Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her Rock


Jennifer Hudson, who is currently in NYC doing promo work for her just released new album Jennifer Hudson, was snapped proudly showing off her new engagement ring (you may recall that J. Hud recently announced her engagement to reality TV personality David Otunga, better known as Punk on the VH1 competitive reality show I Love New York) around town so I thought it would be nice to feature it right here on the blog as well. I can’t help but notice how big the diamond stone is and she does seem pretty happy with it … I’m just curious how much a ring like that costs and who actually paid for it:

Now, I understand that Mr. Otunga is a lawyer in Chicago, IL and I know that lawyers make a lot of money … but how lucrative a lawyer can he be to be able to afford a rock of this magnitude? And if he really is this successful a lawyer, what the hell was he doing on reality TV in the first place? Y’all may recall that Britney Spears was the one who paid for her own engagement ring back when she wed Kevin Federline … mebbe that’s the same thing that’s going on here. And, for the record, I see nothing wrong with it. Jennifer Hudson really deserves to enjoy herself and her money, I think it’d be great if she did end up paying for her own engagement bling. What I’m really curious about is why J. Hud and Punk have never (to my knowledge) been photographed together. It seems odd to me that the couple would choose to never be seen together in public and yet, they are headed to the altar together. The whole scenario seems very strange to me … I’m not sure if I totally buy it all just yet. Doesn’t everything about the relationship between Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga seem really shady to all y’all?

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  • julie

    All I know is, maybe I should get engaged to a queen, too, because apparently they have great taste in jewelry.

  • Marjorie

    I read in US Weekly that the ring was 4 or 5 carats and I was wondering the same thing..

  • m

    He worked at one of the most prestigious law firms in Chicago (same one as Barack Obama). Easily could have made enough money to afford the ring..until he was fired for being on I love New York.

  • LOVECarrie

    LOL, Julie…and when you say “queen,” I take it you don’t mean England. ;) Had no idea Al Reynolds moved to Chi-town!

  • jen

    He is a Harvard educated lawyer in a top Chicago law firm! Probably bills $800/hr.

  • jen

    ^(Hit the enter button too soon)
    He is leagues above KFed and can afford to buy his own ring!

    Not fair to even compare the two!

  • Anon

    He worked at the best law firm in Chicago (as mentioned the firm where the Obamas met), which is why they were embarrassed by his appearance on ILNY and asked him to leave. Law firms are one of the only places where the salaries per class are publicly available; you can easily look it up. Plus you know he probably gets appearance fees (as, sadly, other reality “stars” do) since he’s left ILNY.

  • ???inJersey

    I don’t understand the questions regarding the price of the ring and who purchased it. I mean really, he did graduate from HARVARD!!! Ergo, his starting salary was quite substantial. (See ILNY2.) And why couldn’t he be on television. Maybe he wanted to be an actor. It happens. Finally, what is the comparison between JHud and BRITNEY!. One, JHud is (1) not from LA and the backwoods, (2) not a mother to any children, (3) has not had a meltdown, nor has she dated an exploitative paparazzi. I don’t get it. What difference does it make?

  • christine

    first of all, he gives me the creeps. second of all, i don’t get the impression he’s into chicks so i think this is weird

  • Nikki

    i dont mind the fact that they having been photographed together. she seems like the type that likes her to keep her life private. you dont see many tabloid shots of her.

  • dannydrunko

    Anyone remember his eyebrows?! He was def not into girls…weird..

  • Marjorie

    Just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t automatically mean that he can afford a ring that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Especially since it probably took him years to pay off his Harvard law school education.

  • Elle

    I never watched the show, but I am a huge J Hud fan. I hope that she knows what she’s doing.

  • Dana

    there are a few pics of them together. have to search for them again, or just ask tasha from YBF I’m sure they’re still on her page.

  • Katt

    i was pretty shocked when i heard the news- RANDOM! i want to learn more backround info on him, cause i too was wondering where the moola came for that big bling!

  • Katie

    I saw her recently on the David Letterman show I think?, or was it Jay Leno? Anyway, she talked about her engagement to the guy.. said that he completely surprised her with the proposal and did it at a beach, being all romantic. In fact, she had to use a shovel and dig for her ring, she said, but it was all romantic of course.

    So anyway, I assume then that he paid for the ring himself since Hudson said she did not expect it. Hudson also mentioned that he was very “traditional” and had asked her mother for her blessing/approval before planning it out. Hudson is too sweet, though, and I feel that she is too naive/gullible :( .. especially since they’ve been dating for less than a year!

    Some online articles claim that it’s a Neil Lane ring! Guess the boy made bank. But the fact that he was on that reality show gives a certain insight to his character..

    Shady shady!

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  • Damn all of a sudden it’s wonderful to be a lawyer. They make a decent living, but their money ain’t that damn long. It would take him two years to make what she could in six months!!!

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  • Phee

    Yeah…they actually have been photographed together, SEVERAL times. on i’ve seen pics of them together several times before news that the engagement came out. How they did it was he would be sneaking around. He wouldn’t be right beside her, kinda off to the side so she would get her shine, so that it would be all about JHud and her carreer not, “OMG JHud is dating Punk!” That’s stupid wile you’re dating. When you’re getting married now….that’s another thing altogether. *wink*

  • keisha

    Jenifer just lose her mom and her brother and her nephew is kidnapp,so let us keep that in mind and 4get about who the hell she going to married. She and her family will be in my prayers..