Who’s That Guy In The ‘Womanizer’ Video?


Last night, Britney Spears’s new music video for Womanizer debuted to much fanfare and has been greeted with high praise from pretty much everyone who has seen it. Many folks (including myself) have been taken by the insanely hawt dude that is featured as the “womanizer” in the video … which led to a little investigation …

… his name is Brandon Stoughton and he is a model represented by the LA Models agency. He has been featured in campaigns for Calvin Klein and was even photographed by my friends Steph & Alek for their blog OhLaLaMag.com. Here are a few of Brandon’s hot pics:

Wooooot! He is really one hot dude, yes? I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him, that’s for sure ;) And since we’re on the subject of his hawt performance in Britney’s new music video, why don’t we take another look at Womanizer. After the jump, check out the video in full …

International fans should be able to watch the video HERE. If you are unable to watch the streaming video that I post, it’s most likely because copyright restrictions block your ability to watch depending on where you are in the world. Hopefully all y’all have been able to watch the video by now … it is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

[Photo credit: Ronald N. Tan, Alek & Steph; Source, Source]

  • Mary

    wow, she looks RLY good in this vid!! i had no idea she cleaned herself up this much. and that guy is MAD hot!! haha thanks for the link =)

  • Lisa

    Damn this boy is hot! But so is Brit in the video.

  • MCG48

    The guy is hot, but all the veins (even around the groin area) in the Calvin Klein pics freak me out.

  • Lin

    I’m hatin’ Brit less and less these days. Love the song, video is great, and she looks fabulous!

    I agree, what’s with the happy-trail veins?? yucky

  • Danielle


  • If he ever needs a substance delivered by intravenous, it’ll get done faster than he’ll be replaced by another hot guy in another Brit video.
    While not a rabid Britney music fan, I will say for sure that I do love Piece of Me (especially the Bimbo Jones remix), Stronger and Outrageous. But the past year or so I’ve been so intrigued by her personal life that I’ve paid more attention to her career. As a result, now that Womanizer is out, I kinda love this song – and the video is pretty darn fun to watch! I love “Office Britney”. And yes, he is ridiculously hot. Makes me wanna cry a bit ;-)
    As for Britney’s various personas in the vid, I totally thought for a second that she was Ashlee Simpson when she first appeared wearing the wig with long, auburn-ish hair. Am I just completely hallucinating or did anyone else kinda think that too?

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  • P.S. One more thing about the part with “Office Britney”… the dude with the landing strip haircut looks fairly smokin’, too.

    P.P.S. I think the reason I now officially love this song is because it has clearly marked the long-awaited return of… the electric drum!

  • This poor guy’s only crime is apparently liking his love’s many different personalities while she works several jobs to pay the bills. He also supports the businesses that hire her, so what’s her problem? Her man can’t make her feel pretty by being proud to show her off at her work? His cute smile doesn’t brighten her day anymore? His hot bod doesn’t do it for her anymore? His office job must not pay for that fancy pad they share, so maybe she’s just tired and cranky. At least that’s how I jokingly read this video’s storyline… : )

  • Whoops, posted wrong link back to me. Now it is updated.

  • that guy is crazy hawt, but yeah–the veins are BEYOND creepy! brit is gorgeous here and I think she did very well!!!!

  • Mike

    soooooo, yeah… i could watch this video thousands of time and never tire of it. kind of like the song, which has now been played 75 times on my itunes playlist. CRAYZEH!

  • Chase

    I believe the storyline goes: blonde britney is with the guy in the morning, she’s dating him, yet, she knows he’s up to something and not spending all his time with her and lying about it. Plus, he’s basically heavily flirting with all those chicks (britney in disguise) through out the whole video and she knows what he’s up to. And, the video is basically targeted at Kevin Federline (check breatheheavy for fact and the 4/20 date on the phone) that he wasn’t faithful to her. Cab Britney is taking the guy to Britney’s house (the blonde britney) They all come together at the end and she kicks him out of her life. And she finds out what he’s up to and takes revenge at the very end. Sneakkkky.

    p.s. I think it’s very cute when she hops down on the bed and bounces! lol

  • Lisa

    wow, this vids awesome and she looks insanely hot….so happy the old Britney is back

  • tina

    dannng its BRITNEY BITCH!

  • L

    damn he is fine!!! thanx trent 4 finding out

  • azuresque

    He looks a lot like Jensen Ackles from Supernatural

  • Damn, he’s effing hot.

  • liz

    he is INSANELY ripped! how the hell is it that he is so vainy?!

  • theJohnnyspot

    I LOVE that Chase got the 420 reference as a dis 2 KFed! Speechless. He is insanely hot, and those veins? I feel sorry y’all haven’t had a guy like that; where do you think they lead to, huh? Y.U.M.

    Britney, I’d say welcome back, but in my book, even with the troubles, you never left.

    Bravo Trent!

  • Melissa

    I read the post, watched the video, got happy for Britney and her fans (myself included) and thought that Brandon looked absolutely flawless. After reading the comments I had to go back to his pictures to look for the largely commented veins. Indeed, around the groin area (and just there) they (the veins) get a bit too much, but still and all the same: the man is simply stunningly handsome. Thanks for investigating, Trent!

  • Capital H for Hott! I totally agree he’s a cutie. I guess I am even a little jealous of Brittany for getting to play with him.


  • Sam

    Sorry, maybe I am slow. Why is April 20th important to Britney? Loving the video by the way and very happy to see Britney back!

  • meh

    april 20th or otherwise known as the 4/20.. is the international pot day…i think.. its when everyone blazes in celebration of weed..and bcuz we all know kevin federline is a pot-headed douche..britney used it as a reference to him!

    crazy-sexy video!

