Angelina Jolie Does The ‘Today’ Show


Angelina Jolie made a live, in-person appearance on The Today Show on NBC this morning to do some promo work for her new movie Changeling. Somewhere along the way, interviewer Matt Lauer turned the conversation to the prospect of having or adopting more children … to which Angelina simple responded, “Yeah”. It looks like the Brangelina brood may be preparing to expand, again, at least by one more child in the very near future. Here are a few pics of Ange sitting with Matt Lauer on The Today Show earlier this morning:

Angelina Jolie said just one word: “Yeah.” It was delivered in a soft tone, adorned with a small smile and a wistful look as if she were already considering the joys of adding yet another child to her brood. There are six children now in the household she shares with partner Brad Pitt, and, Jolie told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Thursday in New York, the question isn’t whether they will adopt another child, but when that will happen. Born July 12, Jolie’s twins, Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, are just three months old. “You can’t even start the process until any new children are at least six months old,” Jolie said, explaining that adoption agencies want to see how new children are fitting into a household. So the question, she said, is, “When is the right time to bring another child in?” According to the tabloids, the Pitt-Jolie partnership has been strained by the addition of the twins to four other children ranging in age from 2 to 7. If that is true, Jolie gave no sign of it. Lauer did not address the reports directly. Instead, he told Jolie of something she said in 2005, before she settled down with Pitt: “I’m better alone.” But Jolie doesn’t believe that anymore. “I met the right person,” she said, referring to Pitt. She started to add something, but caught herself, saying, “I’m not going to say anything that’s going to embarrass me. I don’t like being without him. I don’t love being alone like I used to be.” With six kids, that’s not a problem. Jolie all but melts when she talks about them. The twins, she said, are doing great, and the other children have welcomed them into the family. “We have so many children that they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home,” she said. Her oldest, Maddox, 7, “is like the professional big brother. He’s done it so many times.”

Welp, it looks like big brother Maddox is gonna hafta prepare himself to welcome a new brother or sister very soon. Not that I have anything against all the adopting that Brangelina have done but it really must be a bit weird for the kids to have their family situation changed so dramatically whenever a new child shows up. At least when the fictional Brady Bunch characters had to deal with a bunch of new siblings they only had to deal with one major change all at once … and week after week we saw the fallout and hijinks that came from their situation. Now, of course real life is different from fictional TV situation comedies but my point is that the kids have to have some problems when their home life is constantly changing. Kids have problems when their home life never changes so … I dunno. I don’t know how I, as a kid, would’ve handled getting a new sibling (or two) almost ever year. In any event, it’s clear that these kids have heaped on them an immeasurable amount of love and devotion from both of their parents. In the end, I guess that’s all that matters. So now the question becomes when and from whence will come the newest member(s) of the Brangelina brood? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • julie

    Trent, this point you’re making is GOOD, and seems so OBVIOUS, I just don’t understand how/why Brangelina willfully continue to ignore it. I don’t think they love their kids as much as they love being known for having tons of kids. Otherwise, they might slow the heck down and enjoy the ones they have.

  • Kathleen

    Ew–Angelina’s face looks like it is made out of wax.

  • GiGi

    Well they don’t have any kids from south or central america yet, so maybe there? I know Angelina says these kids are handling it very well, but I mean, they are all between the ages of like, 1 and 7 – how can she tell? I find it hard to believe that they will ALL be well adjusted teens/adults, but I wish them the best.

  • Must everyone see the negative in everything they do? How horrible that they love eachother and their kids and want more. Awful, awful people.

    They all seem happy to me. Good for them… and fooey on all you haters

  • debho

    This collecting of kids is like an illness with her. I feel it’s an obsession with her. You cannot possibly spend quality time with each child….I had 4 and know how difficult it is. They should stop and enjoy the kids they have.

  • car

    I have heard she wants a baby that is from every continent, i have mixed feelings about them having so many kids. It is wonderful because they are giving these children a life most only dream of, but we only ever see them out with three at a time… Let’s just hope Brad and Angelina can stay together. How sad would that be if there family broke up.

  • Nikki

    i appreciate that fact of what thier doing, trying to help other kids, buts i agree with debho, its like an obsession with her. i dont care how rich you are or how big your heart is. theres gotta be a limit somewhere. theres no way ay of those kids get equal time from thier parents. and they can keep tellin themselves that those kids are living a stable life & will be stable when they get older…but they wont.

