Jake Gyllenhaal Emerges In London


Jake Gyllenhaal, who has been out of the public eye for the past few weeks working on his new movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, emerged in London, England this weekend. Sporting a fleece jacket from 66° North (which is an Icelandic outerwear company, I might add) Jakey poo was snapped making his way out of Cipriani restaurant Friday evening … here are a couple of pics:

Woot! It has been far too long since we’ve laid eyes on our dear Jake and he is a sight for sore eyes. I love that he is rockin’ a fleecy jacket from 66° North. When David and I were in Iceland, we learned that 66° North is pretty much the dress code for any Icelander who needs to brave the weather in comfort and style. Glad to see that Jake is part of the fam ;) While I can appreciate that Jakey poo has prolly been hard at work on his new film, I’m glad that the lad deigned to come out of hiding to remind us of how much we (well, I, at least) totally <3 him. Hopefully this reemergence is a sign that he is back on the scene and won't be hidden away for weeks on end. Welcome back Jake, we (well, I’ve) missed you :)


  • Prince

    It’s sooooo good to see Jake without his pretentious, fugly blonde beard!

  • Juneh

    Don’t hide that gorgeous hair underneath that beanie!
    I hope he keeps the hair, it makes him looks even more hot, if that’s possible.
    Nice to see him without Reese to be honest.

  • Shelly

    Isn’t it interesting that Jake looks happier when he is without Reese. When he’s with her, he walks around with a smug look on his face.

  • Amy $

    Wow he is so hot. So so hot! I almost forgot….

  • bebe

    I personally think he can do so much better than Reese. She’s a good actress but she has a “bitch vibe” about her that’s not so attractive.

  • FK

    I’ve always wanted Reese and Joachin Phoenix to get together. And by always I mean every since “Walk the Line.” Their chemistry was just so incredible. I think he would be a better opposites-attract match than Jake. Especially since they seem to share a certain intensity in their bad-boy good-girl personas. Yep. And Jake, sigh, would be free. Why is he so dreamy?

  • Andre

    Jake isn’t dating Reese Witherspoon, they are just terribly unconvincing showmance couple.

  • Metome


    You are the one that is terribly unconvincing.

    Adore Jake and so glad to see these pics of him! He looks sexy as always. :)