Xtina’s Out Of This World New Album Artwork


Here is our first look at the new cover artwork for the upcoming Xtina Aguilera Greatest Hits album titled Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits which is scheduled for release this Fall:

I mean … I don’t really get the astronaut vibe of this album artwork but I can appreciate that homegirl opted out of wearing the gaudy red lipstick so … thumbs up. In other Hollywood “It” Girl music news … Lindsay Lohan’s new single Playground will be released to radio on September 30th and will be available for sale on iTunes on October 7th. Her album Spirit In The Dark will drop November 4th. Beyoncé will 2 new singles on the same day that both Rihanna (Breakin’ Dishes) and Britney Spears (Womanizer) are set to release their singles (October 7th). If I Were A Boy (which reportedly has a pop feel) and Single Ladies (which, again reportedly, has a more “urban” feel) are both set to be released before her as-yet untitled new album is released in December. OH and don’t forget … Britney’s Womanizer track will be released to radio tomorrow. Yeesh … there is awful lot of girlpop coming our way … um, or should I just say a lot of awful girlpop music is coming — run for you life?

[thanks Kevin]

  • paz

    This seems out of 1999, when the whole millennium, futuristic look was in. I give it a 2/10.

  • Nicole

    i love how this starts about christina, but only like 2 words get said and it switches to everyone else….

    anyways..comparing it to some other covers that have come out the past little while…its pretty good. her eyes look good.

  • betch

    Rihanna’s STILL releasing singles off Good Girl Gone Bad? Damn! I don’t know how necessary it is to release Breaking Dishes, its a good song but whatevs
    Christina’s cover is kinda hot, hate the font they used for the title tho…
    Nobody really cares for Lindsay’s “music”, she’ll probably flop again
    CAN’T WAIT for womanizer, I will buy it off itunes as soon as its available, but I am worried that it will go head to head against Beyonce’s, I think Beyonce might win this battle :S

  • Chase

    I totally doubt that Beyonce will win this battle against Britney. I mean, I think people are more excited for Britney’s song rather than Beyonce… that’s just my opinion though. Larry Rudolph is fantastic at managing things.

  • Jesse

    this fall looks like another slump in music..

  • ty

    xtina’s cd cover is good, not great…but good. i’m kinda feelin’ her new song even though i don’t like her. she did kill it at the VMAs; even though i don’t like her i gotta give her props. people are really looking forward to her music though so who knows what will be a hit for her.
    lindsay lohan, well…uhhhhh, she’s had some “ok” songs so i’ll give her song a listen and see what it’s like. not many people are looking forward to her music though so, next….
    rihanna, uhmmm…baby, it’s time to retire Good Girl Gone Bad. i can’t believe she’s releasing ANOTHER single. i mean, you have to strike when the iron is hot, but damn! she’s wayy overdoing it. good song, but time to start recording again.
    beyonce, hmmm….i’m sure her song will be hot since she rarely disappoints. Britney, well i’m a huge fan so i’m looking forward to her song! she’s also another to rarely disappoint as far as music is concerned. that snippet was definitely a good teaser but i’m dying to hear what the actual song sounds like! who will win the battle…well, everyone must realize that brit and beyonce do share some of the same demographic as far as fans are concerned, but i’d have to say beyonce’s fans are a little more diverse giving her the advantage. i mean, beyonce has the black women who love her, gay men (probably mostly gay men), white women…i mean her fans are pretty spread out. not to say some str8 men don’t love her but most of beyonce’s song are women empowerment types, lol. and britney, well…i would say she has mostly gay men and females 18-30 maybe. who would win? not sure…but i do have to say people are definitely looking forward to britney’s music a lot more than beyonce’s which could give her the advantage. anyway, it’s gonna be a fun fall of hits!

  • allison

    i wonder what they would say if they actually wrote their own lyrics. well, probably not anything much better than the pop factory 4th grade rhymes with 12th grade dance moves. Grow up girls!

  • Natalie

    i love the cover. ive always loved christina.

  • A

    At least Rihanna’s songs are good. Yes, she’s bleeding the cd dry, but her songs are pretty delicious. Lindsay Lohan should just focus on ONE thing–acting. By contrast, Beyoncé should focus on ONE thing–singing. I’m very excited to hear B’s new stuff, though. Lindsay–not so much. I was unimpressed with her prior singles.


    I’m waaaaaaaaay more excited to hear new Britney. I love Britney. (And I’m over 30 & Hispanic!) She may not be the best singer–Xtina doesn’t win there either (she’s a yeller)–but I love the beats Brit-Brit brings. She’s always entertaining, and I just get her. I’ve always been Team Britney.

    Christina Aguilera….I get the whole “let me change every single time” thing, because, 1, all press is good press, and, 2, every pop star wants to be Madonna (which, don’t you all think Gwen Stefani owns that title?), buuuuuuuuuuut Xtina loses me every time. It’s one thing to grow & change, but if you are still yelling every song and turning a one syllable word (ie, man) into a polysyllabic word (ie, maaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaan), did you really change? I think not.

  • Yo Momma

    Looks like her face in a mirror rather than some astronaut type crap.

  • Laura

    It looks more like she is looking in a mirror…kinda like looking back on her greatest hits?

  • I think she looks kind of sick really… Not a very nice cover

  • mo

    she needs to toss the makeup…she looks horrible with all that crap on her face. i bet she’s pretty without any makeup at all.

  • jamie

    cant wait for lindsays!!!

  • Jen

    Ick – Christina needs to retire for a while and come back as like a piano lounge singer or something. She needs to concentrate on using her voice to its best advantage and trying to get respect in the adult contemporary arena. Why does she feel the need to compete in the pop market? It’s so not her. I personally never understood the hoopla around Beautiful but that was obviously her biggest hit so she needs to stick to that kind of stuff. She’s not Madonna, she’s never going to be Madonna so she needs to give that up!

  • Nicolis

    Xtina tries to copy EVERYBODY’S look. Either that, or she has alot of icons whom she looks up to. First, it was the whole madonna look, then, it was the Marilyn Monroe look, after, she tries to look like Britney in her VMA performance of “keeps gettin better” and NOW shes trying to look like LADY GAGA. the girl who sings “just dance” i dont know about u guys but I think she looks alot like GaGa in that picture. What a biter. You (xtina) try so hard to be too unique and different, keep in mind that you’re a human just lke the rest of us.. so please look like one. Take off all that cakeface makeup and stop trying to be someone YOU’RE not. No wonder Britney won so many awards and you dind’t win any. That should give you a heads up. :P

  • Marnie

    Eeewww! Christina looks like she’s going for a Tammy Faye Baker effect!

  • debho

    I thought it was a painting. lol

  • coco

    i dunno what you guys are talking about im in the entertainment buisness this make up is so xtina and so totally in right now this would be ideal for xtinas look as well…

  • LC

    xtina’s makeup is ALWAYS GROSS! it would be nice to see her not look like a drag queen for once.

  • Fabio

    Christina is hot. The Cover is hot. Nuff said.

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