Angelina Jolie & Kids Make Their Way To New Orleans


Yesterday we saw a couple of fun pics of Brad Pitt riding a bike on the streets of New Orleans, LA as he made his way to a business meeting and I wondered aloud (er, you know what I mean) if Angelina Jolie and their mess o’ kids had relocated from NYC (where they were this weekend for the New York Film Festival premiere of Ange’s new movie Changeling) to New Orleans as well … it turns out that they did, indeed, fly down to N.O. with daddy Braddy. Here are a couple pics of a very Morticia Addams-looking Angelina with a selection of her children walking the streets of New Orleans yesterday afternoon:

I find it very interesting that neither Ange nor Brad ever ventures out in public with all of the their children in tow. Even if you consider they prolly wouldn’t want to cart around the baby twins in public just yet, neither parent ever takes all of the toddler-aged children out en masse. It’s as if at least one has to be left home or in someone else’s care for some reason. I reminds me of the practice of leaving one member of the US President’s Cabinet at home when the State of the Union Address calls for almost full attendance of the US governmental leadership (ie. a ranking member of government must be kept away from the full Cabinet should a catastrophe occur in order for the line of succession to be carried out). It’s kinda like they have to leave at least one spare child at home to carry on the Brangelina brood should a tragedy befall them … I imagine there is a binder in the family safe that lists instructions on repopulating the family by carrying out their plans to adopt every orphan in the world. Hey, it’s possible. Or, you know, mebbe Maddox was just hanging with his friends. At any rate, it’s nice to see that the family likes to travel together, even if they don’t necessarily have to be all together 24/7.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really like this look on her. I think it is very fitting! That looks like it would be really hard to have three kids that age out with you.

  • april

    I think she looks beautiful with her kids. I would be proud to have her as a mom if i were those kids.

  • jj

    I know you are probably joking but I think bringing two children out and keeping a watchful eye of them never mind 4 all at once ( this is leaving the twins at home) maybe too much for the rents to handle. It’s a lot of work and they rarely want to all walk in the same direction with no arguing fighting or attempting to dash off to the left or right. In addition if something goes wrong i.e some sort of attack or incident they only have two body guards to four people. That’s tough. They did actually do it when they went skiing in mammoth earlier on this year if I remember correctly but I can take pity on why they may want to leave some at home with Brad or the nannies.

  • lm

    How does Maddox have friends? When was the last time he was in New Orleans? After months in France followed by short weeks in Berlin, whatever. I think it’s insane that they move the kids around so much that they have to home school.

  • debho

    Im, I was going to say the same thing. When would Maddox make friends? They’re never in one place long enough and even though they were in France for a few months, I doubt they played with any local kids.
    I had to lol at the Morticia Addams similarity. Very true. The woman always looks dreary.
    And yay that Zahara is walking. I wondered if the little girl had legs because she’s always getting carried around. Shiloh could do with a hair cut though. Poor little thing has her fringe in her eyes.

  • EatAngie

    Is Angelina trying to save the starving kids in Africa or become on of them?? Seriously, eat some carbs! She looks disgusting.

  • Why are people so rude towards Angelina, what has she done to any of you??

    They don’t move around for the fun of it, they move to where their films are shooting to keep the family together. They are not the only family in Hollywood that moves around yet they get all the complaints.

  • samiam1385

    umm i’m pretty sure maddox is in school, he’s the only school age one…

  • steff

    maddox in school… that would actually explain a lot xD

  • Amanda

    You try bringing several toddlers out in public!!! I can totally understand why they don’t do it! And imagine if they did bring them all out together and a picture was snapped of the kids doing something wrong, it would be in tabloids everywhere that they are unfit parents!!

  • I literally LOLed when I read the presidential reference.

  • Joanne

    My friend has five young kids – it’s psysically impossible to take them all out at once – even with two adults – kids run off – you lose your mind and vow never again!

  • heather

    she did take them all out once when she was pregs i think, remember? they were all eating cheetos!

  • Lanie

    Hottest momo and the coolest kids:)

  • Lanie

    oops, mom I mean.

  • Anna

    That IS Pax right?…It’s not, like, some girl they’ve adopted that has failed to register in my long term memory???…?

  • DJWhoop

    does she eat?

  • Katie

    Angelina has always been skinny. Time to let that one go.
    I think she’s an amazing Mom :) I idolize her very much.

  • Jane

    The Morticia Adams comparison is hilarious!!! But Angie is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing! I hope to see more pics of the twins soon.

  • Panti Christ

    Ange’ is lookin’ just FAB. I just love that this family sticks together.

  • Elle

    Does anyone else think that Pax looks like Brad? And I think Angelina started to read our comments because she AT LEAST put Z’s hair in a pony tail!

  • julie

    Feeding kids Cheetos and potato chips (I’ve seen several pictures from different days), uprooting them every two months, exposing them to the paparazzi, and buying new ones every year… how is that good parenting?