M.I.A. Confirms Her Pregsness


Yesterday we got to see a few pics from the Diesel xXx Rock & Roll Circus event that took place in NY over the weekend and got an eyeful of M.I.A. on stage proudly showing off her burgeoning baby bump. Today we get confirmation from the woman herself that, yes, she is with child:

British artist M.I.A. finally put rumors to rest when she confirmed on Saturday that she is pregnant with her first child. “I’m creating a baby,” the singer, 31, told Pitchfork Media. The news came on top of the success of her single “Paper Planes.” “When I found out I was pregnant and ‘Paper Planes’ was in the iTunes top 10, it seemed like the whole world was reshuffled in one week, and all my plans went out the window,” the artist said. “I’ve got two kids, that’s what it feels like. And that’s the lesson – you can’t make plans.” She and fiancé Ben Brewer, lead singer and guitarist of The Exit, did not reveal when the baby is due or the gender, but they made sure their fans knew they are serious about having a child. “I got engaged first, then I got pregnant, kids,” M.I.A. said. The singer also told Pitchfork she’s recording some tracks for her new album, a follow up to 2008’s Kala. But before she gets started on any new projects, she has to go on a different kind of tour. “I have to do the rounds – go see my family and show them the belly.”

Yeah, while this info isn’t really news, especially considering how big her bump has grown, I do appreciate all the extra info that M.I.A. dishes in this new interview. Glad to see that she didn’t put the cart before the horse and decided to get engaged before deciding to start a family. I am also thrilled to know that M.I.A. has already begun work on her next album … I was very worried when she announced her retirement from making music last June. Now I’m all excited for her two new projects … her new baby and her new album :)

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  • Lin

    … and the “retirement” debacle finally makes sense.

    Love her. Love the bump.

  • Rockandrepublic

    I came here just to see if you’d published it. :D

  • Bart

    This explains why she cancelled her tour dates. Can’t be dancing around on stage with a baby in there, but you also have to wait those first few months before telling everyone about it.

  • Engaged…but not married. I’m not a big marriage person, I think people can have whatever relationship they want without the government or a church telling them it’s OK. BUT, I’m also not the one bragging about “waiting” to get pregnant. Engaged, dating, whatever, it’s all the same!

  • Amy

    LOVE her!

  • RLM

    I have a feeling she said she got engaged before she got pregnant so people wouldn’t think she got engaged BECAUSE she got pregnant…make sense? lol