Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Shop For Body Parts


Here are a few cute pics of everyone’s fave celeb couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson enjoying a fun afternoon of shopping together in SoCal this week … the couple were snapped shopping for various items when a fun and funky pink skull caught the ladies’ attention … oooh, pretty:

Aww … adorable. Linds looks so happy … like she doesn’t have a care in the world … like the furthest thing from her mind is that restraining order that she is slapping on her overzealous, fame-hungry and estranged father Michael Lohan:

ANOTHER day, another Lohan family drama. Lindsay , who told us several days ago that her father, Michael, “needs to be on medication,” is so scared of him, sources said, that she’s “taking out an order of protection. He’s behaving so erratically that she’s terrified he’ll do something to her. She’s contacted her lawyer to arrange this.” Lindsay’s sister, Ali, “already has an order of protection against him, as does [mom] Dina. No one is speaking with him until he gets help.” Lindsay’s rep declined to comment.

It’s so nice that Lindsay can rely on Samantha at times like these. Whether or not she is actually “scared to death” of her psycho father, it’s nice that L. Ron have one another to depend on. Also, did any of y’all watch Ugly Betty last night? Linds was featured heavily in last night’s season premiere ep … and she did a great job. Life appears to be going very well for Lindsay these days … are her happy days due solely to Sam’s influence? Mebbe. There is no denying that life has been lookin’ up for L. Lo since she and Sam started hanging out. I just love them together.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Froggie2004

    Trent, Lind’s mouth piece has already put out denials of Lind’s coming out. She said it was Lindsay just going a long with the interviewer….what do you think is the real scoop?

  • LOVECarrie

    Yeah, I heard about the denial. I also went and heard the actual interview. I’m not sure why the denial…as a member of “the clique”, it’s soooo obvious they’re together like that. She said in the audio about finding out of DJ AM and Travis something about her and Sam waking up. It sounded like they were in the same room, if you get what I mean… ;)

  • Nicola

    Little biased much? She could be this ‘normal’ and subdued with a guy but you love this so much more because it’s a same-sex relationship… supposedly.

  • Diana

    She’s been hanging out Samantha Ronson. Remember the pics of Lindsay passed out in the front seat of a car? She was with Sam. It seems that Lindsay is on a positive path but I’m not sure Samantha deserves all the credit. I don’t think they were dating back then but they have been good friends for a long time, even when Lindsay was using.

  • Sarah

    I definitely don’t think Sam is THE “good influence” and doesn’t deserve any credit. Lindsay had a messed up last year, and she hung out with Sam all the time!!!! How do people not remember that? Her first car crash early summer 2007 had Sam right there with her. Any happiness, anything she has accomplished is all due to her own self recovery and strength. And while I do think her dad is psycho crazy, I don’t think anyone, including Lindsay, should trust Samantha.

  • LOVECarrie

    I agree that the fact she’s in a good place belongs to Lindsay herself. Having said that, what to say that everything she went through wasn’t some of her dealing with her feelings for Samantha, etc? Being gay can be hard to awknowledge and accept for some people. I couldn’t imagine the added pressure of being in the media and, thus, a brand/product, etc. I mean, it seems that she is doing a lot better these days. We should celebrate that.

  • ella

    I have to agree with Sarah that Samantha was there throughout all of Lindsay’s troubles and should now way be considered the good influence. How can the person that was once called Lindsay’s enabler now be called her good influence?

  • Marjorie

    Gee Trent, I really couldn’t tell that you absolutely love them together. They are now featured on your blog more than Britney Spears and David Beckham combined.

  • damion

    I really like them together. It’s refreshing to see a couple in hollywood that doesn’t look like they been put together by a publicist. They just seem real and it’s good to see LL genuinly smiling again. Hopefully they can be left alone to get on with their lifes.

  • Joanne

    The pictures speak for themselves – Lindsay is happy and glowing. Who cares what happened 2-3-4 years ago? She’s still only 22. Everyone is entitled to evolve, move on and not have their past thrown in their face. Some people would prefer to watch Lindsay trainwreck herself, than see a happy ending.

  • creeper

    I agree with Sarah, Sam’s always been a piece of shit. What’s changed now? Everyone says Lilo has accomplished so much this year? Give me a fuckin break…since when has not being arrested become an accomplishment? If that’s an accomplishment than I’m a humanitarian because I don’t kill people. Tell that chick start doing some real acting work. Has anyone heard Sam dj? Her own songs are fuckin pathetic.

  • ready steady go

    my only hope is that they are not intentionally playing a game, otherwise fans won’t be so nice with lindsay!

    but i guess they know what they are doing.. lindsay doesnt seem to be on drugs or alchool (but i believe that she still drink sometimes, maybe not ’till drunkness)…

    have you noticed how she doesn’t club anymore? she only goes to club when there are special events or sam’s dj gig.. i don’t think i saw pics of her, or her with sam going in a club where sam doesn have to spin! they go to restaurant, movies, but not disco! weird huh?

    i kinda liked junkie drunkie LiLo!
    kidding! i hated her, but it’s hard to believe that she can be someone else..

  • ready steady go

    well, Sarah, actually I also have a friend who is “like” lilo, she drinks, she uses drug and she is the one who drive when we all hang out or go to clubs… but, even if she is my friend and has this issues, and i was with her everytime we had accidents, or drunk tests, i’m not the reason why she do that! we are 4 friends and she is the only one who drink and smoke and do drugs.. i dont drink and i don’t do drugs, i smoke only when i’m nervous…

    so why sam had to be the bad influence for linds? just because she was with her when linds crashed her car? and the drugs in the car was Sam’s? oh yeah because it’s hard to believe that lindsay used cacaine?

    imagine i’m sam and i enter in my friend car: what if she has drug in the car and crash her car? i’m with her, but doesn’t mean i’m involved…

    try to expand your views please… i’m not caliming sam is a Saint, but as i know, she never got arrested for anything, not DUI or anything, she lately has tons of paps around her, but she hasn’t crashed her porsche yet right? maybe lindsay simply can’t drive! it can be possible, i’m a bad driver too..(tough i only had 1 accident)

  • Spice

    Trent – the name L.Ron almost sounds like another person entirely instead of the combo of names to show a couple…
    Lohan and Ronson = Loson.

    Just a thought…