‘Survivor: Gabon’ Brings The P33N


My French boys at Oh La La Mag gave me the head’s up of a particularly interesting thing that David and I missed seeing during the season premiere of Survivor: Gabon this past Thursday night. The CBS network censors were obvs sleeping on the job when they approved this week’s ep of Survivor as they let a quick flash of penis make it to air on national television. LOL. But before we get to the p33n, let’s set the scene. Marcus Lehman, 28 year old doctor from Atlanta, buddied up with Charlie Herschel, a 29 year old gay lawyer from NYC, in the season premiere ep to forge the first alliance on the show. Charlie was very obvs in LURVE with Marcus but Marcus seemed to be willing to overlook Charlie’s fawnyness in order to build the first bond on the show that may help him get to the $1 million dollar prize. Here are a few screencaps of underwear clad Marcus and the very infatuated Charlie talking strategy in the jungle:

I kind half expected these two to kiss or something … but unfortch for Charlie, that never happened.

And then came the p33n … during one of the challenges, Marcus was running around in his loose-fitting undies when his penis kinda popped out of hiding to come out and say hello:

After the jump, check out the NSFW uncensored screencaps (and a VERY FUN animated gif) of Marcus’s p33n poppin’ out of his undies …

During the actual broadcast, the action went by too fast to see anything in “real time” but the screencaps clearly show that Marcus’s penis came out to say hello. Additionally, the industrious chaps at the DreamCaps forum created an animated gif that show the action, well, “in action”:

I mean, this shizz is funny, y’all. Sure it may be a *bit* childish but whatevs … US network TV is so sanitized that a little flash of p33n every once-in-a-while is good for the soul. Wouldn’t you agree? Thanks Marcus!


  • Diana

    HAHA!! Wow.

  • Matt

    I bet Charlie is watching this over and over and over

  • hahahhaa!
    this is so funny!!!!

  • Ron


  • Natty

    why is he doing a challenge in his undies? does he not have pants?

  • oh wow, I’m glad I saw that!

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    That is tooo funny! I did not notice at all when i watched the show thursday…hooray for penis!

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    Natty are you not a regular survivor watcher? I’m sure they get paid more to do stunts in the least amount of clothes possible. Its not survivor unless there is a nip slip or something. Also, imagine how hot it must be in Gabon….

  • Evie

    I wonder if his balls were aching after the run?

  • hahahaha. that gif is the greatest thing ive seen all day.

  • Tiffany


  • K8

    We totally did not notice this at all when we watched it the other day… We just went back and looked online, and sure enough… his penis is definitely out! I wonder if he noticed when he watched the ep…

  • pooneck


  • joce

    hmm. penis is weird.

  • Kendra

    It looks like a little finger! Ha! That’s hilarious!

  • Zane

    LOLLLLLLLL! That’s too funny!

  • lol

  • dEEEEE

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justme

    my hubby and i noticed it.. and he was like, they blur the girls for no reason, that girl they voted off was played in slow motion every chance he got, and they let the good dr flop all over..

    it made us giggle

  • KATS

    LOL! I love it

  • tatiana

    I think this should be my new avatar…lol

  • A

    That was toooooooooooooooooo funny!!!! :) Thank you for sharing…

    How boys walk around with that is still beyond me!

  • Charlie

    I thought these Survivor Gabon penis pics were fakes so I Googled it. To my surprise I found Marcus’s penis flash video. In slow-motion no doubt. Gawd, I love the internet: http://www.nakedstraightguys.com/cbs-survivor/gabon-marcus-alvarez-lehman/

  • Kate


  • Melinda

    eek!! that puppy was really trying to break free!!! probably was hoping to take the next boat out and meet back up after the show!! hahaha………

  • Laura

    LOL!!! LOL LOL totally made my day

  • big(female) pimpin

    have to say that i/m extremely impressed by your fucking dick size…. god i want u in me…… lemme know what you think, boy.

  • Kathleen

    Awesome :)

  • shade

    just watched this while i was in the middle of a conversation on the phone!! laughed so hard i had to hang up!!! :D too funny!!

  • Angie

    OH MY GOD! hahhaha that is hilarious. I love survivor and I completely missed that. Thanks Trent :) you should do Survivor recaps this season. You know you looove it. :)

  • OMFG, that shizz is hilarious!!! I totally missed that in real-time.

    *Swooon* for both of those boys – they are hot!!

  • bigdog

    Forget the guys, show the girls, would rather see breasts bouncing around

  • JD

    TOTALLY hot! too bad CBS will pay extra close attention now!

  • Emily

    imagine the cameraman/lady’s face when he/she taped this ……………………………. LOL!

  • Emily


  • Reana

    omg, lol!! The animated gif is hilarioussss, it also looks like it hurts, just flopping all over like that.. good thing it’s compact size, lmao.

  • Chris

    Wow! I was watching (or so I thought), but I totally missed this!

  • sometime the lil’ guy needs to what’s is going on and needs air too

  • logan

    yum yum give me some!

  • Melissa

    I hate this show. But ooooh he’s hot. And I don’t mind seein’ a lil flash of his pee pee. Woot!

  • James

    I tivo’d it, watched half, then once I heard about the wardrobe malfunction finished watching. Later I realized the title of that episode is “Want to see the elephant dung?” No Lie. If any of you tivo”d or dvr’d it check it out.

  • Stephanie

    LOL too funny!

  • LOL, I love it, this is great! Too bad I don’t watch this show, I can’t stand it & even though we got some gratuitous P it wasn’t enough for me to start watching. Now, if Taye Diggs accidentally flopped out during an ep of Private Practice I’d record & save that for life!!!

  • Samuel

    Yay Penis!!! Lol

  • Ohmigosh, he has a PENIS!!!! What is the world coming to?

  • Editorial comment:

    Must be a ‘grower”, sure isn’t a ‘shower’.


  • Christin

    thank God it was his, & not the old pirate dude behind him in the black man-ties!

  • Yay! Long live the P33N!! HA HA!!

    Yeah, you’re right that most Americans are so phobic of the human body. Come on folks. Everybody’s got something down there. Time to quit making them out to be naughty bits!

  • hayley


  • hayley

    damn straight Christin hahaha ew i woulda puked up mah dinner!

  • Jen

    I think it’s funny that the people who are most outraged by stuff like this are probably the same folks who slowed it down and rewatched it several times just to make sure they were really seeing what they thought they were seeing, and then decided to freak out about it…puh-leeze!!!

  • olivia

    how did HE not notice the extra breeze?! He probably did since it stayed hidden in the downhill portion of that event. still not making me WANT to watch the show, however.

  • Pinkio

    We should all be glad it popped out from an attractive guy.

  • Pinkio

    Next up… Survivor: Gabon in HD 3D IMAX!

  • Alexis

    He He love it! He must be sooooo embarrassed at showing it on tv. The media in the UK is so quick to show any accidental slip by a female celeb, its about time we got our own back!!!

  • mermaidgirl101

    omg wnna give him a blo job sooo bad! it looks sooo yummy!