‘Project Runway’ Season 6 To Debut On January 20


The sixth season of Project Runway, which will be moving from Bravo to Lifetime TV, has a tentative debut date of January 20, 2009 and has already secured the first celebrity guest judgeLindsay Lohan. I gotta say, I kinda love it … and I’m encouraged that the move to Lifetime may not be so terrible after all:

Jennifer Lopez might have been forced to skip “Project Runway’s” season five finale due to a foot injury, but the hit reality design show will return in 2009 on Lifetime with Lindsay Lohan sitting in the guest judge’s chair for the season premiere. Access Hollywood has learned that the actress will help the judges decide whose fashion is fiercest for the show’s first episode on its new network. The 22-year-old actress, who has been in New York recently shooting episodes of “Ugly Betty,” filmed the premiere episode on Thursday. A source told Access the tentative premiere date for “Runway” on Lifetime is January 20, while the season five finale airs October 15 on Bravo.

IEEEE! While I still may have concerns over the new incarnation of the show that I love so dearly, I am really excited by this news. I knew that the contestants for season 6 had already been cast and I heard that filming was already underway but this is the first concrete news that we’ve gotten thus far. It’s interesting that the the premiere ep of season 6 for Lifetime was filmed one day before the season 5 finale ep for Bravo was filmed. Even tho there has been much talk about the new version of Project Runway moving to LA, I’m comforted by the fact that the season 6 premiere ep was filmed here in NYC. It’s still too early to make any judgments … but I’m pleased with this development and am really looking forward to seeing Linds as guest judge next season.

UPDATE: Pink reader Drew gives me the head’s up that Project Runway has begin filming in LA this week, the show has taken over the third floor of one of the buildings at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, he writes:

The rumors about Project Runway filming in LA aren’t rumors anymore. They’re
filming as we speak over at FIDM in downtown LA. They’ve taken over the 3 story in one of FIDM’s buildings. It’s exciting, but students are already passing around a petition stating how irritated they are. PR took over the newest addition to the school and have prevented the students from using the good equipment and supplies. They’re now stuck with hand-me down mannequins and machines and they are PISSED! Good public relations for FIDM, bad news for the students who are paying $25k a year to go there.

Interesting. It should be noted that The Hills also films at FIDM in LA … I wonder how they actually go about with all the teaching with all that filming going on. Also interesting, former Project Runway contestant Nick Verreos is now an instructor at FIDM … small world.


  • christine

    i can’t stand lyndsay lohan
    but i’ll still watch cuz i love me some PR

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think this is awesome. She is a perfect choice even thou I wish she would be a guest judge later on in the season!! Either way I can’t wait!!!

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  • Panti Christ

    a note to the new designers – utilize that stretch pants look!

  • $25k a year?!?!?
    Wow! I’d be upset too if they took over all the good
    stuff. Glad to know we will still have PR to look forward
    to but not at the expense of the students.

  • Our Lady Of Perpetual Laughter

    As much as I love my Lifetime sitcoms, I figured the move to Lifetime was a harbinger of doom for one of my favorite shows. Looks like it’s starting already. LiLo is not a fashion… well… anything.

  • Paz

    Lindsay Lohan? Ugh…unless it’s a leggings challenge, what makes her qualified to judge?
    No more gimmicky celeb judges PR! Who’s next? Lauren Conrad?
    I’d rather see people in the fashion industry, even if I’ve never heard of them.

  • moi

    Nick’s been an instructor there since before PR. And if I recall he appeared for like a second on an episode of the Hills, when Lauren was in class.

  • CB

    Yes Nick has always been an instructor at FIDM…patternmaking instructor to be exact and I did see him on that ep of The Hills last season.

  • As long as they make leggings they will be fine. Lindsay does embrace a look and stick with it but she has a nice way of putting together clothes, so hoping she does well.

  • ellen

    there was a lot of dissing about the move to lifetime and that lifetime was an older demographic, so picking lohan puts a different spin, and a wider net out for an audience. she’s such a lousy role model though, for young people, with that drugged out vacant eyed look and the vapid me me me celebrity stuff. i’m really sorry she’s the opening salvo of the show.

  • Lindsay Lohan?! Gosh – is that what they can come up after moving to Life? She is not even qualified. Are they gonna label her as a style icon too? She isn’t even qualified as one of the worst dressed. Rolls eyes!

  • Nancy S.

    I find this a little disappointing. I guess it’s just done to draw press, but I really wish they would at least choose someone who has some class. Nina is always talking about the “taste level”… well, ummm…….

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  • Tom

    She is a drunk what the hell is she going to do there design a new bottle and shot glass ? , get her ugly flat ass out of that stupid show cancel the stupid show too it sucks

  • @$$m@n

    lohan gotta be missin her some


    btw her T!T$

  • I am happy the show is going to start. I really could care less about who judges the clothes. I watch the show because I am fasinated by the talent of the designers. Lohan is a bit weird though, but our is not to JUDGE! I am just happy the show is going to air soon. I love it.

  • donna p

    does anyone know whats going on with pr 6 i know its suppose to air tonight on lifetime but it doesnt say its on by the comcast guide

  • I was wondering the same thing. I can’t see it anywhere on the t.v. listings. actually, looks like lmc is going to have a movie on. i might have to suffer and watch crazy talent on american idol. i really hope project runway starts soon though, it’s one of the only reality shows i actually like.

  • donna p

    i just read something about the show being delayed due to project runways lawsuit against nbc i guess they are affiliated somehow with bravo there saying that bravo is sabotoging its move to lifetime if you want to read it i saw it on sheknows.com. if anyone knows when it actually is airing please let me know

  • I just read an interview of Tim Gunns where he said that season six may not be aired at all. See this in Atlanta Q from December 08. Too bad if this is the case though. Why they decided to make a move to a different network is bothersome. Why do this? Seems to me they had a good thing going on Bravo. Seems like the courts have nothing better to do then fight over this. I’m sure it all has something to do with money going in somebody’s POCKET…likely not anyone of the designers. Why haven’t we heard any of them speaking up over all of this?