The Dude Who Leaked Britney Spears’s New Single Speaks


The tool overeager radio DJ who leaked the snippet of Britney Spears’s new single Womanizer last week (and was subsequently fined by Sony/BMG and removed from his job at his radio station because of it) is now talking to in order to tell his side of the story … while he still can cuz in about 45 mins. no one is gonna even remember his name (which I’m confused about … the initial reports stated that his name is Adam Sevalia but this new article claims his real name is Adam Davis):

WRVW (The River) personality Intern Adam said today he has been taken off the air for leaking the new Britney Spears’ single, “Womanizer” on the radio station’s Web site. “I was the first person in the world who had this, the Britney Spears’ comeback single,” he said. “I got excited; I got eager. I wanted to get this out there already, so I did. And I guess I got a little too eager.” Intern Adam, whose real name is Adam Davis (and he’s not an intern), said he doesn’t yet know if he’s been suspended or fired from the station for which he’s worked since 2004. WRVW’s Rich Davis did not return a call today. Intern Adam, 25, taped the song during a Jive Records conference call with radio programmers and posted it on the station’s Web site. He said he never played the song on the air. He would not comment on whether anyone else at the station knew beforehand what he had done. “If anyone has ever listened to The River, they know I”m a big supporter of Britney Spears. It’s ironic that Britney’s biggest supporter on the air here is off the air because I played a Britney Spears song. I don’t know what is going to happen next,” he said. “All I can say is bad press is better than no press when you are off the air. Hopefully, I’m not fired. Hopefully they’ll let me back.”

See, it’s one thing to be a supporter of someone’s professional career but I find it highly unlikely he was out for anything other than his own fame at being the first person to leak the new Britney Spears track. Did he really believe he was helping Britney by leaking a snippet of a low quality, unfinished version of her new song? I really don’t think so. In the end, he acted extremely unprofessionally and I’m not surprised that Britney’s record company is going after him and that his radio station employers have yanked him off the air. He’s really trying to ride this wave of “fame” for as long as he can … I hope he enjoys the ride. I doubt it’ll last much longer.


  • ty

    i totally agree trent! how could you possibly be helping britney by leaking her single? esp an unfinished, rough version of it?! i totally think he needed to be suspended but fired is a bit over the top. oh well, everything happens for a reason… honest opinion is that the song that was leaked was the actual version of the song. when Jive saw all of the negative comments they decided to do some fine tuning to change the song a bit. so it was probably for the better….but we’ll see next Monday!

  • zahra

    too right! i totally agree with you trent! and i have to disagree with “ty” because he acted grossly unprofessional, and he was only looking out for himself! he completely deserves being fired, and this lawsuit as well! this is going to be a one lesson he won’t forget!

  • Angie

    sure it’s ‘unfinished’ and needs ‘remixing’, this another ploy by jive to hype this single up. They wouldn’t have released a PRESS RELEASE if it wasn’t ready in the first place.

  • javajunkie

    what a loser, this will hurt his “career” more than anything instead of help it, he was just thinking of himself and wanted his 15 minutes but it will be more like 15 seconds, i already forgot him

  • Diana

    He looks like a tool…maybe him and Spencer can get together to plot Heidi’s “career”

  • Shawn

    Unprofessional? Do any of you even know anything about the radio business? “Intern Adam” is a radio personality thats notorious for “stirring the pot”, “pushing the envelope”, and getting into trouble—Maybe he did want to be “the first” to leak Brittanys new song, but who cares–I would think it could only help her, because in my opinion she’s done enough to hurt herself–Adam (and his last name is Davis) loves Brittany, and if you knew him as well as I then your opinion maybe would be different–Get off his back, he doesnt deserve to lose his job—Furthermore, in my opinion, Adam is not much different than Perez, you TRENT, or other “gossip bloggers” out there—If you want to place the blame on anyone then place it on yourself, as well as me, that eat this kind of *stuff* up

  • Claire

    I’m from Nashville and listen to 107.5 all the time. Adam “the intern” is not a tool. He is a hilrarious, young, and fun addition to the station. He made a mistake but I can’t imagine it being that big of a deal since it was such a rough cut of the song AND he recorded it off a phone call… who was the idiot playing it then?! If they didn’t want the song to come out, don’t play it for ANYONE, especially radio people. Adam has not received any money off this and he is a HUGE Britney fan. Huge. He’s prob more upset that Brit’s feeling are hurt. ha! And for the record…. Spencer is SO much worse than Adam. Don’t hate.

  • Kevin

    Britney’s record company only said it was a ‘demo’ because all the negative comments fans made from the low-quality version. Since when do Radio stations get demos? They get the final song to play. It was a smart move for the Adam to leak a little of the song because it got press for the song and loads of people wanted to hear it – which should’ve been great news for the Britney Spears camp. Instead the a-holes use Adam as a reason for the song sucking.

  • troyS

    Excuse, me Trent, I love ya, but didn’t you gleefully link to the radio leak? I find it odd (and sadly sanctimonious) that you aren’t supporting this guy for bringing a little Britney to her eager fans. Kiss-up to Jive if you will, but you might want to refrain from using the word “tool”. It’s a little loaded under the circumstances.

  • Shawn

    KUDOS *troyS* —

  • WOW….

    What a dumbass.
    Now he has no job.

  • Amy

    I’m from Nashville and listen to The River somewhat regularly. In my opinion, he did this for the attention. I get it and I get that he loves Britney Spears but the reality is he took a snippet of low quality recording and put it on the site. Personally, while I liked his What do you do Wednesday bits, he is kind of a fame whore looking for his big break. To each their own, I just wish that the station would actually discuss what is going on instead of getting the news via my favorite bloggers!

  • Shawn

    Amy, the station has (several times) discussed, on the air, the situation at hand–Adam has also made a statement to The Tennessean defending himself—
    Adam is not fired (yet), he’s just on suspension–Its not the first time (crashing the truck) and hopefully not the last–Keep your head up Adam, we love you

  • im for real

    I used to sleep with this little pig bottom. He really knows how to slob a knob.

  • Amy

    Shawn, thanks for the heads up. I heard a snippet this morning while stuck in traffic. I heard about the truck crash but never really followed up. Maybe I am just too old now (sigh) and don’t appreciate the high jinks.

  • Calico

    so were you, a supporter of Britney, helping her by posting his link on your site of an unfinished rough leaked copy?