‘The Hills’: Hate The Player, Hate The Game


Oh man … last night’s ep of The Hills was chock full of drama of varying degrees … there were lies, there were tears and there was a pool party — what else could one ask for in a single episode of their favorite faux reality TV program?

Last night’s ep centered on Lauren LC Conrad’s return and the fallout from Stephanie creepin’ behind her back to try and mack on her ex Doug. On the Speidi front, mama Montag came for a visit and she ended up getting into it with Spencer … man, drama city! After the jump, find out who was lying about what, who was crying about what and how nothing can really stay a secret for long on The Hills in the ep titled Don’t Act Innocent …

So, I didn’t get to recap last week’s ep of The Hills since David and I were enjoying a little holiday in Reykjavik, Iceland but I did watch the ep once I returned home. While we didn’t see that anything actually happened between Stephanie and Doug, I think it’s safe to assume that something had to happen otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to hide it from LC (and how they every thought they’d be able to get away with any of this is beyond me … again, we’re supposed to suspend belief that we don’t know there are VIDEO CAMERAS recording EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE SAY AND DO). Last night’s ep was the fallout ep … and all the lies got called out — and for what?

Firstly, it was nice to see trainer Jarrett back on the show … he’s been MIA since last season (when he dated Whitney for about 10 secs. a season or 2 ago) so I’m glad that he came back to inject his $0.02 into the discussion about how girls shouldn’t date the exes of their girlfriends. LC point blank called out Stephanie for sneaking around behind her back and Stephanie really didn’t have anything to say … she muttered some nonsensical things and kinda stood there slack-jawed a lot … which left LC no recourse but to stare back equally slack-jawed … and that was that. Dumb. On the Speidi side of things, Heidi’s mom came for a visit and got into it with Spencer — who really showed her zero respect and seemed only interested in pissing her off/making her cry. It is clear that no matter who tries to get close to Heidi … be it LC or her own sister and mother, Spencer feels the need to interject himself in order to eject those people out of Heidi’s life. I mean … is that love? It seems clear that the only way that Speidi can be together is if there is a total absence of everyone else … period. Sounds like a fun life. The ep ended at Doug’s poolparty where everything was dragged out into the open … Doug got caught in his lies, Stephanie got caught in her lies (Stephanie even got an earful of Doug throwing her under the bus/talking shizz about her in order for him to try and save his own sorry butt) and basically showed their true colors. Doug looked like a total lying jerk and Stephanie like a skeeze — which I’m sure shocked no one at all familiar with these people on the show. This crap is high school to the fullest … it’s kinda funny and yet, kinda sad, too.

All in all, tho, I quite enjoyed … what did y’all think?

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  • Alicia

    I’m surprised you didn’t put a screencap up there of Whitney when she was spitting! lol

  • SpecialK

    OMG! How stupid are these people!!! First off my boyfriend would never ever disrepect my Mom like that!! And Doug is such a player. Why didn’t I see it in the other episodes, I actually thought he might me a nice guy. There are absolutely no nice guys on that show, whatsoever. Brody is just as bad as Spencer in my opinion, the only difference is Spencer doesn’t try to cover it up.

  • Whoa, big shocker, Spencer disrespects his “true loves” mother…
    Yeesh, he’s a jerk.

  • Karly

    Spencer is so gross. If he talked to my mom like that she’d not only haul off and knock him out but I’d stomp all over his face while he was down for the count. If he isn’t like that in real life why the hell would he try and pretend to be?

    The hills is getting kind of boring and icky ):

  • Monique

    whitney looked like she was ready to DESTROY doug when he soaked her with his stupid junior high style cannonball. what a TOOL.

  • Monique

    haha Alicia, the spitting was great, as was whitney’s comment when she said “I don’t even know you… and i don’t want to either” haha guess Lauren was right when she laughingly said Whitney was going to hate him. ha.

  • Katie

    OMG…this show is ridiculous yet still so addicting!!! I love it. You know what I don’t love though? LC’s mustache….seriously, someone has got to do some bleaching or waxing of some kind. That is all I could see when she was on screen last night.
    And Spencer….really? His part has to be scripted. NO WAY he could get away with such behavior!

  • Buffy0504

    I don’t understand how after Heidi watching this show could stomach being with Spencer, I mean she is seeing it happen -because if she’s in the mind set that her sister and mom are over reacting there’s no denying the video tape!! He’s a louse, and has zero manners- his parents must be so proud.

  • Froggie2004

    When is Heidi going to really get it that Spencer is the sole reason she has no friends and her family has been concerned since she met him???
    I am no fan of hers, but come on girl!! Spence is a d-bag who talks shit to your moms…is that the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with??

  • Catherine

    I’ve kind of loved to hate Spencer, but last night was too much. Pathetic. Heidi, we’ve all dated disrespectful losers in our lives. It will suck to disentangle yourself from him, but MOVE ON. Jeez.

