The White House Becomes The Pink House


The famed residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, that is normally white in color, was turned pink last night in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are a few photos of the (normally) White House bathed in pink light as a reminder to all that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in the US:

In Washington Tuesday night, First Lady Laura Bush flipped a switch which bathed the White House in pink light, a reminder that it’s national breast cancer month. “We’re showing our support of breast cancer awareness and research in a historic way. In recognition of the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who struggle with this disease, we’re lighting the White House in pink which is the color of the cause. May our lights tonight shine as beacons around the world a signal of the United States commitment to saving lives for breast cancer.” Mrs. Bush then pressed the switch turning the White House pink.

I suppose it would be apropos to exclaim Pink is the new White House but I think it is vastly more important to remember the significance of recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve learned time and time again that early detection of this deadly disease can save lives. The more women who are aware of the benefits of early detection, the more lives that can be saved. Thankfully, no one that I know personally has been affected by this disease and I hope that that remains the case. For more information on early detection, head on over to for all kinds of information on Breast Cancer Awareness.


  • Trent, thank you so much for helping to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer. I’ll be walking in support of it this Saturday and in memory of my great aunt Berta who lost her fight about breast cancer in 2000. I myself had my own life in limbo as I waited for months about whether or not I had breast cancer or not. I didn’t. Thank you for all that you do for breast cancer. :)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This is such a great cause! I am happy the white house did this. I know a few people going through pretty rough cancer treatments( none of which are breast cancer) and they more awareness we can raise for this cause is awesome!

  • Natty

    Its great to know that the White House is supporting this cause. But, as a cancer patient (not breast cancer) Id like to see them support other types as well. As a 27 year old mother of 2 with no health insurance for myself, I was diagnosed a month ago with Lymphoma. Ive already undergone 2 chemo treatments and have several more to go. It would be nice to know that the people I pay taxes (out the butt) to, could at least let me know they are supporting the fight.

    BTW; the color for cancer in general is lavender

  • LOVECarrie

    I almost thought this was gonna be some sort of Paris Hilton joke. Glad I was wrong! Great cause…get a mammogram, ladies! :)

  • danna

    did paris hilton will the election?! (she said she would paint in pink)

    all jokes aside. GREAT thing for breast cancer awareness!

  • qjersey

    This is great for awareness!!!

    Question: Should the White House promote other efforts or holidays with different color schemes, as is done on the Empire State Building in NYC (which has already done pink lights for Breast Cancer)?

  • daniella

    I’m glad for breast cancer awareness, as my aunt was lost for it and I urge everyone to get a screening in order to prevent breast cancer or any other that may help save your life. Thank you Laura, from women all around..:)

  • Lex

    There were 65, 000 people at this year’s Denver Race for the Cure (no word on how many did the sleep in/ work out for the cure options) and everybody (collectively) raised over $2.4 million dollars for the cause. At the race, they were saying that ONE IN SEVEN women will be diagnosed with breast cancer…. They gave out keychains that denoted the average size of a lump found different ways…. the “accidental” one was the size of a half dollar. Ladies, please get checked! Most insurances have breast exams covered under preventative care!

  • John

    While its nice that they make such a big deal about breast cancer…they need to focus on the #1 killer of Women…Lung Cancer. They don’t focus on that cause it opens the door to smoking and pressuring people to stop…so we focus on Breast Cancer…its not the #1 killer….Lung Cancer kills more women than any other illness or cancer (look at Dana Reeves)!