Alan Ritchson Does The Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog


Alan Ritchson, sometimes N2N underwear model (link may be NSFW) and current Aquaman on The CW’s Smallville, is featured in a new photoshoot for the recently resurrected Abercrombie & Fitch catalog (which is currently unavailable in the US). Here are a couple of Alan’s new A&F photos:

I can’t be sure but it looks like these photos were snapped by Bruce Weber (who is fond of shooting photos for A&F). After the jump, check out one more photo of Alan for A&F but be warned, it is very NSFW considering that Alan isn’t wearing a stitch of A&F clothing …

I’m still a bit dumbfounded by the policy of Abercrombie & Fitch to advertise their clothes by featuring fully nude models who aren’t wearing their clothes. Despite my dumbfoundedness, I am very grateful that this is their policy, tho, and I hope they continue to employ it. Wee :)


  • Ria

    WOOT is right!

  • Geret

    Wish he was turned around… would like to see Aquaman’s ‘lil minnow!

  • Belle

    I’ve always wondered about using nudity to sell clothes too. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’ll go with it…

  • Jesse

    Yumm, can’t wait to see him on the season premiere of Smallville tonight on The Cw

  • LOVECarrie

    It would make more sense if the clothes were at least on the floor by his feet…. ;)

  • Danielle

    Love the note about not being an advertisement.

  • Chivonne

    It is a bit odd that there are no clothes and it is for a clothing company but whatever! Sex sells. I bought it [:

  • Nicola

    Well thats just peachy ;)

  • surgeon girl

    Yummy! i want some of that!

  • Jesse

    wat a yummy dish ! wish he wld turn around :D

  • enter

    I saw his personal ad on ‘ric h kis s c Om’. Recently many movie stars and sports stars join it and enjoy theirselves there. OMG

  • Jess

    what a marketing technique. but hey, whatever work for you, right?

  • CBT

    wow that’s a nice tush…
    the lengths some companies go to to get attention, but it sure does work!

  • wow!

  • Lo

    Baby got Back!!!

  • free

    who’s the girl? it’s not just the guy posing, right?

  • Amber

    DAYUM. that is a NICE ASS!!!!

  • heather

    reminds me of a horse

  • steph

    I work at Abercrombie and Fitch…and he his hot! The other new models are soo hot to..! Ahh gotta love Abercrombie men!

  • Kay

    I am a german student and now looking for people / ex staff who have

    been working at Abercrombie and Fitch for a longer time.

    I am writing my dissertation and the theme is “Successful business

    concept – Abercrombie and Fitch”

    Therefore I need feedback from (ex) employees, which want to give

    some informations about this company. Good things, bad things, every

    information is welcome!

    This company will open their stores in 2009 in Germany and

    unfortunately I canĀ“t get any information of insiders in my country


    Is anyone interested to give my some infos?


  • This is right here, in the present, not the future.