Lo Bosworth Comes In Handy For Lauren Conrad


At last … now we know why Lauren Lo Bosworth really won out the battle of the BFFs against Audrina Patridge for the right to be Lauren LC Conrad’s one and only #2 … here are a couple pics of LC and Lo on the red carpet for the 6th Annual TV Guide Emmy Afterparty that show just how handy it is to have a Lo around:

Now that Lo won the battle of BFF supremacy, she has the sole right to bow down and touch the hem of LC’s garment … and inspect it for any imperfections that might need tending to. Oh yeah, you know Audrina ain’t down with that shizz. At last … it all becomes so clear.


  • Lin

    Seeing them interact in real life is kind of nice! Makes me like the show a bit more.

  • Hunny

    Ladies on the Red Carpet you come ready or don’t come at all.

  • Laura

    whats LC hiding with that tent/dress. tbh, looks of similar style to the one ashlee simpson wore to the vmas… and we all know whats going on with her right now…

  • Riri

    Whatevs. Lo still looks like my grandma, period.

  • kione

    laura i dont know what on earth are you thinking.
    its a flowy and kinda of grecian dress. obviously u have no sense of fashion.
    theres nothing wrong with her dress and shes not hiding something. jeez…

    before you criticize, make sure you really know what they were doing when these pics were taken.
    if something was wrong with her dress, if you were in her shoes, wouldnt you be grateful to have a friend with you and help you out! because i know i would!
    and Lo was being a true friend by helping LC out.
    has happened to me in the past and im ever grateful!!!

    now, bugger off!

  • xh

    kione: you’re so overeacting~ *snorts*

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  • sarah

    honestly a little overreaction – my gosh she was stating her opnion and you bark at her for it.. take your own advice.

    anyways back to the picture, both of there outfits are cute. and teh whole lauren/LO/audrina thing is retarded and needs to be over with. in my opinion lauren is shallow for ALWAYS choosing LO over audrina..