Aubrey O’Day Does ‘Complex’ Magazine


Danity Kane minx Aubrey O’Day, who sometimes has a difficult time applying her make-up properly, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Complex magazine. In the coverstory interview, Aubrey confesses a love of porn (including but not limited to making her own) and in her magazine photospread she channels her inner stripper in photos that, I assume, are not entirely safe for viewing at work. Here is Aubrey’s coverphoto … which gives you a pretty good feel for what the rest of the photos look like:

SEXY DANITY KANE singer AUBREY O’DAY has revealed she watches porn and makes sex tapes. The beauty told US magazine Complex she used to love watching JENNA JAMESON in action – but that stopped when they became pals. Aubrey said: “I was watching a movie one night and she was in it and I was like ‘oh no!’ I had to turn it off. It was horrible.” But give her a movie which does not feature the hardcore queen and Aubrey will lap it up. She explained: “I love porn. I’m more turned on watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into sex.” Despite being a fan of X-rated movies, Aubrey has no plans to star in one herself – well, not one the public can see. She said: “I like to keep my sex life personal. I’ve had sex on camera with my boyfriend for fun, though. “I’ve made all of them delete it just after we’ve watched it.”

Uh huh. Additionally, Complex asked Aubrey what people who write tabloids and blogs tend to think of her and she responds, “That I’m a ho, a dumb blonde girl.” I gotta say … interviews and photoshoots like this prolly don’t help her cause. After the jump, check out a few pics from her very racy photoshoot … altho none of her naughty bits are actually exposed in any of the photos, I must warn that they prolly should be viewed with great caution …

Surely, once folks get an eyeful of Aubrey in Complex magazine, their opinions of her are sure to change … right?

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  • Jenn

    hells bells! does she know where that pole has been? wait, i mean does that pole know where she has been?
    b l e c h

  • Erica

    the bottom left picture she looks decent. the rest of them she looks about as attractive as Amy Winehouse after one hell of a night.

  • jamie

    the one next to the black and white 1 she looks like she needs a shit

  • allison

    how old is she? isn’t she past the trying-to-find her sexual identity stage? time to grow up, aubrey

  • Lola

    I wonder what Diddy thinks about all this?

  • christine

    ew. she’s not even attractive, not that these pics would be any better if she was. and i’m guessing her boobs are fake….?

  • Steph

    Her injected lips look terrible…she honestly looks like Heidi Montag on the cover…not very impressed. I think she could do much better than that

  • Jenny

    oh whatevs, if i had that body id rock it too :)

  • Lin

    ew! slutty mcgee.

  • KiKi

    She needed more hugs as a kid. Just desperate.

  • Lizzy

    she looks like an ugly whore

  • coco

    she has a hot bod.. but coudlnt she have changed her face a bit to make them more sexy seductive than drunk seductive

  • Kendra

    Yeah..I get that she’s trying to be sexy, but I wonder if she ever learned that you don’t have to have your mouth open all the time to look sexy..She started out so cute during the first season of MTB..She’s a cute girl with a good little body..I wish she would just tone herself down..She’d earn much more respect..

  • Stacey

    Good god woman! put your tongue in your mouth! you look like mr. winkle!

  • CC

    Trashedy = trashy tragedy

  • Nicole

    so many other girls have done shoots like this…people say there hot, but when it comes to her…shes a slut…. i’ll never understand it. you know if it was britney rockin pics like this, half of you would be all over it.

    anyways, there not THAT bad. the black on the eyes doesnt suit her.

    and does anyone think that in the middle right pic…she kinda looks like courtney love? or is it just me?

  • Chivonne

    slut bucket much?
    Kendra is right she was adorable on the first season of MTB but now she looks dirty and full of STDs

  • Katie

    She looks like Mary Carey’s less injected twin in these pics. Gross! She was my fav on making the band… I can’t believe this is the same girl! Congrats Diddy, you’ve really outdone yourself on this one

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This girl’s face is getting jacked! What the hell has she done?

  • Amy

    Is it just me, or does it look like she took these herself? These are not AT ALL tastfully done. It’s like the old-school Christina Aguillera “Dirty” photo-shoot except skankier, sad, and far less original.

  • danna

    her poor poor band-mates. seriously, how could they think highly of her. what a joke.