  • LeO

    he looks like a hotter version of andy roddick

  • rossy

    I was wondering if anyone would comment negatively on the his bulging veins like they do with women…

    Look at male and female bodybuilders (off & on steroids). Their veins are incredibly prominent. Those doing steroids AND weightlifting tend to have muscles & veins that look ready to explode if you were to breath on them. Sadly, I’m NOT joking.

    I don’t know why ANYONE (those in the so-called profession & their fans) think going THAT FAR in “beautifying” their bodies could EVER be attractive. Worse yet are women bodybuilders! YIKES!! Just not natural. I’m not being nasty, as I’m sure they’re, for the most part, nice people. It’s my own personal preference.

    I can’t even imagine what any of them would look in their 60’s, much less their 80’s. They’re most likely gonna be weightlifting on their deathbeds just to keep their skin attached to their muscles.

    At least the guy looks like he’s only doing heavy weights because the muscles are far from exploding – Which has actually happened to a few steroid ‘builders.


    Oh, well. I guess it’s up to an individual’s personal tastes, isn’t it? Just like some guys look better bald than with hair (Yul Brenner comes to mind); others with long hair (pick you own); still others can only look great with short hair. The latter group have a subgroup: various “short” styles, including buzz cuts & crew cuts, etc.


  • Rome

    Killer body, but the veins are super gross!
    Gross enough actually to turn me off of the guy completely. So, no thanks.

  • hookie


  • hookie

    We should get Fat Legs Lisa into a video. Maybe her sitting on Pat’s legs while she shits!

  • Gabe

    The guy is insanely hot. Especially in a suit..I think he looks much better in the video. Oh crap I can’t stop thinking of his lips.

  • ebgb

    I just wish the shot of him from behind in the shower was a bit less blurry…. those lips of his would feel great….


  • Sarah

    holy shit. hot. awesome!

  • Yoka

    Yeah he’s too veiny

  • I’m in love. Thanks for tracking him down and sharing more pics.

  • i think i like him better with clothes on – he’s a bit to bulging veiny for me. but he is a hot piece of meat. mm mm.

    and i am can’t say enough how much i love the womanizer video!!!

  • Don’t think the song is amazing myself… but the video is great and Brit is looking HOT! Congrats to her!

  • loren

    o m g brit

  • Ashley

    Wow this guy is so incredibly hot. If he wasn’t so veiny and didn’t have a butt chin, he would be PERFECT.

    He’s still amazing.


  • Laura

    I love this video!!! Britney is definitely back! I can’t wait to dance to this song in a club!

  • ginae

    very hot & i prefer him w/ his clothes on. those veins are nasty!

  • amber

    OMG…I never did like Britney but she has changed my mind!!! I really am glad she got her shit together b/c she looks ready for a BIG comeback… GOOD ON HER!!!

  • Heather

    Hey Trent thought you want to hear a sneak peak at Britney’s new single Hidden Fantasy which is also the name of her new fragrance and is played in the commercials for it.

    Here’s the link:


  • Mayo

    Yes! I agree, I definitely prefer him with clothes on. The veins are just hurting my eyes! :S

  • Rill

    Britney rules! The video is XXX hott!! The song is banging with a killer hook! and he is also hottt!

  • Carol

    The character he plays in the video is so hot! You can see he likes her dancing over him, his faces, his mouthes… But at the same time his poor-dog face when she treats him bad… it is so cute and so sexy!!!! Gosh, this guy is the hottest in all Brit’s videos!

  • i’ve watched it many times and its still good !!

    and yes, she does look like ashlee simpson in the waitress role :D

  • He’s so handsome and i hate to admit it but I really think he’s yummy….. hehehehe….. Though the veins around his body is his fatal flaw…. so gross….

  • K

    I’m seeing hints of the old Britney and it’s getting me psyched! She looks amazing in this video and she still has that energy she brings in all of her performances. She is a born performer, no doubt.

  • paris


  • F.

    She looks fantastic. Too bad with this clean up of her persona she didn’t bother scoring some talent, too. This video is terrible and the song is even worse. But I suppose real fans won’t notice any of that, anyway. Sigh.

  • the dude looks stupid in the vid… but anyway, britney’s effing HAWT! *drool*

  • Anomymous

    Be happy Trent, he is openly gay – a little femme and not so smart, but that is “bareback Brandon”

  • jonas

    i think the veins are very sexy. he is so hawt in the vid and seeing these pics makes him evn hawtterr

  • Shay

    I think she kinda looks like Katie Holmes when she the red hair [no offense to offense to Britney even though Katie Holmes isn’t ugly]

  • ronjwa

    you can see his ass in 3:33

  • dice

    he’s so damn hOt!!

  • Masha

    Sooooo….that’s the hottest guy from videos I’ve veer seen… And I wanna see his ass….:(

  • Masha

    *ever ;) I mean, I don’t like models very much, but since I saw this dude, I think I’m crazy… One of good moments in the video is the one when he looks at the paper on which is Britney’s coppied ass, and she tears it on two…:) Men,men… Who’s gonna understand them? They watch yoyr ass, but what’s the point when they can’t touch it? :) That\s what I like in this video…:)

  • massie.

    omg he’s so damn hot .
    and i love britney as the limo driver. she’s sexyyy

  • Janelyn

    He’s the best looking guy in all of Brit’s videos! Gorgeous!

  • Patron

    He’s a bartender at a popular bar in WeHo and when asked – playfully – about the video he simply said “Goodbye” – he may be hot, but turned me and a few other people off with that answer. Still love Brit though!