Hugh Jackman Celebrates His 40th Birthday


Aussie hottie Hugh Jackman stepped out with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness in Syndey, Australia last night for a celebratory dinner in honor of Hugh’s 40th birthday (which is today). The happy couple were joined by business partner John Palermo (not pictured) for dinner at the Royal Motorboat Club in Sydney. Here are a couple pics of Hugh and Deborra-Lee as they made their way into the venue:

First off, much birthday lurve goes out to Mr. Jackman on the occasion of his 40th bday. I must admit, if this is what 40 looks like then sign me up ;) I sincerely hope he has a great day and an amazing year to come. Now … as much as I love me some Hugh Jackman, I think it’s safe to assume that he is just a wee bit more lovable the less clothing that he is actually wearing. Hugh took his kids Oscar and Ava for a pre-birthday pool party on Friday afternoon … which, I’m sure you know, means the dress code was much less stringent than it is at the Royal Motorboat Club. After the jump, check out pics of Hugh is all his shirtless glory …

Here are a few pics of Hugh with his kids (tho only Oscar appears in one of them) at the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool down in OZ:

Again … if this is what 40 looks like — I am a new fan, y’all! Happy Birthday, Hugh … I hope you have a great one!!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Luli

    OMG!!! 40???
    He’s soooo handsome!!!
    I love Hugh Jackman, one of my best actors.
    Happy birthday, Hughie dubi du!!!
    I can’t wait to see “Wolverine”!!!

  • Aud

    Damn, he’s 40?! Hard to believe, but wowie wow wow, man…

    I have nothing but love for the man!

  • javajunkie

    hot damn that man is sexy! i wonder if we’ll ever be blessed with a nudie shot of this man one day!

  • catherine

    Of course, Hugh is fantastic, but Deborra Lee really looks great in this picture. Most pictures look so bad of her, but she is glamorous here and equal to Hugh!