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  • Veronica

    I knew her back in the day before she was ever famous, and she was so sweet and beautiful. Its hard to look at her now covered in makeup and hair extensions when i knew her when she was so au natural…

  • Janelle

    its possible to take semi-nude/racy pictures while looking tasteful but she fails to do so. now, WHY in the WORLD would we think of her as a dumb, blonde ho? she used to be naturally gorgeous – now it’s just fake trash.

  • robin

    gross. of course she makes porn with her boyfriend. she certainly looks like a porn whore. i bet you anything diddy will eventually kick her ass out of the band. stupid slut.

  • Dawn


  • K

    Who told her it was sexy to have her tongue waggin everywhere?

    Close your mouth girl! It doesn’t need to be open in EVERY shot!

  • I just remember an episode of Making The Band when Aubrey actually cries because she doesn’t wanna be “pretty pretty Aubrey” or the “sexy” one of DK… ummmmm yeah.

    I go to UCI, the school she used to go to and she was in a sorority… and yeah, she wasn’t much different before the fame I hear. I still love DK though, but I like Aundrea because she has dignity and talent.

  • Joni

    How very sad…and yet so not uncommon. It’s almost a standard that females must look slutty as possible on the magazines because we all know that sex sells. But at what price? I feel sorry for anyone who looks at those pictures and feels less than because what is shown is not true. They airbrush those pictures till the person isn’t really themselves anymore. Although in this case it really is her.

    I call for a reform of the American society! Classy not trashy! I call for all individuals to ignore the media and the oversexed under fed images that are shoved down our throats. Yes although some of it is entertaining most of it is just sad. And for the love of god someone please get that girl some clothes!

  • Tiara

    I wonder what Diddy will think. You know he’s always getting on her about something!

  • Dusty

    Is it just me or does she look a bit like Courtney Love in the first picture?

  • PixieBassline

    Eww… her licking the pole wouldn’t be nearly as disgusting, if someone had bothered to WIPE THE PRINTS off of it/ polish it BEFORE camera flashes were going off, allover it! It looks NASTY.

  • fauzee

    OMFG…. Aubrey… Aubrey…. Aubrey… When DK first debut themselves a couple of years ago I tot that she was kinda hot n sassy… now she’s just a nasty Nasty NASTY girl… Nasty girl put ur clothes on, I told ya…

  • Megan

    i know she was going for overtly sexy but she hit overtly trashy!
    she looks absolutely horrible in these pictures. like shes drugged up and hung over.
    diddy will probably freak over these pics!

  • Sheri-Lee

    I didn’t even recognize her! She needs to stay away from the pastic surgeon she was pretty before she started to get work done. Fake boobs, fake lips, what else? She looks like she’s on drugs and the only way you look that way is by being on drugs. She’s from the bay area and I hear her dad on the radio sometimes so proud of himself. Your daughter needs help!

  • A

    I have no clue who that is…

  • kendell

    she used to be so pretty. what hit her? so sad.

  • Marjorie

    I thought that she was trying to channel Courtney Love in the cover picture. This girl has got to stop with the plastic surgery.. She used to be so pretty. Now, not so much

  • M

    I haven’t been catching up with Making the band much, but when I have, it’s like she’s trying SO hard to be seen. She was decent til she went nutz!! I feel bad for her, and sorry for even brinigng her up Trent, but I hope she doesn’t have a moment like Britney did last year.
    She looks so drugged up too, or is it just me? Poor girl. And yeah, when Diddy sees this,I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends her packing. She’ll still be out doin this, but she’s makin all of Danity Kane look bad.

  • Joanne

    Sad, tragic … I’m so over seeing girls acting like porn stars. What is so wrong with young girls looking and acting their real age and being fresh faced? That IS beautiful. How hard is she going to look by the time she is 40? (if she reaches 40). Porn culture has fucked up the minds of so many girls. They have no idea that being themselves is enough. Without all the plastic and layers of makeup. SAD

  • Sara

    The first one looks like she’s wasted…not tastefully done AT ALL! poor girl…poor pole :(

  • Jenny

    didn’t Diddy call her out for being a “pamela anderson” on making the band?
    she’s such a slutt

  • whinnie

    whoa!! i don’t care she looks fxckin hot here!!!! wow!

    i love her and DK too! i heard she was working with Kira Plastinina on some clothing line stuff too, thas so cool! i can see it being a good thing, kira’s my new fav!

  • Sarah

    well yeah i now think she is a ho! needs to stop doing the whole open mouthed slut thing