Shannen Doherty Does ‘Radar’ Magazine


Shannen Doherty is featured on the cover and in the pages of the October issue of Radar magazine and in her coverstory interview talks about a range of topics — from germophobia to shoeophilia — Shannen also poses for an “arty” photospread (cue the Oohs and Aahs). Here is what Shannen’s Radar cover looks like and an excerpt from her interview:

On how it felt to be hated by the tabloids:
“I was exploring who I was as a person and testing my own boundaries and trying to be a normal 18-, 19-, 20-year-old, and I got raked over the coals. Many nights I cried myself to sleep over that stuff.”

On the worst lie she ever read about herself:
“There’ve been so many. One of those bullshit rags [wrote that I’d entered AA]. They said that I was so, quote, ‘scared of the drink’ that I was sleeping on my sponsor’s couch. Now, I’ve never been in AA. I accompanied my husband to AA meetings—actually, I forced him to go to one—but I’ve never actually gone for myself. Sometimes you can find some truth, a little nugget somewhere, but not one thing about this was true … But people sell their stories and make their 500 bucks at your expense, and it’s like, ‘Wow. Really?'”

Fascinating … well, not really. But, I am intrigued to read the whole interview tho, I mean, it’s Shannen Doherty … she’s gotta have something worth talking about, right? Well, OK, mebbe not … but perhaps they ask her about Tori Spelling again and she gets all pissy with the interviewer — that always manages to get a small chortle out of me. Now … I must say that I like her coverphoto very much … it’s simple, it’s nice. The rest of the photospread, tho, leaves much to be desired IMHO. After the jump, check out a few pics from Shannen’s Radar photospread …

Meh. The pics are too washed out … she is far too pale to be photographed in this way … I don’t think the absence of color and darkness is doing her any favors. Too arty, I don’t really care for it. Am I wrong … do any of y’all like it? Also, do any of you really care what Shannen has to say anymore now that the novelty of her reemergence on 90210 is winding down?


  • JazzyJess

    I’ve always loved her. I think she looks beautiful!

  • I like them

  • leaveheralone

    I don’t get it – a few weeks ago you were singing her praises and now you don’t care what she has to say because her time on 90210 is dwindling down? Don’t be so wishy-washy. I think she looks great!

  • ginae

    she’s nasty!

  • Lizzy

    i really like the first two

  • Amanda

    I think they made her look like a vampire! Kinda strange. And is it just me or has her gap gotten bigger? I don’t remember it being that big during Charmed.

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  • ashley

    I hate her teeth! You can see them peering out at you in the last photo!

  • JarEdina Monsoon

    Madonna called. She wants her ‘gap’ back. Good lawd, Shanny!

  • Mike

    yeah, her gap has definitely gotten bigger since charmed.. but i still love her to pieces :D

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  • She Knows

    Umm… WTF is she doing outing her husband for being in AA? Does she know that the second A stands for Anonymous. That is ridiculously horrible and I can’t fathom why she is talking about him and AA to magazines.

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  • Kim

    Other than the damn pink stars ruining them the pics look great and so does she

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love her!! She is the bomb…PERIOD!!! Everyone knows it and they just can’t handle her!! I really hope she gets her own show and it is super awesome so she can make a proper comeback and then I can see her everyweek without watching that pathetic knockoff of 90210!!!

  • B

    Did anyone notice how weird her legs look? The one thats on the left – with the tat – is strangely skinny compared to her thigh OR her other calf… photoshopped? just the angle?… either way it looks REALLY weird.

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  • shh

    whatever, i think she looks gorgeous in the first one. i love that dress!

  • Ron

    I think she looks great in this shoot.
    Hopefully she can return to tv with a new series. I would love to see her play a lawyer.

  • PixieBassline

    #1. What a CRAPPY tattoo!! If you’re a celebrity, you should way more thought into your tattoo than THAT… how are there so many celebs with hideous tattoos?

    and #2 – Am I the only person who’s ever noticed how one side of her face is completely LOWER than the other whole side of her face?? Cover one side of her face and compare to the other side… just ODD.
    It’s something that’s bugged me ever since she hit the scene.

  • Nicole

    wow, i didnt think these pics would be this good, but there really pretty.

  • jajaja

    shes so pretty.

  • cORY


  • Geret

    Enough with the Shannen-hating already!
    She’s fabulous, she’s resilient, she’s talented.
    Oh, and she’s fabulous. And yes, I meant to say that twice.

  • Posh

    First off, I’d like to say that I love, love, love Shannon! She’s stunning in the first 2 (I agree that the third is too artsy). She’s really not ashamed of her views, which I definitely respect.
    Second, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Ashley Hamilton was an alcoholic. I remember hearing way back when they were together that he had a drinking problem.

  • Joanne

    Yeah – I think it was public knowledge that her husband (actually both of them) had problems. Shannon’s been a survivor in showbiz since she was three years old! I like her – and the gap gives her face character … so many actors have lost that in their quest for perfection.

  • Dean

    Does she wear a wig?

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  • johnny

    she’s gorgeous and awesome.. i wish she’d get a regular tv gig that was built around her..

  • Katie

    I love the pictures of her, she is very beautiful. But honestly I think that’s all she has going for her.. She sounds like a tough person to get along with, especially with reports on her and her co-actors. But at least she’s real enough to own up to it and isn’t pretending to be someone she isn’t. Props for not being fake.