  • Lin

    They have the money and means, and they are helping children in need. I think it’s wonderful.

  • Joanne

    I don’t want to be one of those ‘haters’, (because I don’t ‘hate’ them) … but sorry – you just cannot look after the EMOTIONAL NEEDS of all those children! Yes – you can look after their practical needs (with nannies/help) feeding them etc … but I’m talking about the cuddle / bonding / ‘one on one’ conversation / play time with an individual child. Angelina reminds me of a friend of mine. When she is in hospital after having a baby – she’s already talking about the next baby (my friend has six). I think it’s a mental or attention seeking problem – there is little focus on just nurturing the one they have. Having (or getting) children becomes their ‘thing’. I think adopting is a very admirable thing to do, but I think this is verging on irresponsible. OK attack me now!!

  • Kendra

    Maybe they’re trying to be the new Duggar family?

  • Ella

    These kids were orphans taken from terrible circumstances. I bet they would be a lot more understanding of bringing more kids in than other kids might be. Especially when they’re adopting more orphans.

    Angelina and Brad don’t have to work unless they want to. Both of them could decide to be with their kids full time if they ever decided that was what their kids needed.

    And all the money does help, having extra nannies isn’t necessarily bad, kids can always use more adults in their lives who love them. And they could afford all the space they need, and things like sports and music lessons for all their kids. That combined with no limits on how much of your time you can spend at home… doesn’t sound bad to me.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know from where they will adopt, but I’d bet money that it will be a African girl. In an interview once, Angelina said that they adopted Pax because after they had Shiloh (who looked like Mommy and Daddy), they wanted Maddox to have someone in the house who looked like him. Zahara is the last one in the house without someone who “looks like her”…so that would be my guess. For what it’s worth. :)

  • M3

    Ella, I couldn’t have said it any better.

    They work to support their passion of helping kids and various charities instead of being spending it on material things. Don’t see the negative in that. How they are living their lives doesn’t hurt anyone, not even the kids.

  • cor

    Come on, it’s not so weird to have that many children.. in the days before the pill it was pretty normal to have large families. 1 new baby a year would have been pretty much standard as well. Here in Ireland it is still common. Studies have been done showing that children in large families are actually generally more stable and balanced than children with fewer siblings.. there’s strength in numbers! Plus they always have someone there for them. In these days of 2 kids, 2 parent families it might look odd, but just go back 2 generations, or look abroad and you’ll see it’s not so unusual.

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  • girladvenger

    There are some people who love large families and have all the love to go around.

    I see it everyday from those who take care of foster children to parents who have at least 4 kids. Big families are not rare or uncommen…there are many in Hollywood.

    Exception is the parents. I think Brad and Angie love children and they wanted a large family. Those children are happy and normal, children can’t fake happiness.

  • SpecialK

    Bahh. Of course a family can have lots of kids. My Mom has 10 sibilings. Years and years ago is was very common to have lots of kids. Leave them alone, they all look happy.

  • knuckle head pete

    It’s not like they will have sacrifice family time too put food on the table. My dad was one of twelve, poor family but plenty of love. They have the means. What are you doing, Kathleen, debho, and Nikki?

  • i don’t think it’s weird that they have so many children and i don’t think that the kids aren’t getting enough love, but i DO think it’s weird that they rush to adopt or have a new child as soon as the last one has been “acquired” or whatever. it’s like she gets bored or something and wants a new person in the house. it’s just freaky!!!

  • Frances

    I think Brad and Angelina can spend more quality time with their kids than other people because they don’t have to clean the house or do the laundry and cook dinner, and their kids don’t have to go to school.

  • christi

    From someone who has four children, large families are great. Yes there is chaos and it is hard to spend time with each individual child all the time, but there is a bond there. Is it any different for a child to accustom themselves to an adopted kid or a natural child? I think not. At least when they are adopted they can immediately play with them and bond. Sometimes children feel neglected with newborns because the focus is on the baby that they can not interact with on their level. I applaud them

  • this is not what i asked 4 i asked if pink had eny kids not anout flippen Angelina Jolie

  • this is not what i asked 4 i asked if pink had eny kids not about flippen Angelina Jolie