Les Beckhams Launch ‘Signature’ Scents In NYC


David and Victoria Beckham descended upon Manhattan yesterday to make an in-store appearance at Macy’s Department Store here in NYC in order to officially launch their new male & female fragrances called Signature here in the US. You may recall that Vicki B. made an in-store appearance at Harvey Nichols in Manchester, UK at the end of August to launch her fragrance there. Here are a few pics of Les Beckhams making their grand arrival at Macy’s here in NYC yesterday afternoon from afar:

And here are a bunch more pics of the very fashionable-looking couple up close on the red purple carpet:

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing Becks in a suit … the man just looks so good when he’s all dolled up like this. The only thing I like better is Becks wearing pretty much nothing at all — but, if he’s gonna wear clothes, I really like the suits. I must admit, VB looks pretty good here as well. I kinda dig the dress … it’s got an interesting design (tho, I doubt it’s one of her designs) … and I really like the rubber tights. They look like the shiny, rubber tights that Tori Amos wore some nights of her American Doll Posse World Tour last year. Of course, she still looks like a robot … but I like what the tin lady is wearing at least ;)

After their in-store appearance, the couple made their way to the trendy Waverly Inn for a late night bite to eat, here are pics of Les Beckhams making their grand exit from the eatery:

While it would’ve been nice to have an up-close and personal encounter with these two, it was just as I suspected … a full-on madhouse frenzy from start to finish. With all the rain here in NY yesterday, well, I just didn’t want to deal with the hassle. I’m sure the folks that made their way out to Macy’s to see DB and VB had fun … I’m totally content with just the pics.

Incidentally, I’m curious as to what Signature Male smells like … I’m not too keen on Becks’s previous male fragrance, Instinct, but this one … I might have to give it a sniff … I still have this hope that they are able to bottle what Becks really smells like and sell it. MMMM, doesn’t that sound nice?

[Photo credit: Splash News, Bauer-Griffin]

  • canuckistani

    She’s too damn skinny!

  • Ksae

    I agree. She is too skinny. Just look at her arms!

  • David looks so hot in that first suit!! I agree with Trent I enjoy him in suits or nothing at all

  • Meredith

    Umm are her shoes completely heel-less in the first set of photos? I can see a front platform, but in the only three quarters angled shot the look like they don’t have even the skinniest of stiletto heels.

  • Jonathan

    Did anyone note that VB’s heels (shoes) have well…NO HEELS!

  • well, those are no tights which are Vb is wearing .
    Those are Antonio Berardi heel-less boots