Updated: Britney Spears To Tour Next Spring

Looks like it's really happenin', y'all!!!

It looks like serious plans for Britney Spears‘s long-awaited comeback are really, truly underway. Marc Malkin from E! News is reporting that Britney has signed a deal with a major concert tour producer to begin work on the “world tour” that she announced she would be embarking on next year. You may recall that Britney made the surprising announcement on NYC radio station Z100 late September that she would be hitting the road next year on a new tourMalkin reports that the first big step in creating that tour has already been taken. She’s comin’, y’all … she’s really comin’:

Britney Spears is one step closer to going on tour. While the comeback pop princess revealed last month that she was planning on hitting the road next year, a source now tells me that things are getting serious. Spears just signed a deal with the mega huge live entertainment company AEG to produce the whole shebang, my source says. No word on when an official announcement will be made or when tickets will go on sale, but Spears revealed during an interview with New York radio station Z100 in late September that she’s hoping for a worldwide tour, not something limited just to the U.S. Reps for Spears did not return calls or emails.

I must admit, even tho I was very excited by Brit Brit‘s radio announcement last month it did occur to me that she might’ve overspoken or exaggerated the state of her eventual concert tour comeback. She kinda just blurted out I’m going on tour next year so a tiny part of me didn’t really, totally believe it … not just yet. With this news, I’m really believing it. So much is going on with Britney right now — and it’s all positive, good news. I suspect that she will begin her portion of tour preparations (ie. choreography) fairly soon … especially if this deal with AEG has already been signed. We have no idea when her tour might kick off next year — it could be as late as Fall or as early as Summer — but at least we have something to look forward to. The world has been waiting for Britney to reclaim the concert stage … I’m happy to report that it shant be long now :)

UPDATE: Pink reader Marcus gives me the head’s up that Billboard magazine is reporting that Britney‘s new tour is slated to begin NEXT SPRING!

Britney Spears will begin a tour next spring, produced by AEG Live, Billboard can exclusively reveal. Sources say the trek will likely hit arenas and be international in scope, as were recent AEG Live-produced outings by Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake. Spears last toured in 2004, grossing more than $34 million, according to Billboard Boxscore. The artist will be out in support of her new album, “Circus,” due Dec. 2 via Jive. First single “Womanizer” is expected to leap into the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 this week after first-week download sales are factored into the chart.

Holy shizz, y’all! I didn’t dare guess that Britney‘s new tour might be ready by Spring … I figured it might begin next Summer at the earliest. The news just keeps getting better! Woot!!!

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  1. sabrina

    Yay! I’m so there!

  2. Megan

    i cant wait!!!

  3. A

    Woohoo! It’s Britney bitch!!

  4. Nikki

    im glad shes doing so well….but i still find it kind of early for her to be doing a world tour or any kind of tour for that matter…maybe thats just me..

  5. Lana

    It’s going DOWNNNNNNNNNN! Thank God, I haven’t seen her since The Onyx Hotel Tour…it’s going to be amazing!

  6. Hera

    While I think it’s great that Britney finally seems back on track and happy and healthy. I can’t help but think what a ‘World Tour’ means for her little boys. I mean here is a mother who has lost custody of her children – if that were me my ONLY priority would be to get those babies back. I would give a shit about an album, a documentary, a comback and a World Tour. And really a World Tour only means more time away from her kids. It’s kind of sad really.

  7. LOVECarrie

    It’s not just you. I really am glad she’s doing so well….but I’m hoping it’s not all too much, too soon. Keep doing your thing, Britney and stay healthy.

  8. @ hera

    That is one of her priorities her other priority is bringing home the bacon for her boys livelihood…what is kevin doing financially exactly?

    IF Britney were a man, this would not be an issue, men go out make money women stay at home tend to the children…

  9. Lori

    Good for Brit. Now that she’s out from under the bad influences she’s getting her life back on track. I hope her father continues to play a major role in that. Poor thing.

  10. ty

    this is awesome news, although we DO NOT know what this means for the boys as far as visitation. of course the haters WILL continue to bash her and say she’s a bad mom, blah blah blah….been there, done that, move on bitches!!!

    plus, i’m sure her and Kevin will work something out. i mean, someone’s gotta make the $$$ and we know it’s not Kevin.

    Also, Trent, you didn’t mention that Britney is back with Wade Robson doing the choreography for this tour. See link here:


    I don’t know about everyone here, but this is AWESOME NEWS!!! i mean, he’s done her BEST stuff….Everything during her “Britney” era, i.e. Slave video, DWAD tour, etc.

  11. Ron

    I saw last time 5th row! So I am def putting money to the side for this!

  12. jas

    ahhhhhhhhhh i want to go to this so badly!!!! i hope she comes to australia.. probably wont. how sad. I LOVE BRITNEY!!!

  13. Yeah!! I hope she comes to Singapore!!

    Come to Singapore, Britney!!!!

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