It Takes Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson To Tango


Yesterday we saw pics of Lindsay Lohan on the set of a magazine photoshoot at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills (on the same day that word came out that Linds confirmed that she and Samantha Ronson are “together”) and I noted that she spent an awful lot of time on the phone in between takes. I guessed that she might’ve been chatting with Samantha … it looks like I was right. Here are new pics of Lindsay and Sam at that private residence … dancing together in between takes:

OMG … I love it. Clearly these two were meant to be together … happy and content, L. Ron make such a supercute couple. I just love these two together … I sincerely hope they stay together forever :)

[Photo credit: X17]

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  • Jenn

    they will be together until lung cancer takes them. b l e c h.

  • Lori

    She looks happy and healthy and seems very smitten with Samantha. I think her trying to hide who she was probably played a part in her downfall. Now with Samantha she can be herself and her life is back on track.

  • Yoka

    How are they dancing??
    They’re just saying hello to each other

  • jenn

    ack. i just love them together

  • creeper


  • M3

    Lori, personally (my 2cents), I don’t think “hiding who she was”played a part in any downfall. She’s just a little girl lost looking for someone to love her for who she is, not the sex symbol she became. She surrounded herself with men that only saw her as an object, a conquest of some type. Now she’s found someone that doesn’t see her as that and it just happens to be a woman. I’m sure the fact that Sam is so dude-ish played a role in her taking this friendship to the next level.

    And is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Lindsay and Sam’s twin sister bear a striking resemblance in some pics.

  • Marnie

    Soooo glad Sam’s stopped wearing those stupid hats she was so fond of this summer!

  • Susie

    I think Lori’s comments are quite insightful re: “hiding who she was” – although, at the same time I think M3’s comments also have merit.

    Truly, it’s great that Lindsay is happy and more stable in this relationship. However, I honestly don’t see it lasting forever. It may last a long time, that’s very possible. But I don’t belive that Lindsay is authentically “gay” – I think, like M3, she found something great in someone who just happens to be a woman. And after coming out of such a vulnerable period in her life, she grabbed on to to the life raft that was Sam.

    Lindsay is still very young, and hasn’t fully come into her womanhood. In time, she will feel biological urges for children and a family, and it’s not to say that Sam and her couldn’t have that together, but I really believe that there will come a time when she will want a more traditional life with a man. I think this is a phase she’s going through, but I don’t believe it will last.

    But, I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before! So we’ll see.

  • Weedy McStoned

    I love Lindsay with Samantha. They are too cute together.

  • julie

    I agree, Marnie – the hats were SO fug. And I agree with Susie, too, that there is very little chance Lindsay will stay with Sam, or women in general, for more than a few years. I just don’t buy her as a “lesbian.” She’s a wild child who desperately needs love and attention, and she’ll take it wherever she can get it.

  • Katy

    I completely agree with Susie and M3. She is just looking for someone to love her.

  • Joanne

    Why is it so hard for people to believe that Lindsay could actually be gay? What age is she – 21-22? I think we all forget how young she is, as she seems to have been in the public eye forever. Life is about finding out who you are! Just because she dated men in the past does not mean she is faking it now. The most irritating things people say about lesbian’s is that they ‘have had bad experiences with men’ or that they have ‘just not found the right guy’ …

  • AndresAndres

    I have to say for a what seemed to be a comfirmed hetero woman like LILO I hope that this is not some flash in the pan desicion that will hurt Samantha or shall I say I hope that she doesn’t “HECHE”.

  • rand

    i am disappointed by the commenters here who are making the argument that lindsay can’t possibly be with sam for a long time b/c she’s not “gay.” heterosexuality is a social construct that was invented in the 19th century — who is to say we are all a little queer? i think everyone is capable of loving someone of either gender and that sexuality is very fluid and contextual. i am a woman in a relationship with another woman right now and we are getting married. both of us have been with men before but we are totally in love. who are you to assume that there are certain “biological urges” (e.g., children) that will automatically end our relationship later? we can have all the kids we want (not that i want to at this point). i’m just happy lindsey found true love and with someone who doesn’t see her as a trophy.

  • I don’t know but I think Lindsay is more “straight” than “gay” social constructs and all…

  • Yeah, I was thinking of Anne Heche, too…Hmmmmm IDK

  • Mojo

    Ever hear the saying, “you’re straight until your not”? I do believe that sexuality is fluid. But some people are TRULY straight. I don’t necessarily believe in labels like bi. I believe there are varying degrees. I think that is why some people can live a seemingly “straight” life for years then move on to a same sex relationship, then back. But just because someone slept with a man/men in their lifetime then into a same sex relationship does not necessarily means they are bi. I knew from a very early age. Had a gf in high school, but had to hide it. We broke up, I did a Lindsay spiral, minus the drugs, boy sex and alcohol were more than enough. Couldn’t tell my friends, they couldn’t figure out what was going on. Ended up marrying a man, because it was what I was “supposed to do”. Had two kids. Now divorced. And I am a lesbian. Was really never interested in men sexually. It has always been women. Husband wondered why he never caught me checking out guys, cause I was always checking out the same girls he was! I just know how hard it was for me to deal with at 17 and I wasn’t under constant scrutiny of the world, paps, tabs, etc. So I do believe that she’s not straight, but she might just be a varying degree of gayness!