  • patches

    i laugh at you losers that actually watch this crap and care about these people

  • I knew as soon as I saw Whitney spit the pool water out that you’d have a screen shot of it! LOVE IT!

  • lizzie

    Is Spencer such a douche in real life or does he just reserve it for the camera? Heidi and he are perfect for one another cause they’re both ding-dongs.

  • Teri

    Spencer is a complete jacka$$ and should be ashamed of himself.

  • Lizzy

    Thanks for saying that comment about them being filmed, Trent! That’s what I was thinking! If you’re going to try to sneak around, don’t do it on a reality television show, esp when the show is about the person you’re trying to hide from. I just think these people wanted to be on tv and Stephanie was using LC for that purpose. She wasn’t getting much airtime when she was friends w/ Heidi, now was she? Hmmm…

  • Tiff

    Someone should send Heidi the video of the way Spenser talked to her Mom! I would dump his rude obnoxious ass immediately! How Rude!!!

  • Rebecca

    i love the hills but i think last night was soooo dumb how doug brody and frankie were getting in on the girls’ fight… like they would EVEN CARE!! they are only worried about lauren not being friends with them and them not being able to be on the show anymore… last time i checked my guy friends dont care about getting in on the girls’ gossip…

  • coco

    Does anyone else think that LC is WAY too involved in her friends lives and needs to grow up? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the show… but HELLO! If one of my friends wants to date an ex, I say, go for it! Especially if I am friends with that ex. Why would I want anything but happiness for them? She is LAME.

  • Lisa

    Ohh Spencer kills me every time I watch this show, that now all I can do is laugh. Never the less he is such an dick head. I feel really bad for Heidi, she seems so nice.

  • ShaveSpencer

    #1 someone buy Spencer a razor… and a better attitude
    #2 Doug is a huge DOUCHE! What a player, LC is better off without him!
    #3 to respond to CoCo- she has to be involved in her friend’s lives, otherwise there wouldn’t be a show, duh!
    #4 MTV needs to hire better editors… they are slippin up big time!

  • bee

    go whitney’s facial expressions! (:

    they are the reason i watch the hills!!

  • Liz

    Why does LC get mad that Stephanie went out a date with Doug? Did she break up with him? He is an ex, anyone can date him. Geez!

  • Ali

    Did anyone else notice that LC had a mustache during the beginning outside scenes with her and the ShePratt? It was very distracting and disturbing…

  • Katie

    THANK YOU ALI……i couldn’t concentrate on anything besides LC’s stache!

  • Alicia

    haha thanks so much to the “Spit-ney” pic! I love it!!

  • Denise

    Katie — LOL! I’m glad I’m not the only one who could hardly watch anyone but the mustachioed Lauren Conrad! So gross.

  • YankeesGirl

    Did anyone catch all the pictures Doug had of himself in his house? What a concieted ass!

  • Nadine

    I agree with Coco. I don’t understand how LC can be sooo saddd. She seriously needs to get a man and move on with her life and stop dictating to her friends who they can date and who they can be friends with, and who they can talk to.
    She can’t really be like that but if she is then some one just needs to tell her off and stop kissing her ass. She’s not that great. I would love to see someone tell her off like Stephanie or Doug. That would be good drama not this boring crap.

  • Katie

    I love how Jen Bunny was at the party and got no air time!!

  • Fatima

    I’m surprised at the criticism that Lauren has received in some of these comments. This episode actually made me like Lauren a whole lot more. Even after Doug and Stephanie were publicly called out for being so shady, LC had the compassion to wipe Stephanie’s tears and hear a couple more of her lies out, before ending it so civilly. Class act. And I thought Brody was super cool in this episode, for giving Doug a hard time; clearly he doesn’t ascribe to the ‘bros before hos’ philosophy, which I can respect (;

  • I wish Heidi’s mom didn’t break down and cry that maybe she’s being a little controlling…it’s Spencer who’s controlling and her mother who’s trying to knock sense into her. How does Heidi not see Spencer for who he is? He blatantly rips on her sister right in front of her, and then is sarcastic when her mom arrives. Their togetherness has gotta be a contractual thing with the show and with their outside advertisers. Why would someone allow themselves to be alienated from their friends and family?

  • kaiser

    Lauren had a funny little sarcastic attitude in this episode (until the end.) When did she get so happy/silly?

  • Heather

    Lauren needs to join Whitney in NYC and let all the dumba$$es on the Hills die a slow painful death. I only watch the Hills because I liked Lauren on Laguna Beach, if it was only people like Heidi, Spencer, Audrinka (!) and douche JB on the show, I’d never watch it again. They’re all a bunch of fame whores. Now that Lauren doesn’t give Heidi and Spencer the time of day, I guess the producers or the fame whores themselves are trying to create new drama by the “Lauren and JB hooked up” rumor. Shame on Audrinka for being so naive! Lauren is best to leave The Hills behind and concentrate on her own happiness and career. What does anyone else have to fall back on when the show ends? Nothing.