Beyoncé To Release A Double Album


Beyoncé made an appearance on MTV’s TRL this week to give further information on her new album, I Am …, which is set for a November release. Beyoncé clarified that her new album would be a 17-song double disc — the disc comprised of ballads will be called I Am … Beyoncé and the other disc comprised of dance tracks will be called I Am … Sasha — which would explain why B released two music videos simultaneously … one for a Beyoncé ballad track and the other for a Sasha dance track:

Beyonce fans will see a new side of the R&B star with the release of her new studio album on November 18. The singer’s latest will be a double-disc set, according to Entertainment Weekly. But fans could be getting more than just Beyonce on the 17-track release. While the ballad-oriented first disc will be reportedly titled “I Am… Beyonce,” the dancefloor-ready second disc is reportedly rumored to be titled “I Am… Sasha,” after the singer’s on-stage alter ego. And a new Web site,, is asking fans to call in if they think they know Sasha’s identity for the chance to win a $500 grand prize and a personal message from Sasha – whoever she may be. Beyonce isn’t the first to face off against herself on an album – T.I. tried a similar tactic on 2007’s “T.I. Vs. T.I.P.” Her new CD, the follow-up to 2006’s “B’Day,” will also be offered as a single-disc version priced $4 or $5 less than the double disc, according to Entertainment Weekly. The star recorded over 70 tracks for the album, telling fans on her MySpace page, “I have taken the time so I can create my sound. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby.” She will also reportedly be releasing a video disc in February with clips for every song along with a Spanish-language version of the album – not to mention a 110-date world tour that’s set to launch in April.

Brills! Beyoncé really knows how to capitalize and I know I, for one, am looking forward to this new bunch of songs. While I have a very hard time believing Beyoncé‘s claim that she really recorded “60 to 70″ songs for her new album, I am starting to believe that she prolly did record a large number of tracks … resulting in this double disc idea. Offering a cheaper single-disc option is also quite brilliant. After the jump, check out the tracklisting for the double-disc album I Am … and see a few photos from Beyoncé‘s appearance on TRL earlier this week …

I Am … Beyoncé:

If I Were a Boy
Broken-Hearted Girl
Ave Maria
Smash Into You
That’s Why You’re Beautiful

I Am … Sasha:

Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Sweet Dreams
Video Phone
Scared of Lonely
Why Don’t You Love Me

Man … I can tell just by the titles that the songs on the Sasha disc are gonna be slammers. I may give Beyoncé interminable grief for her split-personality nonsense but I am deffo more of a dance diva Sasha fan than a ballad crooning Beyoncé fan.

Here are a few pics of Beyoncé at TRL this week:

It should also be noted that Beyoncé revealed that she will be among the performers on the TRL Finale Show that is scheduled to air in November … which will, most likely, time perfectly with the release of her double album. Brills. Beyoncé is just brills. Sooo … are y’all excited for a double disc? Which of the two do you think you’re gonna prefer?

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  • Nikki

    hmm i wonder if that halo song is anything PCDs halo song. this double disc thing with alter egos could work for her. it worked for T.I. with T.I vs T.I.P

  • Erica

    yeah…didn’t quite work for Nelly thoughh with Suit/Sweat Albums

  • April

    I think I will like both- her music never disappoints!

  • D.

    I’m a big fan of the destiny’s child/beyonce girl-powered dance tracks (hello bootilicious, check up on it, etc.). The ballads? …not so much. They are ok, but there are much better ballad singers. Beyonce should stick to what she does best – get your booty on the dance floor hits.

  • chicitymama

    so lame. if get me bodied is any indication of how her dance tracks will sound, i’ll pass.

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  • Joanna

    I WILL LOVE BOTH! I’ll put them both in and shuffle them! I can’t wait! I loved both her new singles…but I have to say I liked Single Ladies more.

  • Danielle

    Wow, 110-date tour? That sounds crazy!

  • Mike

    im excited for the music and shocked to see beyonce not layered in tons of make up like she usually is. hmm. put a ring on it!

  • Why on earth would she do a spanish-language version??? She’s not Spanish in any way!!! I just think that’s a little too much.

  • Marco

    omg i love this idea im soooooooo happpyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • May

    does anyone kno when itunes will be selling her new songs?

  • tr burke

    comparing her 2 current singles, i am eagerly looking forward to her “sasha” album. singles ladies is such a good song (and even better video).

  • i am so confused!
    so she just made up this ego–“sasha”–and decided to sing about her…??


  • Brianne

    Does anybody else think there is something super pretty about the TRL pics of her? She looks so natural. I really think she looks great in them.

  • Tara

    both of her songs are growing on me lol
    don’t get the robotic arm thingy in Single Ladies tho

  • Aud

    I don’t like her ballads. Why can’t they release just the one dance disc???

    And does anyone else think it odd that a single disc has about 15 songs on it and her double disc has 17? I feel like I’m getting gypped!

  • Aud

    dang…i’m pretty hard to please today…

  • haley

    omg i love beyonce!!! i am so excited for the new album! i just found a picture of shontelles album cover, and she looks a lot like beyonce!! it was crazy!

  • Sarina

    B’s new album is dropping the same day as Shontelles….but i think Shontelle will give her a run for her money!! have you seen the T-shirt vid?? HOT!!

  • Crystal

    I love the outfits Shontelle rocks in the video! i found this contest where you can create your own remix of the “t-shirt” song!

  • ViVaCiOuSDivaH

    I’m telling all my homies about that contest. I am really looking forward to Shontelle’s album! We need to support our new artists

  • Keimo

    Single Ladies sounds like a combination of the rest of her songs…..UGH! this girl just annoys me! Go make some babies already!