Kirk raises his newfangled ray gun, the barrel revolves too early. Or too late. Or not at all. Giggles and unprintable curses fly. Someone lightens the mood with a quip: ”Most illogical, captain.” For cast and crew, it’s a fleeting and fixable frustration. But a busted phaser is the least of the challenges Abrams faces as he attempts to reenergize a franchise that has clearly lost its zap … After a succession of contrived TV spin-offs (the last, UPN’s Star Trek: Enterprise, mustered only a feeble 2 million viewers in its final season) and mediocre features based on the best of the bunch (Star Trek: The Next Generation), even people who’d built their entire careers around Trek could see the writing on the wall. ”Star Trek,” says Leonard Nimoy, ”had run its course” … Transforming a defunct old property into a cool 21st-century event flick may seem like business as usual for Hollywood (e.g., Superman Returns, Batman Begins), but Trek presented Paramount and Abrams with a much heftier challenge: how to make this hunk of retro sci-fi cheese meaningful as mainstream entertainment, as relevant pop, as big business. ”Every studio in town is searching for these kinds of franchises, so it was important for us to reboot,” says Brad Weston, Paramount’s president of production. ”But we needed a clean, fresh take on this thing.”

The very well-written coverstory (which you can read in its entirety HERE) goes on to talk about Abrams’s vision for the future of Trek (hinting that he may want to make it more Star Wars-y rather than traditionally Trek-y) and offers a pretty substantial movie plot spoiler that may want to be skipped by fans (like me) who wish to remain unspoiled. So … let’s look at some of the new Trek photos. After the jump, check out some new pics of the “old” crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise as well as our first look at Romulan bad guy Nero played by Eric Bana

While I am a huge fan of Star Treks: The Next Generation and Voyager I have never been a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. That said, I am really encouraged by everything I’m hearing about this new Star Trek prequel. I have much confidence that JJ Abrams will be able to revitalize the franchise and will offer Trek fans new hope for future movies. Thus far, I really like everything we’ve seen as well … these photos are great (even if Spock kinda looks like Sylar from Heroes but with pointy ears and a bad haircut) and I am very much looking forward to seeing more. The characters are so fresh-faced and young … there is a lot of room for growth, which means there may be many movies yet to come from the newborn crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise … but one thing at a time. I’m really looking forward to this movie’s release next Spring — so far, looks good.


  • whatever

    The new Kikr is Hot Stuff!

  • Spock looks evil, he never looked evil in the series, condescending and otherworldly but not evil.

  • Nicola

    WOOT look at Sylar..I mean…Zachary ;) Man he pulls that look off SO well :D I am really looking forward to this movie.
    Chris Pine is definitely yummy.

  • AmyM

    i think he’s just being evil in that scene. He’s younger and maybe less in control of his emotions. Perhaps giving Bones the original reason to call his a green blooded devil….

  • Megan

    oh zachary, haha

  • Kay

    Spock is kinda having a Sylar moment there! Zach looks too awesome though!!

  • Mandy

    I just keep seeing Sylar.
    I can’t get past that and I think it’s gonna be a problem. :p

  • adamiti

    voyager love!!!!

  • Sarah

    Im excited to see John Cho! What a hottie!